MOBY CLOUD HYBRID – Breathable and Supportive

Moby Cloud Hybrid

The Moby Cloud Hybrid is a super light weight, breathable, and comfortable carrier – perfect for summer babies and active parents.

The Moby Cloud Hybrid offers parents the ease of use, support and confidence you get from a structured buckle carrier, while also retaining some elements you would expect to see from a wrap – like the cross over fabric at the front, and soft fabric ties at the back.

It is suitable for newborns, from 3.6kgs, has a weight capacity of 15kgs and offers two carry positions – parent facing and forward facing.

Moby Cloud Hybrid at a Glance

Moby Cloud Hybrid
  • Suitable for newborns from 3.4kgs
  • Weight capacity of 15kgs (1-2 years)
  • Two carry positions – parent facing and world facing.
  • One size fits most – adjusts to fit petite parents, as well as tall and broad parents.
  • Light and airy mesh fabrics.
  • Wide and supportive waistband.
  • Padded shoulders for extra comfort and support.
  • Includes an integrated pocket and dummy clip.
  • Machine washable – easy to wash and quick to dry.

Moby Cloud Hybrid – Comfortable and Adjustable

One of the great things about the Moby Cloud Hybrid is there are a few points at which you can adjust the fit of the carrier, so you can fit it perfectly to yourself and your growing baby. You can adjust the waistband, the height of the front panel, how far down your back the sewn-in cross over sits and also tension the side of the panel and firmness around your waist when you tie up the straps.

There are also three weight bearing points across your back – over your shoulders, across your shoulder blades and then around your waist.

So while the carrier is super lightweight, with breathable mesh panels and soft wrap elements, it is still a seriously supportive carrier.

Though be mindful this means it does take a few moments longer to put on compared to a carrier like the Moby Easy Wrap and a similar amount of time and adjustment as a regular stretchy wrap, however the payoff is it is a lot more supportive and also I think with the extra buckles and ties parents will feel that it’s more secure. And babywearing, like many aspects of parenting, is a confidence games.

Moby Cloud Hybrid VS Moby Easy Wrap

Moby Cloud Hybrid vs Moby Easy wrap

As someone who is a little obsessed with baby carriers when I compare these two carriers I feel a little like that iconic scene from “The Devil Wears Prada” – you know the one:

“It’s a tough call, they’re so different.” and then someone who’s not quite so deeply invested into this space snort laughs from the other side of the room.

And I get it. They are very similar, they are both hybrid carriers, they are structurally quite similar. Though the style, aesthetic, fit and feel is quite different. Even the way they go on is a bit different.

Though, I have also noticed after showing both of these carriers to a number of people it seems like everyone has a firm preference.

If I was choosing for myself, I would probably pick the Easy Wrap. It’s a little quicker and easier to put on. The fabric feels more like a wrap. And I prefer the way it feels on me.

However, the Cloud Hybrid is lighter weight and more breathable, so it’s going to be better for summer babies and active parents. It’s more structured – so it’s more supportive, so you’ll be able to use it with a bit bigger baby. Perhaps even with a toddler, up to 18 months or so. Though, only if you’re happy to carry a bigger bub on your front, as it doesn’t offer a back carry position.

So it really does come down to your own personal preference between the two.

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Final Thoughts

moby cloud hybrid

Overall the Moby Cloud Hybrid is perfect for parents who are looking for a lighter weight alternative to a regular structured carrier, or a more supportive and structured version of a wrap.

If you compare the Moby Cloud Hybrid to a structured carrier, it is excellent value for money if you are just looking for a carrier that will be suitable for a newborn, that offers a parent facing and forward-facing position, that can then carry your baby a little way into toddlerhood, but will only have a baby on your front. Which is how most parents use a baby carrier anyway.

If you are wanting a baby carrier that will last a little longer and offer a back carry position for a toddler as well I’d suggest looking at the Moby Move

If you have any questions about the Moby Cloud Hybrid – or any other baby carriers – please let me know!

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