Best Prams Australia 2024

I can’t believe it’s already time to share what I think are the Best Prams Australia 2024! I’ve been writing these guides since 2014 and every year I’ve put together these lists with very little outside influence aside from asking the opinions of friends or industry contacts. 

This year I decided to try something different and be guided by which prams are Australian parents typing into Google search most frequently. That way I’ll not just be sharing what I think are the best prams, but also I can give my opinion on the prams you want to know about.

So I’ve included a couple of options I may not have considered before. I’ve also formatted this a little differently to previous years to allow me to add in more of the best pram options per pram category. 

Otherwise, all the prams listed below tick the following boxes:

  • Single pram
  • Suitable for everyday use 
  • Newborn to toddler 
  • Reversible Seat (ie parent and forward facing)
  • Adjustable handlebar height 
  • Optional car seat/capsule 

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Best Prams Australia Comparison

Please note: Price based on single pram only (see features comparison below to see if price includes bassinet/bassinet fabrics) Weight, capacity and dimensions are as a single pram with seat forward facing. Typically bassinet/cot will weigh an extra 2kgs and are larger compared to folded dimensions with seat. Weight capacity of pram bassinet/cot is 9kgs. 

Scroll down to see feature comparison. Or click product name to jump down the page for more details.

Price range*Pram Weight Seat capacityBasket capacityFolded dimensions**
Milly + coup
$949-115012.9kg20kgs8kgs59cm (W)
43cm (D)
92cm (L) 
Vista V2
$1699-219912.4 kg23kgs13.6kgs65cm (W)
44cm (D)
84cm (L)
$119912kgs22kgs12kgs60cm (W)
43cm (D)
86cm (L)
Baby Jogger
city select 2
$799-119912kgs20.5kgs12kgs60cm (W)
29cm (D)
95cm (L)
Geo 3
$1899-220013kgs22kgs15kgs60cm (W)
47cm (D)
93cm (L)
Fox 5
$1599-220010.4kgs22kgs10kgs60cm (W)
44cm (D)
90cm (L)
Mixx Next
$119912.5kgs22.7kgs4.5kgs60cm (W)
42cm (D)
76cm (L) 
Panorama XT
$799-$84912kgs20kgs5kgs62cm (W)
20cm (D)***
80cm (L)

* Based on current market value to RRP 
** Numbers rounded down to the nearest cm
*** I believe this measurement is without the seat. I will update when I have had the opportunity to measure in person. 

Key Feature Comparison

ReclineHandlebarLeg restNewbornFold configuration
Milly + coup
Two hand reclineOne hand telescopicAdjusts up for extra supportComplete bassinet includedWith seat forward facing
Vista V2
One hand reclineOne hand telescopicAdjusts up for extra supportComplete bassinet includedWith seat forward facing
One hand reclineOne hand telescopicAdjusts up for extra supportBassinet fabric includedWith seat forward & rear facing
Baby Jogger city select 2One hand reclineOne hand telescopicAdjusts up for extra supportSeat newborn ready (bucket seat)With seat forward facing
Geo 3
One hand reclineTwo hand telescopicAdjusts up for extra supportComplete bassinet included*With seat forward facing
Fox 5
One hand reclineOne hand telescopicExtends down for longer legsBassinet fabric includedWith seat or cot facing forward & rear facing
Mixx Next
One hand reclineTwo hand telescopicAdjusts up for extra supportSeat newborn ready (flat recline)With seat forward or parent facing
Panorama XT
One hand reclineOne hand telescopicAdjusts up for extra supportComplete bassinet includedWith seat forward facing

NOTE: Some features have been highlighted in bold to show the feature is outside the standard – in some cases, this is a positive note (folding with the seat forward and rear facing) it may be a matter of preference (newborn ready seat rather than a cot) Bold AND Italics is to highlight a less desirable feature to be aware of.

* Joolz Geo3 in the Australian market currently includes complete bassinet and complete seat from late 2023 onward. This may vary between regions and date of purchase. 

Best single-to-double convertible prams

Single-to-double convertible prams have become such a desirable feature for new parents who want a future proof pram that I feel like this category deserves as many options as the regular single prams. My advice if you’re wanting a single to double convertible pram for your first baby is to make sure you LOVE it as a single pram so you won’t be disappointed with your choice if for whatever reason you don’t end up using it as a double. 

milly + coup Leo 

Surprisingly the Milly + Coup Leo was one of the most frequently searched pram in Australia in the last 3 months by quite some margin. The Milly + Coup Leo is an Australian owned and affordable option for parents who are looking for a pram with everything included. 

