Ergobaby Embrace – Embrace the Difference

Firstly the Ergobaby Embrace is nothing like any other Ergobaby carrier that have come before it. It is a Hybrid carrier, meaning it’s half way between a stretch wrap and a structured carrier.

I love Ergobaby as a brand. I had an original Ergobaby carrier, I used to work for the distributor of Ergobaby in Australia. The Ergobaby Embrace is so very different to any of Ergobaby’s other carriers.

5 Reasons We LOVE the Moby Move All Position Carrier

Most of us are familiar with Moby as a great brand of affordable stretchy wraps for newborns. However last year they released the Moby Move – an all position, soft structured carrier – and I’m excited about it! At first glance the Moby Move is a pretty typical soft structured carrier in terms of it’s overall shape and function. But when start to look at it in more detail there are some really interesting and exciting features that it offers.

Win an Ergobaby Adapt

ergobaby adapt

WIN a BRAND NEW Pearl Grey Ergobaby Adapt!

The Ergobaby Adapt is the ONLY carrier in the Ergobaby range that is suitable from birth* without the need for an infant insert!

The Ergobaby Adapt retains all the comfort and versatility that the Ergobaby brand is known for, while being more adaptable and easier to use.

Babywearing Misconceptions

Babywearing Misconceptions

This post was prompted by a very well-meaning and brief conversation with my sweet older neighbour a few mornings ago, as I carried my 2 and half year old daughter on my back in her Ergobaby carrier home after dropping her brother off at school. As we crossed paths he told my daughter she’s lazy, she should be walking and that she shouldn’t be carried on my back.

Little Frog Ring Sling Review (Toddler)

First impressions of the Little Frog Ring Sling – it is so easy to use. I had it threaded up and toddler in it within a few minutes of the parcel arriving. (I was a little bit eager to try it out!) I love it in a front position where it feels like it’s just a long arm wrapped around myself and my toddler giving us a big cuddle – it was really snuggly.

Little Frog Ring Sling Review (Baby)

I have been lucky enough to be offered a chance to do a Little Frog Ring Sling Review with my 15 week old. This is the first wrap style carrier I have used as my first carrier was the Ergo Original, so this was very exciting.

One of the first tasks I had to do was watch a few videos showing how to use the sling. At first I tried without my daughter in it, however it wasn’t until actually putting her into it did I feel like I was wearing it correctly.

15 Babywearing Benefits

babywearing benefits

There are so many babywearing benefits for both the parent and the baby. Here are a few things that we love about babywearing! Babywearing turns working from A to B into a bonding opportunity. I got my very first carrier when my son was 3 weeks old and part of the reason for buying it was we only had a forward facing stroller at the time and as we walked along people would stop and chat with him, or even just smile in at him, and I felt like I was missing out.

Unraveling Woven Wraps (Woven Wraps FAQs)

woven wraps

I am by no means an expert on Woven Wraps. I have two, a Hoppediz “light” size 6 and a Little Frog Sunny Agat II size 3 from Woven Wraps Australia. Being part of a couple of online baby wearing communities I’ve gathered a lot information about wraps over the last couple of years and I’ve had a lot of my own questions about wraps answered – and noticed a lot of people ask the same sorts of questions, whether they’re looking to buy or simply curiosity about why people would strap a baby or toddler to their body with a long piece of colourful fabric.