ICandy Orange Pram Review – Absolutely Futureproof

So I did a first impressions review of the ICandy Orange when it came out last year, however I finally got around to getting my hands on one and giving it a thorough review. 

The slogan for the ICandy Orange is “Absolutely Futureproof”. And it’s probably one of the most versatile prams in the way that it adapts to your growing family.

How The ICandy Orange Grows With Your Family

The ICandy Orange comes with both the bassinet and the toddler seat included. You can use one or both of these seats on the frame. AND it has a super cool built in toddler board that has a weight limit of 20kgs.

Icandy Orange

It has the biggest basket I think I’ve ever seen on a pram. And the basket has a 10kg weight limit. So you could potentially use the basket as a shopping trolley when it’s in single mode.

Though while we’re talking about weight limits one issue that I have with the ICandy Orange is when it’s a single pram the toddler seat has an awesome weight limit of 25kgs. Which is exceptionally high and I do appreciate a high weight limit because I had big toddlers. However when you add the second seat the weight limit drops to just 15kgs per seat.

So I’m going to say it’s a great single pram that has that “Future Proof” option of being a double, either with the second seat or the toddler board, but I wouldn’t suggest the ICandy Orange for twins, unless you’re anticipating particularly petite children.

The seats are pretty average sized. They’re 50cm to the top of the backrest and about 59cm to the top of the hood. So you’ll fit about a 3 to 4 years in height, if they’re under the weight limit.

ICandy Orange Features at a glance

Icandy Orange

  • Huge extendable hood with a mesh peekaboo window
  • Huge basket
  • Telescopic handlebar
  • Belly Bar is included
  • Good Sized wheels – It’ll handle all manner of suburban and urban terrain, plus a little bit of offroading.

Toddler and Newborn Configuration

The ICandy Orange is one of those prams that have dozens different configurations depending if you’re using bassinets, toddler seats or car capsules – or any combination of those. But I feel like there are two or three main configurations I would suggest are the most practical, depending on how you actually use your pram.

Icandy Orange

Firstly you have the option of positioning the bassinet on the lowest adaptor closest to you, and the toddler seat on the extender from the middle adaptor. The toddler can then can be easily switched from parenting face to forward facing depending on what they or you prefer. And with the baby up close to you it’s easy to peak down and keep an eye on them.

Icandy Orange

A couple of reasons that this arrangement of the ICandy Orange isn’t ideal is baby is really low down and so if you have back issues or you’re not comfortable bending over and picking baby up then that could be a problem. Then also with bassinet down into the basket you lose a lot of that basket space.

The other configuration I’d suggest I think would work well if your toddler doesn’t need the pram very often. Only for short periods of time just to rest their feet. Or for naps when you’re out and about.

Icandy Orange

By having the bassinet up high you’ve lifted it out of the basket and also your baby is very close to you and easy to lift in and out of the bassinet. Winning. The drawback is that the toddler’s face is very close to the base of the bassinet. So it’s not ideal, however it would be fine especially if they are being reclined for a nap.

Folding The ICandy Orange

It’s a simple and straight forward fold. It has two levers on either side of the handlebar that you pull up on and then the pram folds downwards smoothly.

The ICandy Orange has an automatic lock and also standing fold.

You can also fold the ICandy Orange with the upright toddler seat attached, though only if it’s forward facing and attached on either the centre or front position. Though it’s such a heavy and bulky pram I think it’s best to just take the seats off and fold the frame on it’s own.

Icandy Orange

Unsurprisingly this big pram also doesn’t fold down particularly compact. To fit the ICandy Orange into my boot. I had to remove the rear wheels to fit the frame into my boot. And while I could fit it in with either the bassinet or toddler seat, to fit both of them in at once I also had to remove the belly bars from both seats. So it’s possible, but not really practical with a small car. 

So I feel like the ICandy Orange is designed either for walks from home, or would suit a family with a large car or SUV.

Overall I do quite like the ICandy Orange. I do especially love that built in toddler board, I think that’s so useful for getting around with your second child, especially once they’re over that 15kg weight limit for double mode. Though I do still think that the low weight limit with two seats is a bit of a shame, but the toddler board does almost make up for it.

I borrowed the ICandy Orange from the lovely team at Baby Train.  I am not paid for this review.

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. Rachel is obsessed prams, car seats, carriers and all things baby. She has worked in the baby industry for several years, for both suppliers and also in a retail setting and has developed a passion for connecting parents with the right products to make their lives easier. When Rachel isn't playing with prams she's enjoys crocheting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.

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