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uppababy ridge vs summit x3

UPPAbaby right now are probably the most popular brand of pram in Australia with the UPPAbaby Vista V2 and they recently launched their first running pram to their range – the UPPAbaby Ridge. So how does it compare to the already very popular Baby Jogger Summit X3?

What Do They Have In Common?

A lot of the similar features directly relate to the fact they are both running prams and there are some standard features you will see across any pram that has been approved for running.

The features they both shares are:

  • Speed control handbrake
  • 3 Wheel Design
  • High Impact Suspension
  • Extra-large wheels
  • Front Wheel Swivel Lock

Unrelated to their running functionality they also both have a one-handed fold – though the mechanisms are quite different. The UPPAbaby ridge folds a lot like the Mountain Buggy prams, whereas the Baby Jogger Summit X3 has the iconic Baby Jogger “Pull to fold” function.

How Are They Different?

One of the biggest differences between the UPPAbaby Ridge and the Summit X3 is the Summit X3 has air tyres (like a bicycle) and the UPPAbaby Ridge has solid tyres. Means you’ll never get a flat tyre with the UPPAbaby running pram, however, as far as I am aware all other prams approved for running do have air tyres for their performance, so it is definitely an interesting move by UPPAbaby to opt for sold tyres, rather than the traditional air tyres.

UPPAbaby RidgeBaby Jogger Summit X3
Weight13.2 kg12.5kgs
Age Range6 months to 25kgsBirth to 34kgs
Front Wheel30.5cms30.5cms
Rear Wheel40.6cms40.6cms
Dimensions Folded66 x 47 x 92cms 66 x 35 x 86.5 cm
Dimensions Unfolded66 x 97.8 x 102.9cms 66 x 110.5 x 115cms
Seat WidthTBC35cms
Backrest HeightTBC52cms
Canopy HeightTBC57cms
BassinetYes – Sold SeparatelyYes – Sold Separately
CapsuleYes – Sold SeparatelyYes – Sold Separately
Included AccessoriesWater Bottle HoldeNone

Why Choose The UPPAbaby Ridge?

uppababy ridge

Aside from opting for the UPPAbaby Ridge if you have a preference for non-air tyres, the Ridge also offers parents an adjustable handlebar, which isn’t a feature on the Summit X3.

And while the seat on the UPPAbaby Ridge isn’t suitable for newborns, it is compatible with the UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet (with adapters sold separately) so this is a very cool option for parents who have already purchased the Vista. As well as the option of an infant car capsule (also with adapters sold separately)

The UPPAbaby Ridge also comes with a basket cover included – so no need to worry about your things bouncing out of the basket while you’re running. And also a drink bottle holder, which is a nice included accessory for a running pram.

Why Choose The Baby Jogger Summit X3?

While the UPPAbaby Ridge offers some unique features to the running pram scene, so does the Baby Jogger Summit X3.

In my opinion, the coolest feature on the Summit X3 is the ability to apply the front wheel swivel lock from the handlebar. So to go from running to stroller mode you don’t have to stop your stroller and make the adjustment on the front wheel directly – like you have to do on all other running prams with a swivelling front wheel. (This feature is easier to show than tell so I do demonstrate that mechanism in the video below)

It is important to note that with ALL running prams you do have to lock that front wheel into a straight position every time you run with it, so this is a pretty big feature. It genuinely surprises me that it doesn’t seem like other brands haven’t included it.

The Summit X3 is also suitable for newborns directly into the seat and will take the bassinet from the Baby Jogger City Select 2 (adapters included with the bassinet). So like the UPPAbaby Vista and Ridge, it is very convenient for parents who already own that bassinet.

Final Thoughts

I actually wonder if the bassinet compatibility and brand loyalty might be one of the biggest influences for parents when choosing between these two running prams, because of the compatibility for the UPPAbaby Ridge and Vista V2 and Baby Jogger Summit X3 and city select 2 bassinets.

If you’re trying to also decide between the Vista and the Select check out this comparison review.

The other big factor between these two strollers would be the price, size and weight. The Summit X3 is more affordable, more compact and lighter weight – which I imagine will also sway a lot of parents towards the more convenient and affordable option.

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