Baby Jogger city tour 2 Double – Incredibly Lightweight

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The Baby Jogger city tour 2 double is the lightest weight, most compact, double pram that has two seats that are suitable for newborns.

Baby Jogger city tour 2 double Key Features

  • Super compact and lightweight with and incredible easy fold.
  • Seats fully recline, and seats are newborn approved – with the option of one or two bassinets.
  • Great for shopping centres and travel

Things to Consider

  • While great for travel the city tour 2 double IS NOT carry on sized. While it’s worth double checking with your airline, you will likely need to check it in with your luggage
  • The narrow design means the seats are quite narrow and the weight capacity is only 15kgs per seat.
  • Small wheels and lightweight design means it’s not great for everyday walking and definitely not for all terrain.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Specifications

Stroller Weight10.5kgs
Seat CapacityNewborn to 15kgs (each)
BassinetNewborn to 9kgs
Folded 66.5cms67cms19cms
Open 66.5cms94.5cms102.5cms

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Capsule Compatibility

  • None

The City Tour 2 Double is a super lightweight, compact double stroller. It is one of the narrowest side-by-side double strollers on the market! The Tour 2 Double is perfect for zipping around shopping centres and footpaths. It’s also handy when you have two little ones, but don’t have a lot of space!

However, because the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is such an incredibly lightweight pram, I would suggest it’s probably better for twins than it would be for siblings with a significant age and weight difference, because it does feel off balance and more difficult to steer with more weight on one side than the other. I’d probably suggest looking at the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double – though it is a significantly larger and heavier pram.

The main features of the City Tour 2 Double are both seats are suitable for newborns, easy fold, super lightweight and compact.

On the other hand, the seats themselves are quite narrow, as you would expect. Obviously, a super light, compact and narrow side by side double pram is going to have some compromises on the width of the seats, size of the wheels and baskets.

That is it does have very tall seats, so provided your toddlers fit within the weight capacity and width, it will last a slender and tall child a surprisingly long time given the overall dimensions of the stroller.

Even though this is a great “travel” pram, you likely will still need to check it into oversized luggage when flying, though check this with your airline, you may be able to take it to the gate.

Another thing to consider if you’re looking at the city tour 2 double for newborns is there is no option of adding in a capsule (though very few side by side double strollers offer this feature in Australia due to the width of our capsules). Although there is the option of a bassinet it is incredible small.

As mentioned the seats are approved for newborns when fully reclined, and you can always add in a padded seat liner if you’re feeling like your little one needs some extra comfort, as the seats aren’t particularly plush. However the canvas style fabrics are very easy to wipe clean – so that is a bit of a positive depending on how you look at it!

If you’re looking for a double pram and thinking you might need something a bit bigger, wider and more robust I’d suggest looking at the Baby Jogger city mini GT2 Double.

Alternative the Mountain Buggy Duet is still incredibly narrow (only 63cms) but folds down a bit bulkier (and heavier) than the city tour 2 double, however it has a sturdier frame, air tyres and better suspension.

Otherwise check out our best double prams Australia product guides.

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