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*Update – For the latest prams head to Best Prams 2018 and for the best double prams check out Best Double Prams 2018

This article as been a long time coming, since I wrote my “Top Ten Pram Crushes” I’ve been asked a several times to write a top ten double prams list – so I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to put this list together!

There are so many options when it comes to double prams, it can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help narrow down your choices and get a clearer picture of what it is you’re looking for to help you get started:

What Do YOU Want?

  • Do you prefer big double prams, or something light, compact and easy to fold and store?
  • Are you looking for an inline tandem or a side-by-side pram?
  • Do you want dedicated double prams, or something that is a hybrid between a single and double prams?
  • Are you looking for an all-terrain vehicle, a jogger, a city stroller or a bit of an all-rounder?
  • What features are most important to you – rear and forward facing, optional bassinet or a main seat that’s suitable from birth, a compatible travel system, how much pram storage to do need? Think about what for you are “Must haves” and what are preferences.
  • What is your budget? If you’re on a lower budget shop around, consider a previous year’s model of a pram you want, or even look at second hand pram – I’ve found many times buying second hand (on Ebay or Gumtree) can be really good value.

 Also please feel free to add your own feedback on any of the pram I’ve listed, or suggest your favourite double prams. 

Hybrid (single to double pram)

Bugaboo Donkey Twin –  RRP  $2,275


This is the king of double prams, and it does come with a princely price tag. If you purchase the complete “twin” set, which comes with two bassinets and two seats, it’ll set you back around $2k. You can choose your fabric colours for each seat, so you can customise and colour coordinate your pram to your children – and there are HEAPS of accessories to really make your pram individual and stand out.

Bugaboo pram are a bit of a fashion statement, but they are also a very well made pram. It does convert from a single pram with a handy little shopping basket on the side to a full-sized side by side pram. The under basket is huge and also has secure pockets inside. It can have both seats facing forwards, backwards, or in opposite directions. It also can take any combination of seats, car seats capsules or bassinets.

The pram can be folded with both seats attached, however it is still very bulky folded down, but the seats can be removed, with a one-handed release which is convenient, to make it a little more compact for putting in the boot.


Pram Weight – 15kgs with two seats
Weight Capacity – 17kgs per seat
Width – 73cm in double or 60cm in single mode.
Suitable from birth – Yes (with bassinets or car seats)
Reversible seats – Yes
Collapse with seats attached – Yes
Travel System Compatible – Yes

Mountain Buggy Duet – RRP $749


This is a very narrow side by side double, that works similarly to the Bugaboo donkey as a single with the side basket instead of a second seat, which can carry up to 20kgs of storage – so as a single it would be an awesome shopping pram. It’s the same width as the Urban Jungle SINGLE pram. Despite it’s size it does offer a lot of great features, such as it works with upright seats, bassinets or car seat capsules, with the options of forward or rear facing. It has a large and easily accessible under basket. It has a very adjustable handle so it’s suitable for short and tall parents.

Despite being a compact pram it is still an all terrain pram, with air tires, so it’s suitable for jogging, while still being a great pram for shopping and urban walking. It’s pretty simple to fold and open back up, it does have a manual lock when closed and it’ll fit in a mid-sized car boot. Understandably the seats are quite narrow, but you’ll still fit a toddler in them.


Pram Weight – 15.5kgs
Weight Capacity – 36kgs combined
Width – 63 cms
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seats – Yes
Collapse with seats attached – Yes with seats (not sure about with bassinets though)
Travel System Compatible – Yes

Phil and Ted – Promenade. (RRP $999 + $169 for second seat)

I love the size of the under basket, the very changeable seat positions (apparently it has 55 configurations), also the telescopic handlebar would be great for swapping between parents who are quite different in heights. One of the best features about this pram is that both the main and the second seat convert into a bassinet, so it’ll take you from newborn twins to toddlers without having to buy additional seats! It can also take one or two car seats in either position. So, it’s a very versatile pram.

It has a pretty simple fold, which can be done with the top seat still attached, or it can be removed for a more compact fold.


Pram Weight – 13kgs
Weight Capacity – 18kgs (main seat)
Width – 64cms
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat – Yes
Collapse with seat attached – Yes (second seat needs to be removed)
Travel System Compatible – Yes

Side by Side

Baby Jogger City Mini Double – RRP $899


The double Baby Jogger City Mini has the same incredibly impressive fold mechanism as the single. (Watch THIS video to see how quick it is to fold; the whole video goes for 3 seconds). Each seat has an independent, one handed strap recline, and is suitable from birth. There is a huge “peekaboo” window when the seat is reclined and there’s still another two peekaboo windows on each canopy.

Downsides – the handlebar isn’t adjustable and while the under basket is huge, it’s a little difficult to put a large bag in due to a centre bar at the back.


