ICandy Peach 2018 Pram Review

The ICandy Peach 2018 – Iconic ICandy Improved

The ICandy Peach 2018 is an absolutely stunning, luxury, high end pram. It also comes with a luxury, high end price point – retailing for around $2k. Though the ICandy Peach 2018 isn’t just stylish, it’s also incredibly function and thoughtfully designed.

Icandy peach 2018 vs original

But before I dive into the review of the ICandy Peach 2018 I’ll quickly go over some of the upgrades between the current ICandy Peach and the previous model. The ICandy Peach 2018 weighs less than the original ICandy Peach while also offering a bigger seat, bigger basket, and you can use the full size bassinet on the frame when you have it set up as a double pram.


ICandy Peach 2018 at a glance

  • Weighs 12.5kgs (As a single pram)
  • Weight capacity 
    – Single upright seat –  25kgs
    – Single bassinet – 9kgs
    – Twin mode – 15kgs each seat
    – Basket – 10kgs
  • Suitable from birth (with bassinet included)
  • Functions as a single or double pram
  • Offers parent or forward facing seat position
  • One handed recline
  • Telescopic handlebar
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Huge extendable hood
  • Large rear wheels to handle a variety of urban and suburban terrain.
  • Absolutely enormous and accessible basket

Ready For Now And Later

Icandy peach 2018 bassinet and seat

The ICandy Peach 2018 comes with the fabric for both the bassinet and the upright seat – which can be made with the same seat frame. So it is ready to go from birth through to toddlerhood. The bassinet is a good size, with a standard 9kg weight capacity, and it is suitable for overnight sleeps.

It also has a huge weight capacity of 25kgs – and a good sized seat to go with it. Also the highest shoulder straps are positioned to accommodate a very tall child. My tall six year old was able to be securely strapped into the seat, even though she’d outgrown the height of the hood. So you will get many years out of this pram.

And of course the ICandy Peach 2018 functions as both a single or double pram, so you’re ready for the future as well. Though you will need to buy an additional seat frame and adaptors separately to add the second seat.

Though when you add the second seat the weight capacity of each seat drops to just 15kgs. Which, just like the ICandy Orange which I review last year, is very disappointing. The ICandy Peach 2018 could work as a double if you’re expecting petite children. But my own children would have outgrown the weight limit before their second birthday.

For more on the ICandy Peach specifically as a double pram check out this video:

Elevated perspective

Icandy peach 2018 seat elevators

While it doesn’t come with the second seat adapters, it does come with these super cool seat elevators. They can either be used to lift baby up high and close to you for better eye contact and closer communication. Or up and forward, sitting your child up to a perfect table height. Though again, using the elevators restricts the weight limit to just 15kgs. So it’s for babies and little toddlers, but I still think it’s a great included accessory.

Overall it’s an absolutely stunning pram, and had has some very thoughtful upgrades to the previous model. It’s still a shame that the weight limit drops to 15kgs per seat in double mode, but otherwise it is a lovely pram.

I borrowed this ICandy Peach 2018 from the lovely team at Baby Train. I was not paid in any way for this review.

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