Babybee Prams Comet Plus (With Video Review!)

Babybee Prams Comet Plus Review


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This is my third time working with babybee prams. They’re an Australian owned, Melbourne based, company which sells prams exclusively online. And I’m excited to announce that they’ve brought out another lovely – and value for money – pram. (Also if you’re looking for a double pram check out the babybee prams Comet Duo.)

The babybee prams Comet Plus is an upgraded version of the original babybee prams Comet which you can read my review for here.

Some of the key improvements the Comet Plus has:

  • A larger, extendable, hood
  • Rear air filled tyres as standard
  • Leatherette features on the handle and belly bar
  • Plush liner for the seat and bassinet
  • The seat has been weight tested up to 20kgs

It also has many of the same great features of the original. It’s a reasonably lightweight 10kgs with the main seat and 10.5kgs for the bassinet. It has an adjustable handlebar that goes up to 101 cms high. And is just a great all-round, mid-sized, mid-priced, pram.

The babybee prams Comet Plus is $599, so it’s a little bit higher priced than the original comet (which is $499), but I think the upgrades offer some great value for money.

Newborn Ready

One of my favourite thing about the babybee prams is they come with the bassinet included. The bassinet and the main seat use the same round frame. So when your baby has outgrown the bassinet you simply remove the bassinet fabric and replace it with the seat. The bassinet has lovely soft washable liner and quilted fabric around the interior walls. And the bassinet has a couple of pockets on the front, which would be handy for keeping small items that you might need easily accessible – such an a pacifier or a small packet of wipes.

Also the bassinet can be removed from the pram and placed on the floor. Though note the belly bar is not weight bearing so you will need to carry the bassinet by the base.

Riding In The Main Seat

babybee prams comet plus parent facing

The seat is a pretty good size. It’s 30cms wide, 49cms to the top of the back rest and 56cms to the top of the hood. So it’s not a huge seat, but it’s average for a mid-sized pram. It should fit up to about a 3-4 year old. 

It also has four recline positions. The sitting position is a nice upright seat, so it’ll be great for older babies and toddlers who like to sit up straight. Also the height of the seat is great for parking up at a table, so you can use it as a high chair while you’re out and about.

Though it is a two handed recline, and I do prefer a one handed recline. But that’s just a personal choice. 

Accessories Are Necessities

babybee prams comet plus upgrades

The babybee prams Comet Plus comes with a heap of accessories. My favourite of which is the travel organiser. Between the pockets on the back of the seats, the travel organiser and the reasonably large basket there is so much storage on this pram! The other accessories are the foot muff for the bassinet, rain cover, super soft seat liner, and mosquito net.

Additionally you can purchase seat adapters, a ride-on toddler board, and “colour packs” to give your pram a make over.

Easy and Compact Fold

babybee prams comet plus astra

The fold is simple and easy. You can leave the seat on, in the forward facing position, or take it off to make the fold more compact. The fold has an automatic lock and it is easy to pop back open. It’s also quite compact, it fit easily in the boot of my Holden Astra, with a bit of space to spare. And I even managed to squeeze it into the back of a tiny Suzuki Swift. Though I had to remove the back wheels, belly bar and seat to make it fit. I wouldn’t want to be doing that every day, but it is possible to dismantle it to squish it into tight spaces.

Taking the babybee prams Comet Plus On The Road

babybee prams comet plus offroadin

I took the babybee prams Comet Plus for a spin across a variety of surfaces – footpaths, roads, grass (which was very soft and a little muddy from recent rain) and playground mulch. It handled beautifully on sealed surfaces, and it worked well with the little bit of off-roading. The large, air filled, rear tyres give the pram a smooth ride. That said the front wheels did catch on some of the larger bumps and needed to be “popped” up on the rear wheels to go over them. So I’ll say that it’s a robust city and suburban pram, but it’s not an all-terrain pram.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion the babybee prams Comet Plus is really great value for money, it’s a easy pram to use, easy to fold, and great steer around. It’s very thoughtfully designed and I love the included accessories and bassinet. Overall it’s a lovely mid-sized, mid-priced, all-rounder pram.

If you have any questions about the babybee prams Comet Plus please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them. Otherwise watch the video below to see all the features in action as well as taking the pram for a bit of a spin on a variety of surfaces. (Which also shows what I mean about needing to “pop” the pram up over bump.)

Take care!

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