babybee prams Comet Duo Review

babybee prams Comet Duo

Note: To see my review of the latest pram by babybee prams click here – babybee prams Comet Plus!

I want to start by saying I have really enjoyed working with on reviews with babybee prams over the last couple of years. I have previously review their single pram which you can see here. They’re an Australian owned, Melbourne based brand and it’s always a pleasure to interact with them. They sell their prams exclusively online so you won’t see these prams in stores.

Value For Money

Normally I’m pretty coy about the price of prams I review and recommend. I have a tendency to lean towards very expensive prams. So I usually I want to tell you all the reasons that it’s amazing BEFORE I drop in the price! HOWEVER the babybee prams Comet Duo requires no such tip-toeing.

The total price, which includes two seats with removable seat liners, mosquito nets and rain covers, as well as a handle bar travel organiser and one bassinet kit, is…. drum roll$699!!! (And a second bassinet kit for newborn twins is only an additional $69.)

Now that still might sound like a lot of money, but the babybee prams Comet Duo has features which compete with prams nearly double that price.

The Pram At A Glance

Pram weight – 13kgs (with both seats attached)
Seat Weight Capacity – 20kgs each
Bassinet Weight Capacity – 15kgs (which is huge for a bassinet)
Dimensions Open – W60cms x H101cm x L127cms
Dimensions Folded – W60cms x H57cms x L77cms

Incredible Versatility

babybee comet duo configuration variations

Both seats are reversible. So they can be both facing forward, both facing the parent (which I love) or facing away from each other. Also the bassinet can be used in either position AND you can purchase car capsule adapters to make the pram a complete travel system. The Comet Duo is an incredibly versatile pram.

babybee prams comet duo

One thing to be aware of – not all of the position work with the seats reclined. When the seats are facing away from each other, or both parent facing, the seats cannot recline. If the seats are facing together the back seat won’t recline if the front seat is upright, but it will if the front seat is already laid back completely first.

Roomy Seats – Even For Big Kids

babybee comet duo
Plenty of room to grow!

The seats are very roomy and the head height under the hood is exceptional. Miss Two-and-a-half-year-old had HEAPS of room in the seat and under the hood.

babybee prams comet duo bassinet and seat

Miss Five-year-old still fit her her head just scraping the top of the hood. She also had enough room for her legs in the back without being at all cramped. Though as you can see with the bassinet in the front position there wasn’t a lot of space in the back.

If you’re going to be using the bassinet and the toddler seat I would position them based on how long the older child is going to be sitting in the pram. I think if your toddler or older child is going to be sitting in the pram for long periods of time it makes more sense to put them up the front. 

Good thing the seats are interchangeable, so you can switch the bassinet and seat around easily.

Big Bassinet

babybee prams comet duo
The bassinet is also very generously sized, even Miss Eight-months-old had some room to wiggle. And the bassinet has a whopping weight capacity of 15kgs, so they’re going to outgrow the space well before they’re over the weight limit.

Another plus with the bassinet is it can be taken off the pram and placed on the floor. Though you need to carry the bassinet by the base and not by the handle.

So Many Storage Options

babybee comet duo pockets

Holy heck this pram comes with some amazing storage options! BOTH seats have two pockets on the back and if that’s not enough storage options the package also comes with a really handy travel organiser with six individual pockets… that’s a total of ten pockets on the pram. So you won’t need a nappy bag or even a handbag with this pram.

babybee comet duo basket 1

The basket is huge. Though as you’d expect with this style of pram you do lose a lot of space as your child’s legs grow and unfortunately there isn’t any front access to the pocket. If you do need to use all of the basket space for shopping then the easiest way to do this is have the back seat parent facing instead. This opens up the basket for loads of space and easier access. Problem solved.

But wait… there’s more!

babybee prams comet duo moderate terrain

The babybee prams Comet Duo has good sized wheels for moderate terrain. I took the pram for a spin fully loaded up a hill over pretty rough grass and it handled fine.

The hoods are very generous. I actually can’t imagine you’d use the rain cover unless you go out in absolutely torrential rain because the hood will have your kid pretty much covered. They also have magnetic peekaboo windows. You also update the colours and designs with colour packs sold separately.

babybee comet duo colour range

The seats sit very upright. Which is great when your baby just starts sitting up themselves and then gets really annoyed if their pram is pulling their shoulders back into a semi-reclined position. But look at how happy she is to be sitting up all the way! There’s four seat position so you can find what works best for your baby.’

babybee prams comet duo uprigh seat position

What About The Fold?

As you’d expect with a full sized double pram it’s not the most compact fold, but it’s quick and simple. It can fold with the front seat attached, or remove both seats for a more compact fit. I was able to fit it into both my mid-sized sedan boot and also my small hatch back. Though the hatch was completely filled with pram, whereas the sedan had a little bit of room for gear. If you have an SUV this will not be an issue at all.

babybee comet duo boot


Overall the babybee prams Comet Duo pram offers excellent value for money and is an excellent double pram.

For more information go to babybee prams.



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Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. Rachel is obsessed prams, car seats, carriers and all things baby. She has worked in the baby industry for several years, for both suppliers and also in a retail setting and has developed a passion for connecting parents with the right products to make their lives easier. When Rachel isn't playing with prams she's enjoys crocheting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.


  1. Hi Rachel
    Just wondering if the babybee comes duo can fold with both seats attached. I’m very interested but don’t like having to take any seats off to fold. You me ironed it folds with the front seat attached so just wondering if that meant with both attached. Thank you

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could please answer two questions.
    1. Did you find the pram good for long walks in the city?
    2. Were you given this pram to review or did you buy it?

    1. Hi Greta,

      1) I didn’t actually take it for a spin in the city, but I do think it would be good long walks – it has pretty large wheels and is smooth to push. Also being an inline tandem (and only 60cms wide) you’re not going to be taking up the whole footpath.

      2) I just borrowed it from babybee prams for a couple of weeks for the review.

      I hope that helps!

    1. My understanding is that you can use it as a single pram, with either the seat or bassinet in the higher seat position. It looks a bit awkward with just one seat, because the pram is pretty long. It really is designed as a double pram.

      You can confirm that with them if you want to be absolutely sure – because I don’t want to give you the wrong information. Babybee prams are super responsive on their Facebook page if you want to ask them directly.

  3. Hi, actually it does look as though they have been discontinued. I’d known they were out of stock, but I didn’t realise they weren’t going to bring them back.

    If you need another pram recommendation, please let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see what I can come up with.

    Take care.

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