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Every year I wander through baby stores, attend baby shows, I search the internet, I read and watch countless reviews to bring you what I believe is the best pram for the year. There are so many different factors to consider when buying a pram; pram weight, the weight capacity, is it suitable for newborns, the size of the wheels, the size of the basket, the fold and where or how are you going to be using your pram!

So I try to make it simple and select a range of prams to make your search for the best pram easier. Though there is no one, individual pram, that is the best – but I hope you’ll find the best pram for you.

Best Compact Prams

Safety 1st Verso Nest – Price $499

best pram safety 1st verso nest

I spotted this sweet little pram a couple of months ago at Baby Bunting and was incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t find any information about it online. Anywhere! It was as though it did not exist. What I didn’t realise at the time was it actually hadn’t been released yet – thank goodness for that, I thought it was a mirage. The feature the first caught my eye is the seat converts to a bassinet; which is a feature I always love. Though the seat itself is a little small, and the weight limit is only 17kgs, so it’s going to be more suitable to a petite toddler. It has a huge expandable hood, folds easily with the seat attached and has a good sized basket for a small pram.  The basket is also quite open and accessible for a large nappy bag. 

Pram Weight – 8.8kgs
Weight Capacity – 17kgs
Dimensions Open – 58W x 100H x 56D
Dimensions Folded – 43W x 88H x 58D
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat – Yes
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – No

ICandy Raspberry – Price $508

best pram icandy raspberry

Firstly I think this is just an adorable little pram – it comes in a range of bright colours which makes it super fun. It is a compact and lightweight pram so it’s great for travel and small cars, though with it’s tiny wheels it’s really built for smooth surfaces like shopping centres and sealed footpaths. Despite it’s size it has a whopping weight capacity of 25kgs. The seat reclines fully flat so is suitable for newborns. The fold is quite compact and can be folded with the seat facing attached and facing in either directions. Despite it’s size the basket is very large.

Pram Weight – 8.4kgs
Weight Capacity – 25kgs
Dimensions Open – 85.5 x 54 x 92-105 (cm)
Dimensions Folded – 85.5 x 54 x 36.6 (cm)
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat – yes
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

GB Qbit+ – Price $499

best pram GB Qbit+

I’ve already listed the GB Qbit on my recent Top 5 Travel Prams and the reason it’s a fantastic travel pram is it folds down so compact that it will fit in the overhead storage of most aeroplanes. The fold is also remarkably quick and easy for folding on the go. The pram reclines fully flat for newborns and it has a very generous sized hood. The wheels and basket are both a bit on the small side, and it only has a weight capacity of 17kgs. Also the seat is fixed into position so it cannot be parent facing.

Pram Weight – 7.6kgs
Weight Capacity – 17kgs
Dimensions Folded – 29cm x 47cm x 54 cm
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat –  No
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Travel system compatible – Yes

Best Full Sized Prams

Baby Jogger City Premier – Price $950

best pram baby jogger premier

The Baby Jogger Premier has all the features you’d expect from a Baby Jogger pram; it has big wheels, broad hood, huge basket, high weight limit and of course an incredibly easy fold. It can be folded with the seat facing in either direction and is quite compact for a full sized luxury pram. The only consideration is the seat doesn’t lay flat so you will need to purchase a bassinet separately for a newborn.

Pram Weight – 12.7kgs
Weight Capacity – 22kgs
Dimensions Open – 100cm x 58cm x 81cm
Dimensions Folded – 61cm x 30cm x 79cm
Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet purchased separately.
Reversible seat – Yes
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

Redsbaby Metro – Price $649

best pram redsbaby metro

Redsbaby is an Australian owned brand. While you won’t find these prams in store they do offer demonstrations of their entire pram range regularly in capital cities across Australia. So you can have the opportunity to check out the pram before you buy it. The Metro is a great all-round pram, with good sized wheels, generous hood, with a very large and easily accessible basket. If you’re buying for a newborn you will need to purchase the bassinet bundle for an extra $100.

