Redsbaby Jive 3 VS Uppababy Vista V2

I’ve been asked a couple of times to compare the Uppababy Vista V2 and the Redsbaby Jive 3 prams – while they are both popular choices at the moment they are very different prams. So I’ll go over what they do have in common, why they are different, and why you’d choose one over the other. 

What Do They Have In Common?

uppababy vista v2 vs redsbaby jive 3

Both the Uppababy Vista V2 and redsbaby Jive are prams that can convert from single to double – meaning they grow with your family. They also both come with a carry cot style bassinet – which is a night inclusion. And they both tick all the main boxes that are nice to have in a full sized stroller:

  • Parent/Forward facing seat
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Adjustable footrest
  • One handed recline on the seats
  • Extendable sun canopy
  • Large basket
  • Large wheels
  • Included belly bar
  • Easy to fold

How Are They Different?

The biggest difference between these two strollers is configuration. With the Uppababy Vista V2 the children are in a “cinema seating” style of position. When they’re both facing forward the child at the back can see forward – over the top of the child in front. (Hence the name “Vista” aka “view”)

Whereas the Redsbaby Jive positions the seats one behind the other, with the back seat lower than the front seat. The benefit of this is a much more compact double stroller with an easier turning circle, because of the weight distribution. However, one child cannot see forward.

The next difference is how they are sold. The Uppababy Vista V2 can be found in practically every baby store, but Redsbaby Jive is sold directly by Redsbaby. Typically you can only purchase Redsbaby online, or at their specific demonstration days.

Finally – the price. These prams exist in entirely different price points. Uppababy Vista market value is approximately $1699 (RRP $2099) and the redsbaby Jive 3 costs $899. The second seats for both these prams will cost around $319.. 

Why Choose the Uppababy Vista V2

uppababy vista v2 vs redsbaby jive 3

As you would expect with the price, the Uppababy Vista V2 is a high quality pram and every little detail is well considered, easy to use and overall it is just a really lovely pram with a high end finish. It is an absolutely beautiful pram that is a pleasure to use. 

The Uppababy Vista offers more configurations than the Redsbaby Jive. While you’re limited in the beginning with the Uppababy Vista with a bassinet a toddler – the only configuration that works is newborn at the front, toddler at the back. When you’re using two toddler seats you can have both face forward, both face you, and facing away from each other. The Uppababy Vista V2 can also accommodate newborn twins.

The huge basket on the Uppababy Vista is another reason parents absolutely love this pram. Also when you add a second seat you don’t lose much – or any – of our basket space depending on the configuration you’re using. 

Why Choose the Redsbaby Jive 3

uppababy vista v2 vs redsbaby jive 3

Value for money comes to mind immediately. You get a lot of added inclusions with the Redsbaby Jive for its price point. Even if you’re not planning to use the second seat, this is an excellent single pram at an affordable price point.

Redsbaby is one of the very few Australian owned pram brands. While they are manufactured overseas, when you purchase a Redsbaby you are supporting an Australian owned brand. They are also designed in Australia for Australian parents. 

The Redsbaby Jive is a compact double pram. When the second seat attaches on the back, the overall footprint of your pram when strolling isn’t much bigger in double mode compared to single. Also with the weight of both children directed in the centre and back of the frame the steering is going to be easier than when you have the weight of one child over the front wheels. So this is something to consider with deciding what style of double pram you prefer. 

Uppababy Vista VS Redsbaby Jive Comparison

uppababy vista v2 vs redsbaby jive 3
Uppababy Vista V2Redsbaby Jive 3
Frame Weight9.1kg8.3kg
Main Seat Weight3.3kgs3.6kg
Second Seat Weight3kgs
Main Seat Capacity23kgs20kgs
Second Seat capacity17kgs17kgs
Bassinet Capacity9kgs9kgs
Basket Capacity10kgs12kgs
Folded Dimensions44 x 65.3 x 84.5 cms40cm x 58.5cm x 88cm
Seat Back Height50.8cms (main seat)53cms (main seat)
Seat Canopy Height58.5cms (main seat)TBC

Final Thoughts 

I will add one more thing the Redsbaby Jive and Uppababy Vista V2 have in common,  aside from all the benefits they share. The second seat on both the Uppababy Vista V2 and Redsbaby Jive is smaller and has a lower weight capacity, than the main seat. The weight limit of the Uppababy Vista V2 Rumble seat is just 15kgs, while the Redsbaby Jive second seat weight limit is a little more generous 17kgs. So you might find that neither of these prams are ideal for twins, as they’ll likely outgrow one seat before the other. 

Otherwise, they are both popular choices for parents having their first baby, wanting to future-proof for when their second baby comes along. One thing I will say to keep in mind when choosing a single pram that converts to a double is to LOVE it as a single, knowing you may or may not use it as a double. As sometimes things don’t go to plan, and also our needs change as our family grows. So make sure you’re happy with your pram whether or not you use it as a double later on.

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