Pram Weight – 12kgs
Weight Capacity – 22.5kgs per seat
Width –75.5cms
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seats – no
Collapse with seat attached – Yes
Travel System Compatible – Yes

Valcobaby Spark Duo – RRP $749


The main feature I like about this pram is that the seats can be in a forward or rear facing position – which is a pretty rare feature in a side by side double. The seats both convert into bassinets, so it’ll take you from newborns to toddlers. The hood is very generous and the under basket is roomy, and accessible through a velcro flap at the back even if both seats are in bassinet mode, as well as from the sides and front.

However it is cumbersome to fold, having to remove both seats first and doesn’t really fold down very compact, so it would be more suitable for a walking pram, than a pram you’d put in the car to take to the shops.


Pram Weight –  16.9kgs
Weight Capacity – 20kgs per seat
Width – 77cms
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seats – Yes
Collapse with seat attached – No
Travel System Compatible – Yes

Maclaren Twin Techno – RRP $689

images (1)

I have had a Maclaren Techno (single) for 6.5 years and so I can vouch for their durability. These are durable little double prams. It’s a sweet little pram with a whole lot of features. It’s an umbrella stroller so it folds in really neatly and narrow, with an automatic lock and a handle to pick it up with. It does have a narrow seats and not a very tall seat back but the canopy is adjustable to give you more height for an older child. The seats recline independently, but it is a two handed recline. There are two separate small baskets and two pockets at the back and the back panel can be rolled up for air flow to your baby or toddler.

It’s a light stroller, so it’s not an all terrain pram, and it is also two handed stroller – so you won’t be able to get away with pushing this pram one handed.


Pram Weight –  13.8kgs
Weight Capacity – 20kgs per seat
Width – 74.4cms (folded width 45cms)
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seats – No
Collapse with seat attached – Yes
Travel System Compatible – No

Bob Revoltion SE Dualle – RRP $799


This is a running pram, it’s suitable for all terrain, it has large air tyres and excellent suspension and adjustable shock absorbers depending on what you’re using the pram for at the time (walking or jogging). It has an adjustable handle, it has a good sized under basket, but also two large back pockets, because if you’re running you’re better off with your items contained in a pocket rather than having them bounce around in a basket. The recline is a two step process, it has a strap and a buckle – which I think would be a bit of a pain. It doesn’t fold down very compact, but it’s not as heavy as I would have expected from such a beefy pram.


Pram Weight –  15kgs
Weight Capacity – 20kgs per seat
Width – 78cms
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seats – No
Collapse with seat attached – Yes
Travel System Compatible – Yes

Inline Tandem

Peg Perego Duette – $1399


When it comes to inline double prams, Peg Perego Duette seems to be recommended more than any other pram. It is luxury pram with lots of features for your child’s comfort. It has two huge canopies, big wheels, good suspension, adjustable foot rests and loads of padding. The seats can be configured to both face forward, face back, face together and face away from each other. It also has a steering wheel that allows for front wheel steering so it’s very maneuverable even though it’s an inline tandem.

It has a good size under basket, but not great access to it. And to fold you have to remove both seats and it doesn’t become particularly compact.


Pram Weight –  19kgs
Weight Capacity – 18kgs per seat
Width – 60cms (length
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seats – Yes
Collapse with seat attached – No
Travel System Compatible – Yes

ABC Designs Zoom Twin $899-1,095


I really like the look of these pram – and I do see a lot of them, so it’s quite a popular inline tandem. Same as the Peg Perego the seats can both face in either direction, but I like that the rear seat is a little higher so the child in the back seat can still see where they’re going. It can also take two bassinets, or two car seats, or whatever combination that suits your family.

The fold is a little complicated and it can’t collapse with the seats on, but it does go down pretty compact for the size of the pram and it opens up really easily. It is a long pram though which will make the steering a little awkward, because you are steering from the back, especially as your kids get a bit heavier.


Pram Weight –  10kgs FRAME ONLY – I can’t find the weight for the total unit
Weight Capacity –  30kgs total for the pram.
Width – 63cms
Suitable from birth – Yes with bassinets sold separately
Reversible seats – Yes
Collapse with seat attached – No
Travel System Compatible – Yes

 Chicco Together Tandem Stroller – $799


This pram would most suit a toddler and newborn, because the front seat only has a slight recline, so it doesn’t lay down completely flat to be suitable for a baby, though it can be used for a newborn with a car seat, and it does come with two Chicco car seat adapters built in, so it can accommodate newborn twins if you’re going to also purchase a complete travel system.

Otherwise, it would be also suitable for two toddlers. The back seat has a “bassinet mode” so it’s perfect for a new baby, as well as having a half recline and fully upright seat position.  It has a large under basket and when the rear seat is fully laid back it can still be accessible through a zipper at the back. The fold is great, it’s a one-handed, one-foot fold – and it also has a standing fold so that’s handy for storing the pram when not in use. One drawback is if you do have a toddler or long legged baby in the back seat they will be able to kick at their sibling in the front and there’s no way to turn either of them to prevent this.


Pram Weight –  15kgs
Weight Capacity –  20kgs per seat
Width – 64cms
Suitable from birth – Yes in the back seat only or two a car seat capsule in the front
Reversible seats – No
Collapse with seat attached – Yes
Travel System Compatible – Yes

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