Joolz Geo3 VS Joolz Geo2 – Thoughtfully Updated New Pram

Firstly the differences between the Joolz Geo2 and Geo3 is substantially more than the differences between the Geo and Geo2. The Geo3 has really gone through a top to bottom overhaul and resigned – while still retaining the core purpose and functionality of the early Joolz Geo models. 

So there have been some really big upgrades as well as some thoughtful details that I think make the Joolz Geo3 one of the best prams to suit the Australian lifestyle and climate. 

What has stayed the same?

While, in essence, it’s still the same pram – the Joolz Geo strollers are big, full-sized single strollers that convert into a fairly compact double pram by adding on a second seat that goes into the basket area.

The Joolz Geo range also has always been an excellent option for parents looking for an all-terrain, luxury pram. So while it has big wheels, big suspension, and a solid frame is still beautiful to look at. You want just as much focus on form as you do functionality. 

What are the Differences?

As well as some differences, there are quite a few smaller updates between the Joolz Geo2 and Geo3 that I feel really show that Joolz, as a brand, listen to customer feedback and make little upgrades – even if what was there was fine, they’re always trying to be a bit better. 

So I’m going to go through as many differences as I could find – as I said, this is a bit of a sneak peak as the Geo3 has just landed. I’ll be updating if there’s anything else to add!

The Joolz Geo3 now has a one-handed recline – this, in my opinion, is a must-have feature on a premium pram in 2023. 

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3

Bigger, extendable hood. The Geo2 does have a little visor that can be tucked in for visibility or popped out for coverage, but the Geo3 hood gives near total coverage of the seat (important if the seat is fully reclined for a nap)

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3

The Geo3 has a neat adjustable leg rest that clicks up and down for extra leg support. This feature isn’t offered on Geo2.

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3

The Joolz Geo3 basket is almost double the size in volume – 60l volume size compared to 32l for the Geo2. As well as 15kg weight limit compared to the 10kg weight limit of the Geo2 basket.

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3  basket size

The 5 point independent buckles are a huge improvement from the Geo2 magnetic buckle. Much easier to use with a squirming baby while still coming apart into five separate pieces of safety and ease of use. 

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3

The Joolz Geo3 cot sits higher up on the frame, making it easier to get baby in and out (as well as much better access to the basket underneath) And also, the Geo3 cot features a zip-down Mesh panels through the wall of the cot, as well as ventilation through the base, making it one of the most breathable pram bassinets on the market. 

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3

Small detail, but still nice to have, is the swivelling belly bar/bumper bar on the Geo3, so it can just be hanging off to the side while getting little one in and out of the stroller, rather than the Geo2 bumper bar that just hinges straight out.

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3

And another little detail is the buttons to release the Joolz Geo3 seat from the frame are a bit easier to press (and clearly not a problem I have personally, but the Geo3 is long-nail-friendly compared the the Geo2 button that presses into the seat frame).

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3

Another great feature the Joolz Geo3 has a built-in “Summer Seat” revealed by a removable liner. Although I love that the Geo/Geo2 have the option to purchase a separate mesh fabric to zip into the seat fabric.

However, the biggest change is what comes with the Joolz Geo3 compared to the previous models and then how to convert to a double. 

While you get a lot more out of that first purchase with the Joolz Geo3 Mono – it’s a bit more complicated converting to a double pram. 

Converting Geo2 from Single to Double

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3

The Original Joolz Geo and Geo2 would come with one seat/cot frame that would be used for both the cot fabric and the seat fabric. As well as only one hood and one bumper bar.

This video showing the assembly process between the cot and the seat hopefully makes that style of seat and cot sharing a frame and hood clearer.

Then for your second seat (called an “Expandable Set”), you would essentially get the same components, but just much smaller for the lower seat position. One lower seat/cot frame, one seat fabric and one cot fabric and one hood.

So you could convert from single to double in two purchases. 

  1. Buy the Geo 2 pram
  2. Buy the expandable set

And you’re done. 

However, you would end up with essentially two cots and two seats whether you wanted all those components or not.

Additionally, the seat fabric and bassinet fabrics from the upper and lower seats are not interchangeable, so while you get a full-sized seat and cot on the upper seat position, the lower cot and seat is much smaller.

Convertible Joolz Geo3 Single to Double

joolz geo2 vs Joolz geo3

The big difference is the seat and cot that come with the Joolz Geo3 can both be used at the same time on the Geo3 frame! So you don’t need to buy a second cot (unless you’re having twins!), and both the upper and lower seat position can enjoy the same full sized seat and cot.

However, it does still only come with one hood and one bumper bar. And you will need to buy adapters separately. So there are a lot more individual purchases. 

I actually wrote a full article going through all the possible Joolz Geo3 double options (and what you need to buy to make them work)

But on the other hand, you have a lot more choices about what you actually buy. And you get a lot more for those purchases! Including being able to easily switch from double to single if your only need a single stroller for the day.

I hope that makes sense! I will add some more images showing what comes with the Joolz Geo2 and Geo3 when they’re purchased new – as well as some side by side comparison of them in double mode and comparing the Expandable Set to the Geo3 seats, as this is a huge upgrade with the Joolz Geo3!

Joolz Geo2 vs Joolz Geo3 Specs

Geo 2Geo 3
Chassis (and wheels)10.6kgs9.7kgs
Seat Weight3.7kgs3.3kgs
Cot Weight4.9kgs4.4kgs
Upper Seat Capacity22kgs22kgs
Folded Dimensions (Mono)60W x 99L x 55H cms 60W x 93L x 47H cms

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