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ICandy Raspberry Pram Review (With Video Review)

The ICandy Raspberry has my favourite combination of features! The seat lays completely flat to be suitable for newborns, it has a massive weight capacity of 25kgs AND folds with the seat attached facing in EITHER DIRECTION. Love it. It also has a lot of other features I look for in a pram, like a one handed recline, telescopic handle bar, proportionally big basket (for such a lightweight pram).

Best Travel Prams 2018 – Best Compact Prams

With the school holidays fast approaching now is a good time to think about what is the best travel pram for you to take on your next trip! What makes a pram the best travel pram? We’re looking for something that is light, compact, narrow, easy to fold, ideally something that can come right to the boarding gate at the airport, and better even if it fits in the overhead storage on the plane so you don’t have check your pram in as luggage. 

Baby Monsters Fresh Pram Review (Video Review)

A couple of weeks ago I wandered into Baby Train to have a little look at prams (as I do) and I came across the Baby Monsters Fresh 2.0. I’d never heard of the brand before, so I just had to ask about it!

Baby Monsters is a Spanish brand and it has only been available in Australia for the last couple months. They’re currently only sold at Baby Train.

Vividwireless 4G Modem Review

vividwireless review

She explained the modem is as easy as just plugging it in and then connecting your devices to the WiFi. That easy. No wires. No telephone cable. If you can plug in an appliance and type in a password you can operate this modem. It’s just “Plug and play”.

Twister turns 50!


It’s been 50 years since the creation of the iconic game Twister. It was originally called “King’s Footsies” and only played with your feet! When the game was adapted to include hands it was renamed to “Pretzel” and eventually came to be the “Twister” in 1966.

Happy 60th Birthday Play-Doh


I’ve recently made the decision that I am no longer going to be doing any more free product reviews…. And then I was offered some Play-Doh and immediately went back on that decision… because it’s Play-Doh! Who could say no?!?!

CoolXChange Review

cool xchange

I was recently sent the Cool XChange cooling compression bandage to review.

I feel a little bit under-qualified to write about what is essentially medical supplies from the perspective of giving advice about how to handle injuries – however I can definitely write from the perspective of someone who is incredibly accident prone

Dyson DC65 “Animal” Product Review

Dyson DC65 "Animal" Product Review

Today we bought a new vacuum cleaner! It’s a Dyson DC65 “The Animal”. I’m so excited! I flipping love it. It’s amazing. I know, it’s just a vacuum cleaner, it should have the family so buzzed, but I keep walking around the house exclaiming “The carpet is so CLEAN!”

Babybee Prams Comet Product Review

Babybee Prams Review

The first few pros are about the Babybee Prams is that they’re a new, Australian owned, Melbourne based, business. They have a very interactive Facebook page. They have a life time warranty that guarantees the pram for as long as you need it, whether you have 3 children or 13, and they offer a 9 month free returns, so you can buy the pram, have a good look at it and if you change your mind they will arrange a courier at their expense and refund you the cost of the pram.

Little Frog Ring Sling Review (Toddler)

First impressions of the Little Frog Ring Sling – it is so easy to use. I had it threaded up and toddler in it within a few minutes of the parcel arriving. (I was a little bit eager to try it out!) I love it in a front position where it feels like it’s just a long arm wrapped around myself and my toddler giving us a big cuddle – it was really snuggly.

Little Frog Ring Sling Review (Baby)

I have been lucky enough to be offered a chance to do a Little Frog Ring Sling Review with my 15 week old. This is the first wrap style carrier I have used as my first carrier was the Ergo Original, so this was very exciting.

One of the first tasks I had to do was watch a few videos showing how to use the sling. At first I tried without my daughter in it, however it wasn’t until actually putting her into it did I feel like I was wearing it correctly.

Lace Trim Nursing Bra Review 

lace trim nursing bra

I’ve been breastfeeding now for over 5 years, so I’ve had my fair share of maternity bras!

The “Lace trim nursing bra” from Maternity Sale ticks a couple of big boxes for me – nice wide back and shoulder straps, which is a very important feature for me as I have a bigger bust. I’m also always a little bit wary of bras without an underwire or padding because they often don’t deliver the support I’m looking for, and this bra is very supportive, I don’t feel like I have any jiggle or drag. The lace edge at the top does come up quite high which makes it a great every-day t-shirt bra, because there is no way even with bending over multiple times a day running after a toddler that I’m going to pop out over the top.