Joolz Aer+ VS Joolz Aer Australia – What has been updated?

The Joolz Aer+ has landed in Australia and this is really a refined version of the already incredible Joolz Aer. 

I’ll be covering the following: (click to jump to the page section)

I would say the Joolz Aer+ is more of a refinement of the Joolz Aer rather than a complete overhaul. It’s not a whole new pram – it’s really just some little details that have been thoughtfully updated based on parent feedback. 

Firstly, there is no size or meaningful weight difference. No change to the dimensions (open or folded). The advertised weight looks like the it’s gone from 6.3kgs for the Aer to 6.4kgs for the Aer+. It’s probably rounded up to an extra 100g because all I can see that could possibly add weight would be the larger hood having a bit more fabric. So not really heavier in any meaningful way.

Joolz Aer+ Newborn Recline

I know this will be the biggest question people will have about the Joolz Aer+ especially once it has been fully launched in the global market as this is one feature that is not consistent between all countries.

Australia WILL NOT be getting the full newborn recline that will be available in other parts of the world, which means we also will miss out on the updates to the seat recline mechanism. 

See below which countries/regions will have the version with the full recline suitable for a newborn. (Note: at the time of publishing the Joolz Aer+ hasn’t been launched in all countries where Joolz is sold, so this list will be updated as that information become available.)

Semi-ReclineFull Recline
New ZealandEurope

The Joolz Aer+ does still have the option of the cot for newborns. There has also been a slight update to the Joolz Aer+ cot with the fold button being a little easier to use.

Bigger and Better Sun Hood

*colours shown are Joolz Aer Delightful Grey and Joolz Aer+ Lovely Taupe 

joolz aer+ vs Joolz Aer

The sun hood on the original Joolz Aer was one of the more generous sun hoods on a travel stroller, but the Joolz Aer+ took things a whole lot further! When the sun hood is extended the Joolz Aer+ comes down so far that your little one will have nearly complete protection from sun, wind and weather. 

This is ideal if they are in the semi-reclined position having a nap so that even when their head is lower down the sun can’t sneak through to their face and disturb them. 

joolz aer+ vs Joolz Aer

A bit more of a subtle update, but still very thoughtful, the Joolz Aer+ has the mesh panel on the hood closer to the handlebar, so you can easily peek in at your little one in the stroller. The original Joolz Aer mesh was just a bit too far forward making it awkward to see through to the seat if you’re standing behind the stroller. 

More Durable & More Sustainable Fabrics

joolz aer+ vs Joolz Aer

With the Joolz Aer+ range, you have more options for sustainable fabrics. Joolz teams with Waste2wear w\ho creates fabrics from recycled plastic. But they don’t just get the plastic bottles that come out of our recycling bins – they have an Ocean Plastic Project, collecting plastic from coastal areas and then are turned into usable fabric. 

Only the Refined Black in the Joolz Aer range was made with these fabrics, however, the Joolz Aer+ Lovely Taupe and Joolz Aer+ Amazing Anthracite are also made with recycled material. 

On top of that the fabric on the Joolz Aer+ is a bit sturdier on the seat liner compared to the Joolz Aer. Although the Joolz Aer fabric has a lovely and soft jersey knit feel – it could catch a bit on velcro (i.e. toddlers’ shoes!) 

Relocated Shoulder Harness Buckle

joolz aer+ vs Joolz Aer

I did feel like I was doing a “spot the difference” puzzle to see this one! The buckle to adjust the shoulder straps on the Joolz Aer+ has been relocated closer to the centre of the harness. Firstly it does look a bit neater and also allows for the Joolz Aer+ to have the similar shoulder pad design to the Joolz Day, Geo and Hub ranges that lifts away from the seat to make it a little easier to get your baby in and out of the seat. 

But also as a very slight niggling complaint – not a serious problem but a mild irritation – that the shoulder buckle on the original Aer can touch your baby’s cheek or neck. Especially if they slouch in a pram (and most do when they get relaxed) 

Again – it’s a refinement – not a big updated, but I love the way that Joolz as a brand do make these little changes with new models, even if only someone like me would even notice!

Fractionally Bigger Basket 

joolz aer+ vs Joolz Aer

I believe the basket may have a bigger volume – I will update with exact numbers when I have that information available to me. But I wouldn’t have noticed a difference if I hadn’t heard that it was supposed to be a bigger basket. 

I did get the measuring tape out for this and found that it MIGHT be 1cm deeper and 1cm longer. But I’m not convinced even with my own measuring skills. I could have been holding the tape measure wrong. IF there’s a difference, it’s very very small!