Also interesting side note, milly + coup is owned by Babybee Prams and it looks like the babybee duo and milly + coup Leo are functionally identical. So if you’re looking at both of these strollers and not sure which to choose – just go with the look/colour/style you prefer because that appears to be the only difference.  

milly + coup Leo Key Features

  • Australian owned brand
  • Good value for money
  • Comes with bassinet and seat which can both attach to the frame at the same time (with included adapters) to convert to a double.
  • Lots of included accessories (rain covers, UV covers, seat liners, parent organisers etc) 

Things to consider 

  • Ultimately you get what you pay for and so if you’re comparing the milly + coup Leo to a pram twice the price of course you’ll notice a difference in the feel, finish and overall quality. 
  • Milly + Coup Leo aren’t in stores (They do have a showroom in Yarraville, Melbourne.)

UPPAbaby Vista V2

It’s easy to see why the UPPAbaby Vista V2 has been the favourite pram for Australian prams for many years now. They’re aesthetically very pretty and as a brand keep up with (and maybe even set) colour trends. 

The UPPAbaby vista comes with the cot and seat included, so you’re ready for newborn to toddler, and then both can be used together to convert to a double. It appears that most stores include the upper adapters needed to convert to double as they can be used to elevate the cot from Day 1 as a single pram. So you’ll just need to purchase lower adapters to attach the cot to the front of the stroller to use as a double. 

Pros:  Every button, feature and function on the UPPAbaby Vista V2 is beautifully designed and easy to use. One example of this is the one hand release mechanism on the handle of the cot/bassinet. Such a simple feature, but shows a lot of thought and care went into the product design. 

Considerations: The second seat, called a “rumble seat”, is smaller than the main seat. So the seats can’t be used interchangeably. Also the UPPAbaby Vista V2 may not be the best double pram for petite parents because you might have trouble seeing over the main seat when it’s elevated on the upper adapters. It’s a good idea to test this out in store with the seat on the upper adapters if you’re a bit shorter and planning to use it as a double pram in the future. 

Redsbaby Nuvo

While technically the Australian owned Redsbaby Jive is currently the more popular search term compared to the Redsbaby Nuvo I think it won’t be long before the Nuvo eclipses it’s predecessor. Mainly because the Redsbaby Nuvo has the more popular “cinema style” seating when converted to a double (so both children can see forward)  instead of the “stacked style” with the second seat added at the back with their legs in the basket. 

Redsbaby Nuvo Key Features

The most impressive feature is the fold dimensions are the same whether you’ve folded with the seat forward or parent facing, which is a very desirable feature but is rarely possible to achieve. 

Also the main seat/cot position is high and close to the handlebar, similar to the UPPAbaby Vista when using the upper adapters, but the Redsbaby Nuvo doesn’t require upper adapters for this position. 

Things to consider

At the time of publishing this article the Redsbaby Nuvo has only been on the market for about 2 months, so there’s not a lot of customer reviews/feedback just yet. Also Redsbaby aren’t sold in stores, but they do have demo days across Australia and attend PBC Expo – more information on where to see them in person

Baby Jogger city select 2

While I have been a big fan of the Baby Jogger city select range since the first model was released in 2012 I have to admit I did prefer the city select LUX (discontinued in 2021) to the current model Baby Jogger city select 2. However, I think the goal with the city select 2 was to give the market what it was asking for, which was a lighter weight and more affordable version of the previous city select/city select LUX strollers. 

city select 2 Key Features

The biggest reason to choose the city select 2 is both the main seat (and the identical second seat) have been approved for newborns without needing to add anything to the seat like a newborn insert or cot fabrics. This makes it a simple and more affordable option for parents who prefer not to have to buy (and then store) a bassinet/cot that typically only gets used for the first 4-6 months. 

Things to consider

The city select 2 Deluxe Bassinet (or Universal Deluxe bassinet) has been discontinued, so there won’t be the option of a bassinet for this model as they sell out. The other thing to be aware of is Baby Jogger seems to stop manufacturing accessories (including second seats!) whenever they update their models and colours. So if you’re buying a city select 2 to use as a double later on it might be a good idea to buy a package with a matching second seat

Joolz Geo 3

Compared to the other options I’ve listed above the design of the Joolz Geo 3 is more focused on the functionality as a single pram rather than a double. In fact when I’ve reviewed the Joolz Geo 3 as a double I’ve said that I feel the Joolz Geo 3 is for parents who don’t really want to have a double pram, because it’s a full sized single pram that converts to a very compact double. (Ie the length and size of the pram doesn’t really change when the second seat is added on)

That said, the Joolz Geo 3 in Australia comes with the double kit included so you are able to convert to a double with a cot and seat without any additional purchases. 