Pram Weight – 10kgs
Weight Capacity – 20kgs
Dimensions Open – 108cm x 59cms x 71cms
Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet purchased separately
Reversible seat – Yes
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan – Price $799

best pram mountain buggy cosmopolitan

The Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan is not at all what comes to mind when I think of most of the Mountain Buggy range. This is a luxury city pram, rather than their usual rugged, all-terrain prams. Though it does have good sized wheels and will handle a bit of moderate off-roading. It has a huge basket for shopping, the seat is a great height for sitting up at a cafe, and I love that the seat converts into a bassinet.

Pram Weight –13kgs
Weight Capacity – 20kgs
Dimensions Folded –  37.5(H) x 62(W) x 95cm(L)
Dimensions Open – 108(H) x 62(W) x 93cm(L)
Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet sold separately
Reversible seat – Yes
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

Best Double Prams

babyhood Doppio – Price $925

best pram babyhood doppio

I also recently reviewed the babybood Doppio, which does have a lot of similarities to the babybee prams Comet Duo. They are both double prams that can be used with just one seat. Both also have two reversible seats and offers the same versatility of a full travel system. However both the seats on the babyhood Doppio  convert easily into bassinets – which is AMAZING. So it’s a perfect pram for newborn twins right through to toddlerhood. Also the basket has a separate front pocket to tuck items away from the feet of the child on the back, which is easily accessible from the front. 

Pram Weight – 15kgs
Weight Capacity – 18kgs per seat
Dimensions Open – W65cm x L105cm x H96cm
Dimensions Folded –W61cm x L79cm x H34cms without seats ( approx 56cm high with seats)
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat –  Yes
Fold with seats attached – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

Valco baby Snap Duo – Price $499

best pram valcobaby snap duo

The Valco Baby Snap Duo is the cheapest, and the lightest, of the double prams on this list. The seats are not reversible unless you purchase a bassinet separately – though the seats do fully recline to be suitable for newborns already. Folding the Valco Baby Snap Duo is very simple and it comes with a handy shoulder strap, so it’s the best pram for travelling with twins or two small children.

Pram Weight – 11.2kgs
Weight Capacity – 20kgs per seat
Dimensions Open – 77L x 75W x 103H
Dimensions Folded – 80L x 75W x 36H
Suitable from birth – Yes
Reversible seat – No
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Travel system compatible – Yes

Best Jogging Pram

Thule Glide – Price $799

best pram thule glide

The Thule Glide is the best pram for serious running. The wheels are enormous to glide effortless over all terrain. And their is a “bike” brake on the handle to control the speed of the pram, especially important for downhill. I did not know how important this feature is until I attempted to jog with a pram downhill with no handbrake and ended up skidding down the hill out of control. The next big feature of this pram is it’s weight capacity of 34kgs. That is just incredible. I’ve never heard of a pram coming even close to that kind of weight capacity. So this is also a great pram for parents who may need to use a pram for several years.

Pram Weight –9.9kgs
Weight Capacity – 34kgs
Dimensions Folded – 87.5cmx23cmx53cm
Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet sold separately
Reversible seat – No
Fold with seat attached – Yes
Optional second seat – No
Travel system compatible – Yes

So I hope that helps you work out which is the best pram for you! If you’re still unsure which is the best pram for your family please feel free to comment below and I’ll see what I can find for you! Take care! xx

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  1. Thank you for this great compilation. However, can you suggest a pram/stroller that is easy to use on train/tram/bus considering I commute via those 3 days in a week and the family car for the weekends. Hoping to buy this month as the little bub is arriving soon. Thanks

    1. I used to travel a lot on public transport when my babies were little and I’ve used all sorts of prams from super light umbrella strollers to big bulky all terrain prams on buses and trains (not trams though) and I found the best prams were mid-sized prams with big baskets so you can load everything you need into the pram without being tempted to hang it on the back – especially on a bus when it’s a little unstable. And it helps to have reasonably large wheels so you have a good “curb pop” for getting up onto a bus or over the gap to a train.

      So from the list above I would recommend the Redsbaby Metro because it’s a good sized pram, but it’s only 59cms wise so it’s still not going to take up a huge amount of space, which is also important on public transport. (Though it looks like they’re not currently available, they’re on pre-order for August

      Otherwise if you do want to go for something that is super light and compact, but still suitable for a newborn the GB Qbit+ is another really good option. And it looks like they’re on sale at the moment at Baby Bunting –

      Let me know what your thoughts are on those, I’m happy to come up with some more options for you. 🙂

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