Little Frog Ring Sling Review (Baby)

I have been lucky enough to be offered a chance to do a Little Frog Ring Sling Review with my 15week old. This is the first wrap style carrier I have used as my first carrier was the Ergo Original, so this was very exciting.

little frog ring sling reviewOne of the first tasks I had to do was watch a few videos showing how to use the sling. At first I tried without my daughter in it, however it wasn’t until actually putting her into it did I feel like I was wearing it correctly.

The first two times the rings were too low. After a couple of re-tries I was able to find a position that fitted snuggly and comfortable for both bub and I. Within minutes my bub had settled and was asleep on my chest.

The material itself is thick, warm and have many gorgeous colours to choose from.

It was easy to use after the few times and easy to grab and wrap for quick shopping or post office visits.

The length is quite long but great for wearers of all sizes and I found the tail was great to wrap the feet of my bub to ensure they kept warm.

little frog ring sling reviewAfter deciding to visit the Royal Melbourne Show for the day with our 2.5 year old and our bub, I threw in the ring sling under the pram. After lunch it was perfect time to wear it. Bub was fed, content but very alert. When in the Ring Sling she was happy to watch everything as we walked and ended up resting her head against my chest and could still see. There are no straps to block her view, a positive for an alert child. During our show visit, I was able to comfortably wear the ring sling and bub over 2 hours with her awake and asleep with her only being put back into the pram for the walk back to the car.

I even received a compliment about it in Bunnings as I was using the ring sling as it was quicker to put on. And as I was walking in the garden section OI heard a lady say behind me “what a great idea”. She stepped in front of me and said the wrap was a great idea and looked so cosy and comfortable. She even asked if I had made it!

Over all this has been a great simple wrap that I would be happy to use around the house, shopping trips and putting under the pram for day trips.

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