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UPDATE – Looking for the best DOUBLE pram? Check out Best Double Prams 2018

Every year when I start to hunt for the best pram for the year I think there can’t possibly be any more innovations, any more improvements. And every year I’m impressed and amazed by what is out there. I love prams. And I especially love thoughtfully designed, practical, and interesting prams. And while I can never name an absolute favorite, ultimate, best pram, there is definitely the best pram here for everyone.

Best Compact Prams

Britax Holiday Travel Stroller – $199

One of my go-to pram recommendations when people were asking for a light, compact, inexpensive, but effective, travel stroller was the old Steelcraft Holiday. Well that’s been discontinued and replaced with the new and improved Britax Holiday (Britax own Steelcraft, so it’s the same manufacturer). The Britax Holiday doesn’t have a full recline so it’s not suitable for newborns. And it has a acceptable weight limit of 18kgs. The basket is good considering it’s a super lightweight pram. And the fold is simple and compact. Just what you’re looking for in a holiday stroller.

Pram Weight – 4.6kgs
Weight Capacity – 18kgs
Dimensions Open – 100cm x 43.5cm x 54.5cm
Dimensions Folded – 24cm x 20cm x 62cm
Suitable from birth – No
Reversible seat – No
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – No

Safety 1st Nook – $269.00

I love the fold on the Safety 1st Nook. I always admire prams that I can just walk up to, have a look at it, and intuitively work out how to fold them without needing to be shown. This is also a compact, inexpensive, travel stroller. It comes with a carry bag. And it is suitable for newborns! It would also be a great stroller to just keep in your boot or travel with. Though with its tiny wheels it’s a strictly footpaths, shopping centres, and airports pram. It won’t handle much in the way of off-roading (which you can see in this video here.)

Pram Weight – 6.5kgs
Weight Capacity – 17kgs
Dimensions Folded – W48 x H29 x D66cm
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat – No
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – No

For more compact prams check out Best Travel Prams 2016 

Best Full Sized Prams

Steelcraft Agile Plus Reverse Handle – $499

The Steelcraft Agile Plus Reverse Handle ticks SO MANY of my boxes. It’s a surprisingly impressive pram given its price point. As the name suggests it has a reversible handle – rather than a reversible seat. Which from experience using this style of pram does take some getting used to. Otherwise it’s suitable for newborns, has a whopping weight limit of 25kgs, good sized basket, extendable canopy, adjustable handlebar. It also has an impressively simple fold, similar to the Baby Jogger City Mini – just with an extra button to release before pulling the strap on the seat. I also like the huge pocket located on the back of the hood. It’s large enough it could essentially be used as a nappy bag. It also has a strap recline.

Pram Weight – 12kgs
Weight Capacity – 25kgs
Dimensions Open – 110cm x D: 80cm x W: 64cm
Dimensions Folded – 42cm x D: 74cm x W: 64cm
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat – Yes (reversible handle)
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

Stokke Trailz – $1,699.00

The Stokke Trailz seems to me like a more practical, and definitely more robust, version of the Stokke Xplory. Like the Xplory, the Stokke Trailz has an exceptionally high seat. Perfect for chatting with your baby on the go. (Though the Trailz is a couple of centimeters lower than the Xplory.) The Stokke Trailz has all terrain wheels – with the option of air filled tyres. A huge basket. Large extendable hood. The fold takes a few steps, but isn’t too complicated. The only negative with the Stokke Trailz, and all the Stokke prams, is it only has a 15kg weight limit. Which may be a deal breaker if you’re expecting bigger babies, or wanting to use your pram for more than a couple of years.

