Best Prams Australia 2023

best prams 2023

When working out best prams Australia 2023 there’s so much to consider, and at the end of the best pram for everyone. But hopefully we can help you find the best pram for your family! The things you need to consider are; your lifestyle, budget and even your plans for the future with the growing number of prams that give the option of adding a second seat later on.

Before you decide on your best pram, it’s a good idea to put together a checklist of essential features and preferences. Being mindful when you write this list that the features you list as non-negotiable aren’t in direct conflict

For example, you want a pram with a BIG basket, BIG seat, BIG wheels, BIG suspension, big features AND compact enough to take as carry-on luggage – I’m sorry; unfortunately, that pram defies physics.

So remember that most families will purchase two prams over the time they’re raising children. If you try to get one pram that does everything, it probably won’t do anything well, and you’ll end up needing to buy three prams because you tried to get away with just buying one.

Features to Consider:

  • Newborn-ready seat (no need for bassinet/cot)
  • Big seat/weight capacity
  • Flat recline vs bucket seat
  • Reversible seat (so they can be world or parent-facing)
  • Light and compact
  • Folds in one piece
  • Big basket/storage pockets
  • All-terrain wheels/high-performance suspension
  • Optional second seat (also consider front/back vs side-by-side)
  • Car seat compatibility (most prams/strollers offer this but be mindful of which capsules are compatible with which strollers)

Best Prams Australia 2023 At a Glance

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Please note prices listed below are based on market value (not RRP). Pricing is accurate to the best of our ability at the time of publishing and is subject to change. 

Best Travel Strollers

PriceWeightAge RangeFolded DimensionsKey Features
CITY TOUR 2$4996.8kgsBirth to 20.5kgs59.5 x 49.5 x 19cmsOne hand fold. Newborn flat recline with adjustable calf support.
JOOLZ AER$6996.3kgsBirth* to 22.5kgs53.5 x 45 x 21.5cmsOne hand fold AND open. Luxury fabrics. Smooth for a travel stroller.

Best Everyday Single Prams

PriceWeightAge RangeReversible SeatKey Features
OSCAR M2$89910.9kgsBirth** to 22kgsYesOnly three-wheel pram with a reversible street in Australia
NUNA MIXX NEXT$124912.9kgsBirth* to 22.5kgsYesFolds with reversible, flat-lying seat attached.
Bugaboo Fox 2$14999.9kgsBirth** to 22kgsYesLightweight full-size, full-featured luxury pram.

Best Convertible Single – Double Prams 

PriceWeight (Single)Age RangeIncluded Bassinet/CotKey Features
UPPABABY VISTA$174912.4kgsBirth** to 23kgsYesEasy to use and all round appealing everyday pram. 
SELECT 2$79912kgsBirth to 20.5NoNewborn ready seat. Simple to convert to double. 
Babybee Prams Duo$79913kgsBirth** to 22kgsYesCompact footprint for an inline double pram.
Pricing, weights and dimensions in the table below are based on use as a single pram.

Best Side-by-Side Double Prams

PriceWeightAge RangeReversible SeatsKey Features
CITY MINI GT2 DOUBLE$109916kgsBirth to 22.5kgs (per seat)NoCompact one step fold. Extra-tall seats. Good suspension. 
BUGABOO DONKEY 5 DUO$199915kgsBirth** to 22kgsYesCustomisable fabrics/style. Parent/forward facing seats. 

* suitable from birth with cot/bassinet sold separately.
**suitable from birth with cot/bassinet included

Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Baby JOgger City Tour 2 best pram

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has featured in pretty much every Best Prams Australia and Best Strollers Australia list on Parenting Central since it was released in 2019.  and also has been reviewed in detail following this link. Lastly, you can watch our video review here. So it’s fair to say that we are big fans of this little stroller!

