Baby Jogger City Tour Review

The Baby Jogger City Tour is a perfect travel stroller. It’s super light and compact. It weighs a tiny 6.5kgs and can fold down to 55cm x 45cm x 25cm. Which is compact enough to fit most airlines as carry on luggage. Though it’s always worth checking with your airline before you travel, just in case. However either way it does come with a backpack travel bag, so even if you do have to check it in with your regular luggage, you have that reassurance that it’s all packed in neatly inside it’s bag.

baby jogger city tour bag

Baby Jogger City Tour In Everyday Life

Aside from being an excellent travel pram, the the Baby Jogger City Tour would be a great everyday light pram. It’s definitely not an all terrain pram, it’s an “indoor pram” like shopping centres and airports and it’ll handle flat footpaths. So keeping that in mind, it’s still a stroller, but as far as super compact and light strollers go it’s incredibly sturdy and feels great to push even when fully loaded with a large child.

Little Pram. Big Potential.

baby jogger city tour upright

Speaking on large children, it has one of the tallest seats of any pram I’ve reviewed. While it’s only 45cm to the top of the backrest, it’s an absolutely massive 75cm to the tallest part of the hood. It’s also around 30-32cm wide, which is an average width for a pram seat. It also has a weight limit of 20.5kgs. 

I was able to fit and buckle in my daughter who is nearly 7 years old and very tall for her age. Though she was a little uncomfortable, because the backrest doesn’t go all the way up.

That said I don’t expect prams to accommodate a child her size, however having that extra height under the hood could be handy if you’re travelling with your family and you have your little one in the pram but occasionally your older child can just pop in it for a bit just to rest their feet.

Not For Newborns

baby jogger city tour recline seat

Keep in mind though the Baby Jogger City Tour isn’t suitable for newborns. It does have a semi-reclined position, but that is only for your older baby or toddler to have a nap.

If you’re looking for a travel stroller that is suitable for newborns check out the Best Travel Strollers 2018, Best Umbrella Strollers 2017, and Best Travel Strollers 2016 as there are plenty of options available that will give you that fully flat recline or the option of an additional newborn seat.

It Does What It Does 

It’s a pretty simple and basic pram. The Baby Jogger City Tour does have one of the biggest hoods I’ve seen on a compact travel stroller. And the hood does have the peakaboo window. It has a zippable pocket inside the basket. The basket itself is pretty small, as you’d expect given it’s a super compact pram.

Otherwise it comes in a range of colours. I personally love this purple one, but it also comes in blue, black or grey.

Overall I think the Baby Jogger City Tour a great little pram. It might not be the pram for everyone and every situation, but it does what it does really well.

You can purchase the Baby Jogger City Tour from Baby Train via Catch. Note this is an affiliate link, so if you do choose to purchase through this link Parenting Central will receive a commision.

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