Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review

Baby Jogger City Mini GT 10th Anniversary

I was recently a sent a Baby Jogger City Mini GT (and Baby Jogger Go Capsule!) to review. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Baby Jogger they’ve brought out this incredibly stylish colour option with tan leatherette features.

baby jogger city mini

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is the pram that I recommend more than any other pram. (Or the Baby Jogger City Mini! Either pram is awesome. And I’ll talk a little bit about the difference between them further down the page.) It just seems to tick SO MANY BOXES for people. And it is one of the most popular prams going around. (Start looking for them when you go out and you’ll see them everywhere.) 

I recommend the Baby Jogger City Mini GT when people are looking for a pram that is reasonably light and compact. Something that’s super quick and easy to fold for getting in and out of the boot. They want a pram that’s going to be suitable from birth to at least four or five years. Also they need a pram that’s going to be agile and maneuverable for strolling around shopping centres, but also can handle a bit of off roading as well. Also they want all the handy features to have like an adjustable handlebar, big basket, big hood.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT ticks all those boxes and more.

baby jogger city mini

The ONLY thing it doesn’t do – and the only reason I’ve never owned on myself despite absolutely admiring this pram – is the seat is only forward facing. You can get a parent facing bassinet, and when you pair it with the Baby Jogger City Go Baby Capsule (Which I have also reviewed!) your baby will be facing you, but you can’t have your older baby or toddler turned parent facing. Once they outgrow the bassinet or capsule then they must be forward facing.

Which for me, and I know for others, can be deal breaker. (And check out my Baby Jogger City Tour Lux pram review, because it does have a parent facing seat!)

If not – it’s an absolutely fabulous pram!

Baby Jogger City Mini GT At A Glance

baby jogger city mini
  • Weight 9.5kgs
  • Weight Capacity 29.5kgs
  • Suitable for newborns without any extra accessories. Though an optional bassinet or car capsule adapters can be purchased separately.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Adjustable belly bar.
  • Hand brake on the handle.
  • Good sized basket and a large mesh pocket on the back of the seat.
  • One handed recline (though two handed to sit the seat up.)
  • Mesh at the back for air flow and check on baby.
  • HUGE hood with two peek-a-boo windows.

“The Fold”

The fold on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is the most impressive fold I’ve ever seen. Years of reviewing prams nothing has ever topped the simplicity and perfection of just yanking up on a strap that says “Pull to fold” and BAM – pram is folded. It’s just one swift easy motion. 

Being a one step one handed fold it’s possible to fold while holding a bag or a baby on the other side. Though it is a little weighty, so you’ll still need to hands to lift it into the boot.

From Newborn To Preschooler And Beyond

baby jogger city mini

My children have outgrown the pram phase of their lives. So I don’t normally test prams out with my children, aside from occasionally getting my six year old daughter to sit in the occasional pram as a measurement. However while I had the Baby Jogger City Mini GT my daughter was also home sick and I desparately needed a couple of essentials from the supermarket! SO Baby Jogger to the rescue! Incredibly the City Mini GT is so tall and roomy that even my larger than average six year old was able to fit comfortably. Absolutely saving the day!

baby jogger city mini

I also took the Baby Jogger City Mini GT for a spin with my friend’s newborn baby. For the little one I used the City Go capsule (which I’ve reviewed in more detail here – and also I’ll pop the video review for it as well as the bottom of the page!) And I was amazed that the Baby Jogger City Mini GT cruises and steers around the shops just as easily with a 12 week old as it does a 6 year old. THOUGH when you get outside onto bumps and hills you do feel the weight of the older child.

You can purchase the Baby Jogger City Tour from Baby Train via Catch. Note this is an affiliate link, so if you do choose to purchase through this link Parenting Central will receive a commision.

Baby Jogger City Mini VS Baby Jogger City Mini GT

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is essentially just an upgraded version of the Baby Jogger City Mini. However the City Mini is a great option if you’re looking for something a little lighter, little more compact, or maybe a little more budget friendly – and you don’t mind sacrificing a couple of little extras that the City Mini GT offers.

So the City Mini GT has an adjustable handlebar, more padding in the seat, more suspension and the tyres are better suited to an all-terrain compared to the City Mini. Also the City Mini has a foot brake rather than a hand brake like on the City Mini GT.

Pram Weight

  • City Mini – 7.5 Kgs
  • City Mini GT – 9.5kgs

Size Limit

  • City Mini – weight limit is 22.5kgs and is 58cm to the top of the hood
  • City Mini GT – weight limit is 29.5kgs and is 66cm to the top of the hood

Folded Dimensons

  • City Mini – 78cm x 60cm x 24cm
  • City Mini GT –  83cm x 60cm x 23cm

Baby Jogger City Go Baby Capsule

As I mentioned above I also reviewed the Baby Jogger City Go Baby Capsule. Either watched the video below or read to the full written review.

I hope you enjoyed this review! If you have any questions please comment below! Or if there are any other prams you’d like me to review let me know. If you’d like to see a more thorough side by side review of the City Mini and the City Mini GT also let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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