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is suitable from birth without needing extra accessories (though it has the option of adding a car capsule or bassinet, which are sold separately). It has a very tall seat and a high weight limit to match. You can easily use the City Tour 2 from birth to preschool aged and beyond!

It also offers a good sized adjustable footrest which is a feature you don’t often see on these super light travel strollers. Lastly, I do love the super easy one handed fold. It wouldn’t be a Baby Jogger without an incredibly easy fold.

Overall I think it’s a very practical, sturdy and easy to use compact pram that would be perfect not just for travel, but everyday use as well.

Baby Jogger Tour 2 Specifications

  • Suitable for newborns – Yes
  • Weight capacity – 22kgs
  • Pram weight – 6.5kgs
  • Folded dimensions – 56 x 43.5 x 18cm
  • Carry Bag Included – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes
  • Reversible seat – No

Joolz Aer

joolz aer bassinet cot best pram

The Joolz Aer is a high end, luxury travel stroller. The fabric, features, functions and overall quality of this stunning stroller puts the Joolz Aer in a league of its own.

The Joolz Aer has been designed to be light and compact enough to fit in the overhead luggage on a plane. Meaning when you travel you will have your stroller right up until you board the plane. Which is fantastic if you’re expecting stopovers – or if you just prefer to keep your stroller close to avoid it getting lost or damaged in checked luggage.

This sweet little stroller isn’t just for travel, it’s perfect for inner-city and suburban lifestyle as well. The Joolz Aer is lovely to push and has surprisingly effective suspension and an overall sturdy feel despite the tiny size. So It’s great for zipping around busy footpaths and shopping centres, hopping off and on public transport, or popping into the boot of your car.

While the Joolz Aer seat is suitable from 6 months+, it does have a semi-recline position for naps. It also has newborn options of either adding a car capsule or bassinet.

Joolz Aer 2 Specifications

  • Suitable for newborns – Yes
  • Weight capacity – 22kgs
  • Pram weight –
  • Folded dimensions –
  • Carry Bag Included – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes
  • Reversible seat – No

Edwards and Co Oscar M2

edwards and co oscar m2

The Edwards and Co Oscar M2 has had a recent upgrade from the very popular Oscar Mx.

The Edwards and Co Oscar is one of only a couple of prams that have three wheels and offer the option of a reversible seat. So if you’re looking for a three-wheel pram for the sporty all-terrain agility, but don’t want to compromise on being able to have your baby or toddler face you, then you should definitely take a look at the Edwards and Co Oscar M2.

The Edwards and Co M2 is also great value for money when you consider it is a full-sized, full-featured pram that is suitable from birth, has a weight capacity of 20kgs, is easy to fold, has an adjustable handlebar and leg rest, extendable canopy, absolutely huge basket, quality wheels and excellent suspension. 

This stroller will handle all kinds of suburban terrain – grass, playground mulch, gravel, as well as a little bit of off-roading – while also being compact and agile enough to maneuver around a shopping centre or busy footpaths. 

The Edwards and Co Oscar M2 is for active parents who want it all but are also looking for excellent value for money.

Overall the key upgrade from the Oscar Mx to the Oscar M2 is the higher weight capacity for the seat and basket.

Edwards and Co Oscar M2 Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 10.9kgs 
  • Weight Capacity – 22kgs
  • Dimensions Folded – 37 x 65 x 77 cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with infant insert included (bassinet optional)
  • Reversible seat – Yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Nuna Mixx Next

nuna mixx next

There’s a lot to like about the Nuna Mixx Next. When I had a little play with this pram I enjoyed how intuitive all the mechanisms were. In some ways it’s not exactly an exciting pram, but it’s a lovely pram that is just easy and obvious. It also ticks a lot of boxes for people.

The Nuna Mixx Next has a reversible seat that reclines flat for a newborn, a high weight limit and good sized seat, it has a simple one-handed recline, it has an adjustable footrest, a telescopic handlebar, a large basket, big wheels, an extendable sun canopy, an easy all-in-one fold with an automatic lock, a step through brake, so it’s open toed-shoe-friendly…It seems like it does everything!

