ABC Design Salsa 3 2019 Review – Great Parenting Facing 3-Wheel Pram

Salsa3 2019 Video Review

When someone asks me to suggest an all-terrain 3-wheel pram that has the option of a parent facing seat, the ABC Design Salsa 3 has always been my go-to pram to tick those boxes and more.

ABC Design Salsa 3 2019 Upgrades and Changes

The Salsa 3 2019 has just been released in Australia. Like most new generation of pram is has a little bit of an upgrade on the fabric, and also the handlebar cover is a little different. The main difference is the fold. The Salsa 3 2019 model has a much simpler fold than the previous models. It can also be folded with the seat attached, though only in the forward facing position.

Tall Seat and High Weight Limit

ABS Desisgns Salsa3 Parent facing

Though it seems that the Salsa 3 2019 has a slightly lower weight limit. It has a 22kg weight limit, whereas the previous models has a weight limit of 25kgs. Though either way is a high weight limit!

It’s a good sized seat, it should fit at least a 3 or 4 year old into the seat. It’s 55cm to the top of the backrest and about 60cm to the top of the hood. Also the seat is approximately 30cm wide, which is a standard seat width for a pram.

ABC Designs Salsa3 Bassinet

The only drawback is the seat isn’t suitable from birth, so you will  need to purchase the bassinet separately. However the bassinet is a proper carry cot as well, so you can take it off the seat and carry by the handle. And it’s an average sized bassinet, the mattress inside is approximately 75cm long. It’s fairly soft and plush inside. And also the bassinet has an extendable hood with mesh peekaboo window for extra ventilation if you need it.

The Salsa 3 2019 does tick a lot of other boxes as well.

  • It has a huge extendable hood.
  • Good sized basket
  • Big wheels for all terrain and easy to lock front wheel for extra stability
  • Adjustable telescopic handlebar
  • Adjustable footrest
  • The fold has an automatic lock and a standing fold
  • The belly bar swings open for easy access to the seat
  • Surprisingly lightweight for a big all-terrain pram. Only 10.9kgs

One small feature that I don’t love with the Salsa 3 is it has a two handed recline. If you’ve ever tried to put a sleeping baby back into an upright pram you’ll understand why I dislike a two handed recline.

The Salsa 3 2019 is a sturdy, well designed, well made, beast of a pram. It’s not fussy or fancy. It’s just a good quality pram that does what it’s designed for. So I love it. This is definitely my kind of pram because I love big prams, I love long walks and also having the option of a parent facing seat is an absolute must for me.

Though obviously being a big pram it’s not ideal for smaller cars. While I can fit it into the boot of my Kia Rio (small car) with either the bassinet or upright seat, I did need to remove both of the rear wheels to squeeze it in. So it’s more suited to a family with a midsize or large car.

So if you are looking for a three wheeler, but being able to have your child face you is essential, then definitely the Salsa 3 should be on the top of your list. One thing I’ll point out is that while it’s a 3 wheel “all terrain” pram – the Salsa 3 isn’t a jogging pram. Check my best running prams if you’re looking for a proper jogging pram. 

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