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Vividwireless 4G Modem Review

vividwireless review

Note: This is a sponsored review for Vividwireless.

When I first spoke to a lovely woman at Vividwireless about doing a review for them my first respond was:

 “I don’t think I can. Maybe if I asked my partner to help me with the review. He does all that internet stuff… ”

Which is true. I probably shouldn’t admit to this, but I don’t think I’ve even changed a light globe on my own. My partner does all that stuff. In the past he’s always set up the internet, our mobile phone plans, he even set up this website for me. Then any time anything goes wrong with technology I just hand it over to him. It’s just not my thing.

To be clear I’m not saying this is a man/woman thing. It’s a me thing. Technology scares me a little…. Yes… even light globes…

HOWEVER I when spoke to the woman at Vividwireless she assured me I would be perfectly capable of setting up and reviewing their wireless modem on my own. So I was a little intrigued.

She explained the modem is as easy as just plugging it in and then connecting your devices to the WiFi. That easy. No wires. No telephone cable. If you can plug in an appliance and type in a password you can operate this modem. It’s just “Plug and play”.

It Really Is That Easy

First I checked than I was within the Vividwireless 4G coverage area. Then I was sent out this magical modem. And it really was that simple. I even made a quick video to show just how easy it is! (Note: Okay, I made an itty bitty mistake towards the end! Proving I can still mess up even the easiest installation process. BUT I did get online in the end!)

The internet has been great. I mostly use it for streaming Netflix. I’m a bit sad I’ll have to give back the modem soon! Gutted.

All You Needs Is A Power Outlet

Because it connects to the 4G network the modem isn’t bound to a phone line. So you can position it anywhere in the house to have optimal WiFi coverage from every room. It also means the modem is somewhat mobile. While you couldn’t take it on the bus and use it on the way to work, you can take it anywhere within the coverage area as long as you have access to a power outlet.

I think it would be really handy to take on a holiday, or if you’re going away for a while. Also for moving house – you’d just unplug the modem in your old place, plug it in at your new one, as long as you have the power connected you’ll not go a day without WiFi! When we moved house a couple of years ago we had a painful month without home internet and it was very expensive relying only on mobile data during that time. Vividwireless would have been perfect to have then!

Well Priced With The Option Of No Contract

Plans start from $29 per month for 10GB of data. Though my preferred plan would be Unlimited GB for $89 a month, because I do stream a lot of movies and TV shows! The price on their unlimited plan is comparable to unlimited plans offered by Optus and Telstra. The modem itself is $199 upfront on a month to month plan or $0 if you do choose to sign up to a 24 month contract. It’s totally up to you.

You can order your modem online, over the phone by calling 1300 327 837 or purchase in store at Harvey Norman or The Good Guys.

For more information head to the Vividwireless Website , or call the number above!

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  1. Well that would certainly take out the pain in the bum of connections when moving house!

  2. Oh it IS that easy – I love their system too. Honestly I’m like you – although my husband is even more ill equipped that me at the technology stuff! x

  3. They sound brilliant! Although I’m happy with ky current plan, if this was available when I signed up, I would have gone for it just so I didn’t have to have a phone line installed!

  4. It’s amazing how dauntingnit feels to set up something like this but they aren’t as intimidating as they look!

  5. The new place i moved in, there was no option for ADSL2+ connection, spent lot of time contacting many different service provider but no one could help. Got to know about VIVID WIRELESS. i get a very good speed and i am very happy with the service. Easy to install and very good support.

  6. The new place i moved in, there was no option for ADSL2+ connection, spent lot of time contacting many different service provider but no one could help. Got to know about VIVID WIRELESS through reference & it resolved all the issues. i get a very good speed and i am very happy with the service. Easy to install and very good support.
    since i got referral from my friend, we both got one month free subscription..!
    you can have a month free broadband using this referral code :- 103721

  7. i live in Sydney city and i get full signal. Internet is fast and i recommend anyone. I get speed of around 10mbps. If you want to download torrent i would recommend to do it over the night time. Its easy to setup. I can stream hd videos from youtube without buffering.

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