Keep in mind it does weigh nearly 13kgs, as all those features do add weight to a pram. So it’s probably a good idea to make sure you’re comfortable with lifting it into the boot of a car before you get too excited about all those features.

The key upgrades between the previous Nuna Mixx (2019) and current model is the fold proportions are a little better on the Nuna Mixx Next and a bit easier for lifting into a car. However not a dramatic update, more like a little refinement on the previous model.

Nuna Mixx Next

  • Pram Weight – 9.9kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 21kgs
  • Dimensions Folded – 66 x 54 x 19cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes with carrycot fabric included
  • Reversible seat – Yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Optional second seat – No
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Bugaboo Fox

best pram bugaboo fox

When people ask me to recommend them a pram, I often get people describing features that don’t really match. They want big wheels, big seat, big basket, big hood, big weight limit. As well as all those full-sized pram features like a parent-facing seat, one-handed recline, optional bassinet, all-terrain etc. But they also want it to be light, compact, easy to fold, and easy to lift.

The Bugaboo Fox ticks all of those boxes, and even though it does lean towards the bigger side, it’s still pretty compact and lightweight, especially given its size. It is (just) under 10kgs – which is light for a full-size, full-featured pram. It can fold with the seat attached. And can even fold with the bassinet attached!

Bugaboo Fox Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 9.9kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 21kgs
  • Dimensions Folded – 66 x 54 x 19cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes with carrycot fabric included
  • Reversible seat – Yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Optional second seat – No
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Baby Jogger City Select 2

select 2 vs select lux best pram

The Baby Jogger City Select 2 offers great versatility as it can grow with your family and can be configured with one or two seats and in any combination of seats, capsules, bassinet and even a standing toddler board. So they both can theoretically accommodate up to three children of varying ages. 

One of the biggest reasons I’d recommend the Select 2 is the fact the seats are approved for newborns without the need for a bassinet, bassinet kit, insert or liner – so the seat will go from birth to toddlerhood without needing to purchase anything else. This also drives down the cost of the Select 2 when compared to similar strollers (like the UPPAbaby Vista), especially for parents expecting twins. 

Also, because both seats are exactly the same – the main seat and second seat have the same size, dimensions, and weight capacity and are completely interchangeable – you do have some more flexibility with which child sits where. With the option to even switch them up through the day depending on what’s working best for you.

City Select 2 Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 12kgs 
  • Weight Capacity – 20.5kg(per seat)
  • Dimensions Folded – 44 x 65.3 x 83.8cms
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, in the seat when fully reclined. Or bassinet (sold separately)
  • Reversible seat – Yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Babybee Prams Duo

BEST PRAMS 2021 babybee duo

Babybee Prams is an Australian owned brand, based in Melbourne and I have had the pleasure of meeting their team a few times – and they don’t just have great prams, like the Babybee Duo2 but they are absolutely lovely people as well. 

When you buy the Babybee Duo2 you can choose it as a single or a double, and one thing I love is when choosing the double option you can select whether you want two seats, or a seat and a bassinet. I think that’s great, because not everyone wants or needs a bassinet. Perhaps you’re buying a second pram and your babies are already over 6 months old – or you’re planning to use a capsule instead of a bassinet. 

The Babybee Duo2 offers a lot of very useful and usable configurations, whether you’re using seats, bassinets, capsules, or a combination of any two. 

It also comes with a lot of included accessories – belly bars, rain covers, UV covers, pram liners, and a parent organiser. So they’re great value for money. 

Babybee Duo2 Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 12.9kgs single (Frame 9.7kgs / seat 3.2kgs / bassinet 3.2kgs)
  • Weight Capacity – 20 kgs each seat, 9 kgs bassinet
  • Dimensions Folded – 99cms x 60cms x 52cms
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with a bassinet
  • Reversible seat – Yes, both
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes, top seat only
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

UPPAbaby Vista V2

uppababy vista v2 vs baby jogger select 2 best pram

I would confidently say that the Uppababy Vista V2 is the most popular pram in Australia right now, and it is easy to see why.

