Ergobaby Embrace – Embrace the Difference

Firstly the Ergobaby Embrace is nothing like any other Ergobaby carrier that have come before it. It is a Hybrid carrier, meaning it’s half way between a stretch wrap and a structured carrier.

I love Ergobaby as a brand. I had an original Ergobaby carrier, I used to work for the distributor of Ergobaby in Australia (you can actually see the Youtube Videos I made for them directly on their channel still). I’ve also previously reviewed pretty much all of their carriers including:

The Ergobaby Embrace is so very different to any of these carriers.

Who Is The Ergobaby Embrace For?

ergobaby embrace carry positions

Because the Ergobaby Embrace is so different to other Ergobaby carriers, but also anything you can typically buy in a baby store, the first thing I wanted to think about is – who is this for? What needs is the Ergobaby Embrace meeting that other carriers currently are not.

I think the Ergobaby Embrace is for the parent who LOVES the idea of a stretchy wrap, they love the fabric, the softness, the squishy closeness you get from a wrap, but they want the ease of use of a structured carrier.

I think the Ergobaby Embrace suits the parent who only wants to buy one carrier. Personally I had a stretchy wrap for my newborns, and then used my Ergobaby carrier from around 4 months onward. Even if a stretchy wrap might say it has a weight capacity of 10-15kgs, realistically for most people a stretchy wrap only feels comfortable for a newborn. If you want to keep babywear, you’re going to have to invest in a structured carrier. I get that not everyone wants to have to buy two baby carriers.

Whereas the Ergobaby Embrace is going to comfortably accommodate a baby up to approximately one year old – which is how long MOST people baby wear. Not everyone wants to be able to wear a 20kg toddler on their back. Also unlike a stretchy wrap, it is safe to have your baby forward facing in the Ergobaby Embrace.

Ergobaby Embrace is Perfect For Newborns

Ergobaby Embrace is one of the few “structured” carriers I think is really well designed for a proper tiny newborn that has very little muscle tone. You definitely can use something like an Ergobaby Omni for a newborn, I know I have put a newborn into one myself, however it is a little trickier with that very fresh newborn into a good healthy position.

Whereas the Ergobaby Embrace gives you that supportive and cosy fit of a stretchy wrap, while giving you the ease of use and structure of a carrier. I feel like the Ergobaby Embrace is a carrier that a new parent, with a new baby, should be able to get their baby into a safe position. Provided they follow the instructions.

And Ergobaby have very kindly put instructions on the box, on the instruction manual AND on the carrier itself, so you can’t miss it. Because there is a little trick to the waist band, but once parents get the waist band on correctly, everything from there should be smooth sailing. If you want to see what I mean about the waist band specifically, watch my video below and skip to 2:00 minutes.

Soft and Luxurious Fabric

The  Ergobaby Embrace has the softest, nicest, most luxurious feeling fabric of any wrap or carrier I have ever felt in my life. It somehow feels both warm and cosy, as well as cooling and light. I want a blanket of this material just to wrap myself up in it. It feels amazing. And so that is another reason why it makes me feel like it’s just perfect for newborns. Because it’s the perfect fabric to have against your new baby’s delicate skin. 

I could go on about the fabric alone all day. I want a blanket made out of this material. I’ve never felt anything quite like it before and I am completely in love with the material.

Compact and Convenient

One of the features that the Ergobaby Embrace has in common with many stretchy wraps, is it can be bundled up compact enough to fit inside your nappy bag. So it’s ideal for parents who aren’t planning to babywear all the time, but just want the option to carry baby hands free if they become fussy. If you’re out and the baby gets fussy or unhappy in the pram, you can just whip out the Ergobaby Embrace from your bag or under your pram, pop them in it, and away you go. There are even instructions on how to best bundle up your Ergobaby Embrace to make it super tight and compact.

In Conclusion

Overall I think the Ergobaby Embrace is a sweet, simple, lovely addition to the Ergobaby. It does have some limitations, if you do want a carrier than can accommodate a toddler, or gives you the option of back carrying, I’d recommend the Ergobaby Omni, or a Moby Move (Which I also recently reviewed). But if you want is a wrap without the actual wrapping, then the Ergobaby Embrace is for you.

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Rachel Stewart

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