Joolz Geo 3 Key Features

Overall I find all the mechanisms easy to use, especially if you’re a little bit uncoordinated. The mesh panels on the seat and cot make it a fantastic pram for summer / warmer climates. Also Joolz now offer a transferable warranty (like a car warranty) and use reclaimed plastics in their fabrics. 

Things to consider

While it’s great that the Joolz Geo3 is able to go from single to double without really increasing the footprint of the pram is the fact the second seat is added more or less into the basket so you do lose most of your storage and due to the space constraints don’t have the same configuration options as you would with a bigger double pram. 

Best Single Prams

Bugaboo Fox 5

The Bugaboo Fox is one of the best single prams if you’re looking for a full featured, full sized pram with a big seat, big basket, big wheels, big suspension, but also don’t want a pram that weighs a tonne. 

Bugaboo Fox 5 Key Features

The Bugaboo Fox 5 is one of the lightest weight full sized, full featured pram on the market and they have managed to do so without compromising on quality you’d expect from a high end pram. This is really the key reason to choose the Bugaboo Fox 5. 

Things to consider

Personally I don’t think the Bugaboo Fox has the most intuitive fold, so some parents really struggle with it. Also being on the lighter side with a reasonably compact footprint it can feel a bit “bouncy” compared to a heavier pram with a wider base when going over bumps. 

Nuna Mixx Next

nuna mixx next

There’s a lot to like about the Nuna Mixx Next. When I played around with it in the store I enjoyed how intuitive all the mechanisms were. In some ways it’s not exactly an exciting pram, but it’s a lovely pram that is just easy and obvious. It also ticks a lot of boxes for people.

Nuna Mixx Next key features

The Nuna Mixx Next has a reversible seat that reclines flat for a newborn and can be folded fairly compact (given the overall pram size) all in one with the seat forward or parent facing. 

Things to consider

The Nuna Mixx is a fairly heavy pram, or at least I’d describe it as feeling quite “dense” when it comes to picking it up. So while you can fold and lift all in one, you might want to test it in store  (Note: in Australia Nuna is sold exclusively in Baby Bunting) to make sure it’s going to work for you. 

Jengo Panorama XT


Another example of where the most searched pram for a brand isn’t (in my opinion) their best pram. The Jengo Strand appears to be a more popular search term, but when I compared the two strollers side by side in store I would suggest the Jengo Panorama XT is overall better made and designed, despite not having the single-to-double function that I’m sure is what makes the Jengo Strand more popular.

However, if you consider that they are both sold at the same price, and you get what you pay for, by taking away the feature of a second seat the manufacturer is able to put more into their model that is a single pram only.

Jengo Panorama Key Features

At just under $800 the Jengo Panorama does sit at the lower end of mid-ranged prams, but it has a much more premium look and feel. Also while the wheels are a little bit on the smaller side the suspension is probably the best I’ve seen on a full featured pram at its price point, which I think has a bigger impact on the overall performance.

Things to consider:

The seat height is on the smaller side and with the (very pretty) chrome look frame on the canopy/hood your little one wouldn’t be able to comfortably lean back in the seat once they’ve outgrown the space under the canopy. So you may find you only get 2-3 years out of the seat (depending on your child)

Using Google Trends to work out which prams parents are looking for

For anyone who’s interested, the parameters I set in Google Trends were Australian web searches across all categories – I did shift the time around (past 30 days, 6 months, 12 months) and tried as best I could to give a fair comparison of results, for example simplifying products with long product names like “Baby jogger city mini GT2 double” to the shorted identifiable search term “GT2 Double”

Most of the results were fairly predictable and were prams I’ve already reviewed or included in past years best prams lists. 

Some were a bit more surprising and made me wonder if in some cases people are doing more online research on a pram because they’re unsure about it, rather than an indication it’s “the best pram”. 

For example brands not sold in retail stores seemed to be searched a lot more, like milly + coup, Babybee and Redsbaby. Although these brands definitely aren’t as popular compared to well known brands like UPPAbaby, Bugaboo, Baby Jogger etc.

On the other hand brands sold exclusively by Baby Bunting also seemed to be searched more frequently, like Nuna and Jengo. So I also wonder if this could be a reflection on the service found in some (not all!) Baby Bunting stores and customers are left to google the products instead of getting hands on support. 

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. Rachel is obsessed prams, car seats, carriers and all things baby. She has worked in the baby industry for several years, for both suppliers and also in a retail setting and has developed a passion for connecting parents with the right products to make their lives easier. When Rachel isn't playing with prams she's enjoys crocheting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.

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