It is aesthetically a beautiful pram, made from quality materials, and just one of the simplest and easiest prams to use. It has some small but thoughtful features that make it one of the most straightforward prams to use. For example, the button to release the bassinet from the frame is on the handle at the top – which is exactly where it should be, and yet not a common feature.

The whole pram is like that; everything about it is just sleep-deprived-new-parent-friendly. It’s easy to fold, has a one-handed recline in the seat, easy to adjust shoulder strap height, tap to engage/release foot brake, extendable sun canopy, huge storage basket – it’s all the things we love in a pram.

When you purchase the Uppababy Vista V2 it comes with the bassinet and the toddler seat, so you’re ready to go from birth through to toddlerhood. Then if and when you have another baby, all you need to do to turn your Vista into a double pram is purchase the upper and lower adapters, and you can connect both seats to the frame.

Uppababy Vista V2 Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 12.3kgs (With seat in single mode)
  • Weight Capacity – Toddler seat 23kg , Rumble Seat 15kgs and Bassinet 9kgs
  • Dimensions Folded – 44cms x 65.3cms x 84.5cms
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet included.
  • Reversible seat – Yes, though limited configurations as a double
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes (Top seat only)
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Double

best pram baby jogger city mini gt2 double

The City Mini GT 2 Double is an easy to use, easy to fold, surprisingly compact, double pram that is suitable for twins or siblings. Both seats lie back flat to be suitable for newborns, while also boasting some of the largest seats for a double pram on the market. 

The City Mini GT2 Double include an adjustable foot rest, all wheel suspension, better accessibility to the basket, upgraded fabrics and cushioning in the seat, and overall a more modern aesthetic. One of the subtle changes of the shape of the canopy, which allowed more space for your taller child. 

Overall the City Mini GT2 Double is perfect for active parents as it’ll handle a lot of walking and is a great moderately all terrain pram – it’ll definitely handle all the usual suburban terrain such as grass, playground mulch, dirt tracks etc with ease. 

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 16kg
  • Weight Capacity – 22.5kgs per seat
  • Folded Dimensions – 83cm x 75cm x 30cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes. Seat when fully reclined. Or bassinet (sold separately)
  • Reversible seat – No
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Optional Single mode – No
  • Travel system compatible – No

Bugaboo Donkey Duo 5

bugaboo donkey duo twin 3.0 best pram

I still remember the excitement when the Bugaboo Donkey was first announced. Which is both an indication of the incredible innovation of this pram, and also the very effective marketing of the brand. But the Bugaboo Donkey is impressive in the way the frame actually expands to accommodate two children side by side. That said, even in “mono” mode (single mode) it’s still a very wide pram. Though the little shopping basket on the is a nice way to add value to the extra width.

The Bugaboo Donkey can also be purchased as a twin pram – two seat frames, with bassinet fabric and upright seat fabric for both frames. One thing I absolutely love about the Bugaboo Donkey is it’s one of the very few side by side double prams that allows your babies to face you, or face away (or one facing you and the other facing away. Whatever!)

Impressively it can also fold with both seats attached, however it is a big pram even when folded and weighs 15kgs as a double. So you’ll need strong arms and a big car to be able to leave the Donkey in one piece to transport it.

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Specifications

  • Pram Weight –15kg
  • Weight Capacity – 22kgs per seat
  • Dimensions Folded – 52 x 74 x 93 cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with carrycot(s) included.
  • Reversible seat – Yes (Both seats)
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Feel free to reach out and we can help you find the best pram for your family with a personalised recommendation!

Also, check out all our Best Product guides as well as our Youtube channel for more pram reviews!

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