Joolz Aer+ Footboard

There’s no update with the Footboard so it will work exactly the same way – which means it will fold with the stroller and fit into the bag just like it did with the previous model. I’m sure I will get around to making this video again so it’s specific to the newer model, but in the meantime, this will show you exactly how you can fold the current Joolz Aer+ footboard with the stroller (and theoretically with the board and carrycot as well)

Joolz Aer+ Cot compared to Joolz Aer Cot

While there are some minor differences in the Joolz Aer+ cot compared to the Joolz Aer cot the important thing that most people want to know is will the Joolz Aer cot fit the Joolz Aer+ (or will the Joolz Aer+ cot fit an original Joolz Aer) and the answer is YES to both.

The only differences between the two is the fold lever has been updated to be a little bit easier for the Joolz Aer+ cot and the mesh panel in the sun hood is a bit bigger, but that’s about it.

If you were trying to quickly work out which cot is which the only visual differences are the white button on the Aer+ cot fold lever (and the Aer has a plain black level) and then the Joolz Aer+ sun hood has two fabric panels (and the Aer has three)

Joolz Aer cot differences

Which Joolz Aer+ Accessories fit the Joolz Aer

There has been a couple of updates with the accessories, and just to be confusing ALMOST all the accessories are compatible with but strollers – but not quite. So see below which accessories fit which stroller because I know you’ll want to know if the Joolz Aer+ toddler board fits the Joolz Aer stroller or if the Joolz Aer cot fits the Joolz Aer+

Bumper BarYES
Mosquito NetYES
Leg RestYES
Carry Bag YES
Rain CoverNO
Cot Rain CoverYES
Cot Mosquito NetYES
Bumper BarYES
Mosquito NetYES
Rain CoverYES
Carry BagYES
Leg RestNO
Cot Rain CoverYES
Cot Mosquito NetYES

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Rachel Stewart

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  1. Thanks for the comparison review !
    Just wondering if there’s any changes to dimensions and weight of the stroller?

    1. Hi Gigi, great question! I should have included that in the review. No change to the dimensions (open or folded). The advertised weight looks like the it’s gone from 6.3kgs for the Aer to 6.4kgs for the Aer+. It’s probably rounded up to an extra 100g because all I can see that could possibly add weight would be the larger hood having a bit more fabric. So not really any heavier.

  2. Hi Rachel, Thank you for the review so helpful! I just have a quick question. On the new lovely taupe aer+ the colour of the hood looks two toned. Is it actually like that or just in the pic? Is the whole pram same coloured lovely taupe? Finally is it the exact shade as the previous aer lovely taupe? Many thanks!

    1. Hi Beata, it is the same colour all over, it must just be the lighting.

      While I haven’t seen the Taupe Aer and Aer+ side by side HOWEVER, typically Joolz renames colours if they’re going to be even slightly different. For example the Gorgeous Grey/Hippo Grey or Parrot Blue/Classic Blue (from Geo and Day) are exactly the same fabric colour, but slight difference in the details/accents so they renamed the colour because they technically aren’t completely identical. So without seeing the Lovely Taupe Aer side by side with the Taupe Aer+ what I know of Joolz I’d be very confident they’re the same exact colour.

      That’s probably more detail than you needed! But I hope that helps.

  3. Very helpful review. Thank you very much!

    I was wondering if you have any information about the Aer+ ‘s compatibility with capsules sold here in Australia as I struggle to find that on the internet. The model is too new I guess.

  4. Thanks for the review! Do you know if the new bumper bar is compatible with the joolz aer? It seems like it could be compatible since the frame is the same.

    1. Hi Darlene, great question! Yes, the new foldable Joolz Aer+ Bumper Bar fits the Joolz Aer. Such a handy feature being able to fold with the stroller. I’ve added into the bottom of the review a table to show which accessories are compatible with which version. I hope this helps! – Rachel.

    2. Thanks! To clarify, the aer+ bumper bar when placed on the original aer will fold just like with the new aer +?

    1. Hi Ruth – yes and no. There is a slight update to the wheels, which I believe is specifically the suspension in the wheels. Personally I wouldn’t have noticed any difference in the performance. Although a friend who has a Joolz Aer borrowed an Aer+ for a couple of days and they think they felt a difference between them. (Not enough to upgrade to the Aer+)

      But it’s still a super light travel stroller and there’s really a hard limit on how much the wheels and suspension can be improved without turning it into something that would no longer be a travel stroller.

      So technically yes, but functionally not really.

  5. Tһanks for another fаntastic article. Where else may anybody
    get that kind of info іn such аn ideal aρproach of writing?

