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Best Pram 2019 – Review of the Best Prams for 2019

Another year, another pram guide. I know I normally include about 10 prams in my guides, but there wasn’t really a huge number of different prams out this year to talk about that I haven’t already written about at length. I’ve already written a guide for the Best Single To…

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ICandy Orange Pram Review

So I did a first impressions review of the ICandy Orange when it came out last year, however I finally got around to getting my hands on one and giving it a thorough review.  The slogan with this pram is “Absolutely Futureproof”. And it’s probably one of the most versatile…

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ICandy Peach 2018 Pram Review

The ICandy Peach 2018 is an absolutely stunning, luxury, high end pram. It also comes with a luxury, high end price point - retailing for around $2k. Though the ICandy Peach 2018 isn’t just stylish, it’s also incredibly function and thoughtfully designed.

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ICandy Orange Review – First Impressions

    Note: This is just my “pre-review”. Just first impressions based on online product descriptions and a brief play with one in store. I will be hopefully updating this with a thorough hands-on review in the near future! The latest ICandy pram, the ICandy Orange, is about to be…

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We Have Found The Best Double Prams 2017

Side by side prams are usually wider, but generally offer better steering and have bigger baskets. On the other hand it’s a lot harder to find a side by side double pram that has parent facing seats (without needing to by a carry cot/bassinet separately). On that note I’ll give…

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babybee prams Comet Duo Review

I want to start by saying I have really enjoyed working with on reviews with babybee prams over the last couple of years. I have previously review their single pram.

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Top Ten Cheap Prams

Prams can vary in price from $25 to $2,500 and beyond. But cheap prams aren't necessarily bad prams! You might not be able to get all the of the features you one in one pram, but if you priorities what is most important to you then I'm sure there's something…

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What Makes A Good Pram

I'm a bit of a pram enthusiast, so I often get asked to recommend a “good” pram, or even just what makes a good pram? There is no single answer to that, however there are some key features to look for and questions to ask when looking for a great…

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Top Ten Double Prams – Find Your Perfect Pram

This article as been a long time coming, since I wrote my "Top Ten Pram Crushes" I've been asked a several times to write a top ten double prams list - so I'm sorry it's taken me so long to put this list together!

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Confessions of a Pram Addict

“Hi, My name is Rachel and I am a pram addict.” I have another confession to make, I’ve bought two prams since this article was originally written in April 2013! Whoops! I have good reasons… excuses… mostly boredom, opportunity, poor impulse control and my partner is a terrible enabler. I…

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