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Babybee Prams Comet Plus (With Video Review!)

This is my third time working with babybee prams. They’re an Australian owned, Melbourne based, company which sells prams exclusively online. And I’m happy to say that they’ve brought out another lovely - and value for money - pram.

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ICandy Orange Review – First Impressions

    Note: This is just my “pre-review”. Just first impressions based on online product descriptions and a brief play with one in store. I will be hopefully updating this with a thorough hands-on review in the near future! The latest ICandy pram, the ICandy Orange, is about to be …

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We Have Found The Best Double Prams 2017

best double prams 2017

Side by side prams are usually wider, but generally offer better steering and have bigger baskets. On the other hand it’s a lot harder to find a side by side double pram that has parent facing seats (without needing to by a carry cot/bassinet separately). On that note I’ll give an honorary mention to the Bugaboo Donkey which is featured on the last Best Double Prams list - because it does offer parent facing toddler seats.

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Baby Monsters Fresh Pram Review (Video Review)

A couple of weeks ago I wandered into Baby Train to have a little look at prams (as I do) and I came across the Baby Monsters Fresh 2.0. I'd never heard of the brand before, so I just had to ask about it!Baby Monsters is a Spanish brand and it has only been available in Australia for the last couple months. They're currently only sold at Baby Train.

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5 Best Baby Products From The Baby Show

Best Baby Products From The Essential Baby and Toddler Show   I went to the Essential Baby and Toddler Show on the weekend and before I headed out I had a little pep talk with myself. It was – don’t just focus on prams. There is a whole world of …

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Best Pram 2017 – Top Ten Prams

Best Pram 2017 My Top Ten Prams  Every year I wander through baby stores, attend baby shows, I search the internet, I read and watch countless reviews to bring you what I believe is the best pram for the year. There are so many different factors to consider when buying a …

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babybee prams Comet Duo Review

I want to start by saying I have really enjoyed working with on reviews with babybee prams over the last couple of years. I have previously review their single pram.

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Best Travel Pram For Your Family

best travel pram

As the holiday season approaches people start to ask me to recommend them the best travel pram. While there is no absolute best travel pram, it's simply a matter of working out what is the best travel pram for YOUR family.

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Babyhood Doppio Inline Multi-Mode Pram

babyhood doppio

The babyhood Doppio has so many awesome features. I'm so excited to introduce it to you! I love - LOVE - that both seats can be transformed with a couple of quick clips from an upright seat to a fully flat bassinet.

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Top Ten Cheap Prams

cheap prams

Prams can vary in price from $25 to $2,500 and beyond. But cheap prams aren't necessarily bad prams! You might not be able to get all the of the features you one in one pram, but if you priorities what is most important to you then I'm sure there's something in this list to suit everyone.

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Top Ten Prams 2016

best prams 2016

It’s been a year since my last “Top Ten Prams” post, so it’s time to share with you my Top Ten Prams for 2016! This list is getting harder each year because prams seem to be improving beyond expectations year after year.

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What Makes A Good Pram

what makes a good pram

I'm a bit of a pram enthusiast, so I often get asked to recommend a “good” pram, or even just what makes a good pram? There is no single answer to that, however there are some key features to look for and questions to ask when looking for a great pram that’ll suit your needs.

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Babybee Prams Comet Product Review

Babybee Prams Review

The first few pros are about the Babybee Prams is that they’re a new, Australian owned, Melbourne based, business. They have a very interactive Facebook page. They have a life time warranty that guarantees the pram for as long as you need it, whether you have 3 children or 13, and they offer a 9 month free returns, so you can buy the pram, have a good look at it and if you change your mind they will arrange a courier at their expense and refund you the cost of the pram.

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Best Pram For Your Family

best pram for your family

Click here for Best Pram Picks for 2016  Prams are a bit of a love affair for me. Even when I’m completely happy with the pram I have, it’s okay to look around, but just don’t touch – or touch, but don’t buy… And my heart does flutter every time …

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Rozibaby Pram Review

I’ve had the opportunity to borrow a Rozibaby pram to test out and review. First impressions with this pram are it is a very attractive pram, I love the look of it. They have a fun and funky colour range, especially when every fabric component is selected separately, so there’s no reason you can’t have a blue, orange and green pram and with the interactive Pram Builder, you can customise your colour choices to suit your own taste – and if that’s not enough for you to choose your colours you can order a colour swatch before you make that decision – and if THAT’S not enough, you can buy the fabric components separately...

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Confessions of a Pram Addict

“Hi, My name is Rachel and I am a pram addict.”I have another confession to make, I’ve bought two prams since this article was originally written in April 2013! Whoops! I have good reasons… excuses… mostly boredom, opportunity, poor impulse control and my partner is a terrible enabler. I look to him to say “no” and he says “why not”.So, I thought I’d update this confession with my newest purchases and take you through the journey of how one thing led to another and I wound up buying my 11th pram.

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How to Choose a Pram

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a pram, below are some questions to ask yourself before you make that decision. Also, browse our "Top 10 Pram" list.

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