  6. Thanks for the very helpful review! The compatibility chart is super and clarifies several doubts, since Joolz apparently changed all the accessories. Did you test and confirm the full cot compatibility (Aer to Aer+ and vice-versa)? I’m asking because on Joolz website Aer+ cot appears to be compatible with Aer+ strollers only and similarly Aer cot goes with Aer stroller only. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Rocco, yep, I did tested them and they do fit and perform normally.

      The only ones to be careful of is the Aer+ rain cover won’t fit the Aer. And the Aer leg rest won’t fit the Aer+ (but the Aer+ leg rest has been specifically designed to fit both the Aer and the Aer+)

      Joolz may not be advertising compatibility because different countries have different requirements to advertise as compatible. Even if the product is identical, if the outer box has a different name (ie Aer or Aer+) then they require a unique certificate/testing.

      I hope that helps!

    2. I have a video showing them here –

      And there’s a bit of a series of videos on the Aer/Aer+ accessories specifically so if you go through some of my other videos there’s more because there’s a lot of confusion and I was getting heaps of questions about them.

      Thankfully this is my own content so I can tell and show people what fits. (Because I have zero concerns it’s a safety issue, just a technicality)

  7. Hi Rachel,

    Just wondering whether the rainncover (in)compatibility also applies to the cot rain cover? We have an Aer cot on an Aer+ base and aren’t sure what cot rain cover to get! Thanks ????

    1. Great question! I didn’t think of that – I’ll add that to the list!

      Aer or Aer+ Cot rain cover won’t make a difference because it pulls over the cot kind of like a fitted sheet and only comes into contact with the cot itself. Whereas the stroller rain cover compatibility issue is the Aer+ rain cover hooks into the frame and the Aer frame doesn’t have the bit to hook onto.

      So without having actually tested the cot rain covers myself in person I have absolute confidence that the Aer and Aer+ COT rain covers can be used interchangeably. (Same would also apply to the cot mosquito nets – so I’ve added both these accessories to the list. So thank you for asking!)

  8. Hello Rachel!
    Can you please tell me wich footmuff is compatible with Aer? The standard Joolz footmuff is compatible?

    1. Hi Sandra, the regular Joolz footmuff will fit the Joolz Aer/Aer+ but you just might need to give the stroller a little squeeze shut when folding it. There is a Footmuff specifically for the Joolz Aer/Aer+ as well, but I don’t think it’s available everywhere. I believe a little thinner to make the fold easier, but otherwise the regular one works fine.

    1. Good question. I believe that yes the Joolz Aer+ fabric fits the Joolz Aer seat frame. I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t work as the stroller frame hasn’t changed.

  9. Great review! Do you think the lovely taupe will be too difficult to keep clean? Love the look but worried that taking it in and out of the car might get it too dirty?

    1. It is a light colour so it would show up dirt more, but when you fold it it goes to a standing fold so shouldn’t touch the ground and then when you put it in the car it goes wheels/frame side down so the fabric shouldn’t be rubbing on the bottom of the car boot etc.

      Personally my biggest worry would be walking while drinking coffee because I have spilled coffee onto the hood of a stroller before and that left a stain/shadow even in a dark coloured fabric… but that could just be me.

      On the other hand, lovely taupe is really pretty…

  10. Hi Rachel,
    Great review and everything very clear! Did you find that the full recline (EU/UK model) reduces the neat for a cot overall, or would you still recommend getting a cot adjustment? I expect to use a carrier most of the time in the first couple of months but would love an the option of lie-down. I’m trying to weight up buying the extra cot bits vs just the stroller.

    1. Hi Kate, great question and probably not the most straight forward answer, because I’d be torn on that decision too. In Australia I think it’s a clear decision to get the cot because the seat doesn’t have the full recline.

      Overall I think the Joolz Aer+ cot is very sweet. They’re handy because they can be placed on the floor as well so it’s like a little portable bed for visiting friends when they’re little (for supervised naps) It’s also nice to be able to see baby when you’re strolling.

      But as a general thing with cots for prams/strollers they are only used for a short time, only until you little one starts to show signs of rolling/pushing up to crawl (which will be around 4-6months) Then they need to be strapped in to the seat.

      I think if it were me, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to use the cot enough to feel like I got value out of it, I would be buy the stroller now and buy the cot when baby is here and I’ve been out a few times if I feel like I really will appreciate it.

      Then – personally – because I’d only be using it for a short time anyway I’d just get a Cot in whatever colour is on clearance because Joolz change their range all the time so there’s almost always a recently discontinued colour on sale.

      I don’t know if that helps at all. But those would be my thoughts…

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