Pram Weight – 13.6
Weight Capacity  15kgs
Dimensions Open – 95.5Lx127Hx62W
Dimensions Folded –  95Lx50Hx62W
Suitable from birth – Yes with Carry Cot Sold Separately
Reversible seat – Yes
Fold with seat attached – No
Optional second seat –No
Travel system compatible – Yes

Cybex Priam With Lux Seat – $1,189

The Cybex Priam has been available for a little while now, but I think it’s taken me a little while to quite get my head around it, and realise that this is actually a pretty fantastic pram. And it was the Lux seat that really sold me on it. With the Lux seat the Cybex Priam is suitable for newborns as the seat lays completely flat. No need for a bassinet. While the fold isn’t particularly compact it can be folded with the seat attached – which is a big plus. And it’s not that complicated. The basket looks small, but it actually pops open, to extend it and allow for more accessibility. And then you can pop to closed to secure your items.

Otherwise the Cybex is a high quality, luxury stroller, with a very stylish finish.

Pram Weight – 12kgs
Weight Capacity – 22kgs
Dimensions Folded –  L 955mm, W 575mm, H455mm
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat – Yes
Fold with seat attached –Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

Uppababy Cruz – $999

The Uppababy Cruz is essentially the Uppababy Alta with a name change. Uppababy is a great brand, I’ve previously included the Uppababy Vista and Uppababy stroller in my best prams list. The Uppababy Cruz has a big basket, extendable hood, telescopic handlebar, massive 23kg weight limit and a big roomy seat. The carrycot on the Cruz (and Vista) has a one handed, push button, release for the handle. Making it a very easy to lift carrycot.  And it’s a stylish pram with great colours and leather features.

Check out my full review of the Uppababy Cruz! 

Pram Weight – 9.7kgs
Weight Capacity – 23kgs
Dimensions Open – 57W x 94L x 101H (cm)
Dimensions Folded – 56W x 36L x 94H (cm)
Suitable from birth – Yes with carry cot sold separately
Reversible seat – Yes
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

Bugaboo Fox – $1,799

I have to admit that while I’ve admired Bugaboo as a brand I’ve never really felt like any of their prams were for me. None of them have quite ticked my boxes – which is fine, not everything has be to exactly what I want. But The Bugaboo Fox is the first Bugaboo I really feel like I can get behind. Literally.

It ticks so many of my boxes. It has a handed recline, massive basket, good sized wheels, huge extendable hood, telescopic handle, and it comes newborn ready with a bassinet included. The fold is reasonably compact, with a manual fold lock. Though it’s not the simplest folding procedure, it’s definitely something you’d get the hang of.

Read my full review of the Bugaboo Fox here.

Pram Weight – 9.9kgs
Weight Capacity – 21kgs
Dimensions Folded – 66 x 54 x 19cm
Suitable from birth – Yes with carrycot included
Reversible seat – Yes
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

Best Double Prams

Britax Flexx – $799 (plus additional seat)

It almost seems a little superfluous that Britax brings out another pram in almost the exact same style as the Strider Compact and the Britax B-Ready. But I guess it’s just something they do well. The Britax Flexx is a single pram that can convert to a very functional in-line double pram. The Britax Flexx is lighter than the Strider Compact. It also has an interesting, unique style, that I suspect will be either a love or hate for people. I will say though the basket is a lot smaller on the Flexx than the Strider, so that is something to consider if you’re wanting to haul a lot of stuff.

Pram Weight – 12kgs
Weight Capacity – 20kgs
Dimensions Folded – 71cm x 60cm x 30cm
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat – Yes (Front seat only)
Fold with seat attached – Yes (Front seat only)
Optional second seat – Yes
Travel system compatible – Yes

Baby Jogger Lux – $1,039.00 (plus additional seat)

I’ve said it in every one of my previous pram lists, but I love Baby Jogger. The Baby Jogger City Select Lux is an upgraded version of the earlier City Select – however they will be selling both products side by side, with the Lux at a higher price point, because as it’s name suggests, it’s a more luxurious option. The main upgrades with the Lux is it’s 30% more compact when folded than the City Select, even when folded with both seats attached. And the second seat can be replaced with a small toddler seat, which is really neat.

Pram Weight – 1

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  1. I tested drove and looked at all these brands of prams and my personal opinion reds baby metro 2018 who is not listed came out on top for me in features and price

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