Baby Jogger city select 2 Review – Great for Siblings or Twins

The city select 2 offers incredible versatility, as both seats are approved for newborns and have a weight capacity of 20.5kgs, so you’re not limited to who can sit where like many other similar strollers.

select 2 vs select lux

Key Features 

  • Both seats are approved for newborns and are the same size and weight capacity
  • Lightweight and compact (for a full size, full featured double pram)
  • Can take one or two capsules, perfect for siblings or twins. 

Things to consider

  • While the seats meet Australian safety standards for newborns they are not fully flat like a bassinet. 
  • Can only accommodate one bassinet but won’t fit two.
  • To produce a lighter weight stroller there is less suspension compared to an UPPAbaby Vista V2.


  • Pram Weight – 12kgs 
  • Weight Capacity – 20.5kg(per seat)
  • Dimensions Folded – 44 x 65.3 x 83.8cms
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, in the seat when fully reclined. Or bassinet (sold separately)
  • Reversible seat – Yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

The Baby Jogger City Select 2 offers great versatility as it can grow with your family and can be configured with one or two seats, and in any combination of seats, capsules, bassinet and even a standing toddler board. So they both can theoretically accommodate up to three children of varying ages. 

One of the biggest reasons I’d recommend the Select 2 is the fact the seats are approved for newborns without the need for a bassinet, bassinet kit, insert or liner – so the seat will go from birth to toddlerhood without needing to purchase anything else. Which also drives down the cost of the Select 2 when comparing to similar strollers (like the UPPAbaby Vista) especially for parents expecting twins. 

Also because both seats are exactly the same – the main seat and second seat have the same size, dimensions, weight capacity and are completely interchangeable – you do have some more flexibility with which child sits where. With the option to even switch them up through the day depending on what’s working best for you.

city select 2 VS city select VS city select LUX

See below the key differences between the current model city select 2 (2021+) and the previous city select (2012-2021) and city select LUX (2017-2021).

Newborn Ready

The city select 2 and city select LUX both had the options of either a Deluxe Bassinet, Bassinet Kit, or Capsule for a newborn. This is a great video that shows exactly how the “Bassinet Kit” works. This also makes the city select 2 more affordable when converting to a double stroller.

Lighter Weight

They have also reduced the weight of the City Select 2, weighing 8% lighter than the City Select. It is also fractionally narrower. While I don’t think you’d notice the difference in the width, the City Select 2 actually does feel a lot lighter and more balanced to lift.

Foot Brake

A smaller change is the City Select 2 has a foot brake, whereas the previous models had hand brakes. This is really a matter of opinion whether this is an upgrade or not – though I do personally prefer a foot brake. I imagine this decision was made to reduce the weight, as the mechanisms for foot brakes typically weigh less than the cabling required for hand brakes.

Eco Collection

City Select 2 Eco Collection the Tencel fabrics in the canopy and seat are made from sustainable materials and have thermoregulation qualities. The Select 2 Eco also has a leatherette handle bar and comes with a matching leatherette belly bar included. The regular Select 2 has a rubber handlebar and a belly bar can be purchased separately. (Exclusive to Baby Bunting in Australia)

Basket Accessibility

Another small detail. The front of the basket for the Select 2 is a little longer down and elasticised edge, meaning you can easily access the basket now from the front, as well as the sides and back. The back of the Select and Select 2 basket can be zipped out to extend the basket and also improve access for getting bigger items in and out.

Easier to Adjust Canopy Height

The City Select and Select Lux have two canopy height positions, whereas the Select 2 the canopy easily slides up and down the seat frame. Meaning you can incrementally increase the height. Also from observation many parents didn’t seem to be aware of the higher canopy position, and I think being able to simply slide up will see more parents utilizing this feature.

Overall the city select 2 is a great option for

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