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Every year it seems that there are more and more double prams that offer the option of functioning as either a single or a double pram. Several years ago there were only a small number of prams that could offer that future proof flexibility, but these days that *optional second seat* is a feature people look for in buying a pram.

I guess because most people who are shopping for double prams aren’t actually looking for a twin pram. Most people who use a double pram have siblings who are born separately. So whether they’re buying a single pram for their first baby that can possibly convert to a double pram in the future, or buying a double pram with their second baby that they can revert back to a single pram when their older child outgrows needing a pram, the convertible double pram is incredibly appealing.

Single To Double Convertible Double Pram Pros and Cons

There are some drawbacks though when you buy a single to double convertible double pram. Firstly if you’re buying it as a single, it still essentially has the frame of a double pram, so it’s going to be a lot heavier than it’s comparable single siblings. Also, if you’re buying your double pram for just one kid, who knows that’s coming in the future. Your family timeline might change and you might not have two children close together. Your pram needs may also change by the time baby number two comes along.

However, there are obvious advantages to buying a convertible double pram. So my advice is – if your buying a single pram that converts to a double later one, make sure you choose a pram that you love RIGHT NOW. So hypothetically if you don’t ever use it in double mode, you’re still completely happy with your pram choice.

Also if you’re choosing a convertible double pram for twins you might be missing out on some of the configurations and features of a pram that’s a dedicated double pram. If you’re only ever going to use it as a double pram, it might be better to choose a pram that has been designed specifically to take two seats.

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

City Select Lux
  • Pram Weight – 16.5kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 20kgs main seat, 18kgs second seat
  • Dimensions –H 87-111cm x W 60cm x L 97cm
  • Dimensions Folded – H 30cm x W 60cm x L 82cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat – Yes (Front seat only)
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes (Front seat only)
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

The Baby Jogger City Select Lux is one of the most compact full sized double pram when folded. It folds down a whole 30% more compact than the original City Select, because of the way the seats themselves can be folded in half. You can also fold the frame with one seat attached, though you will need to remove the second seat to fold.

Also, as you’d expect from a Baby Jogger pram the fold is both innovating, and incredibly easy.

That said, it’s still a pretty hefty pram to lift, weighing 13.9kg with just a single seat. Plus an additional approximately 3kgs for the second seat. So it’s probably for the best it can’t fold with two seats attached, because it’s unlikely anyone wants to be lifting almost 17kgs in one go into their boot.

The Baby Jogger City Select Lux is also quite a long pram, though it’s a pram that I have a lot of experience pushing in real life with two children. It’s actually quite a nice pram to push for long walks and also maneuverable enough to get around the shops. Also being reasonably narrow you don’t feel like you’re taking up the whole footpath or supermarket aisle. (Unless you turn side on. Then you’ll definitely be taking up the whole walkway.)

Joolz Geo2

joolz geo
  • Pram Weight – 15kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 40kgs total (Approximately 20kgs per seat)
  • Dimensions Folded – 97cm x 50cm x 55cms
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet fabric included
  • Reversible seat – Top seat yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes (with both)
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

I have to be honest it’s taken a while to warm to this pram. It’s not my personal style or preference and you have to completely remove the basket to attach the second seat. Gone. No basket. That’s a pretty big drawback for me. I love baskets. I love loading up a pram with tonnes of stuff. ESPECIALLY for two children. I feel like you need the basket space more when you have two kids.

However, it’s essentially no bigger when you add the second seat, and it’s not really much heavier either. It’s 13.5kgs as a single and 15kgs as a double. I suppose that’s one small advantage to stripping off the basket. Also it can be folded with both seats attached very easily and neatly.

Though it’s a really great, full sized, luxury, single pram. So as I said above, if you LOVE it as a single pram – get it. And then see if it works for you as a double pram if and when the need arises.

Uppababy Vista

  • Pram Weight – 15.95 Kg (Frame + toddler seat + bassinet)
  • Weight Capacity – Toddler seat 23kg , Bassinet 9kgs
  • Dimensions Folded –
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet included.
  • Reversible seat – Yes, though limited configurations
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes (Top seat only)
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

There’s a lot of love about the Uppababy Vista. It has big wheels, and excellent suspension. It’s a sophisticated, luxury pram – with all terrain capabilities. The enormous basket on the Uppababy Vista is also a bit plus for me, especially as a double. Also the fold is super simple, and the frame is surprisingly compact and lightweight, given the overall size of the pram.

The Uppababy Vista comes with both the upright seat and the bassinet as two complete seats so not only is it ready to go from birth through toddlerhood for baby one, you’re halfway there for setting up for baby number two, as both seats can be used on the frame at the same time.

To turn the Uppababy Vista into a double pram though you will need to separately purchase both the upper and lower adapters.

However the Uppababy Vista is very limited when it comes to where to put the bassinet. The bassinet will only fit on the front. So this might not work for you if having your youngest child closest to you is a priority.

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Bugaboo Donkey

Bugaboo Donkey
  • Pram Weight –15.3kg
  • Weight Capacity – 17kgs per seat
  • Dimensions Folded – 52H x 60W x 93L cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with carrycots included.
  • Reversible seat – Yes (Both seats)
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

I still remember the excitement when the Bugaboo Donkey was first announced. Which is both an indication of the incredible innovation of this pram, and also the very effective marketing of the brand. But the Bugaboo Donkey is impressive in the way the frame actually expands to accommodate two children side by side. That said, even in “mono” mode (single mode) it’s still a very wide pram. Though the little shopping basket on the is a nice way to add value to the extra width.

The Bugaboo Donkey can also be purchased as a twin pram – two seat frames, with bassinet fabric and upright seat fabric for both frames. One thing I absolutely love about the Bugaboo Donkey is it’s one of the very few side by side double prams that allows your babies to face you, or face away (or one facing you and the other facing away. Whatever!)

Impressively it can also fold with both seats attached, however it’s is a big pram even when folded and weighs 15.3kgs as a double. So you’ll need strong arms and a big car to be able to leave the Donkey in one piece to transport it.

Mountain Buggy Duet

best double prams moutain buggy duet 2017
  • Pram Weight – 14.7kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 18kgs per seat
  • Pram Dimensions (folded) – 89cm (H) x 63cm (W) x 32cm (D)
  • Suitable from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat – No
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes (both seats)
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

The Mountain Buggy Duet is a great option to consider if you don’t like the width of side by side prams, don’t like the length of in line tandems, and don’t like the idea of babies stacked on top of each other either. While the Mountain Buggy Duet IS a side by side pram, it’s a teeny tiny 63cm wide. It’s as narrow as some single prams.

It also can be used as a single pram, similarly to the Bugaboo Donkey, with a little pop in carry basket to replace the second seat. However whether it’s a single or double the frame size stays the same.

Though there’s no such thing as a compromise without some sacrifice. Obviously the overall width of the pram means the seats themselves are quite narrow. They’re 28cm wide. Which is only 2cm narrower than an “average” pram seat, but when it comes to children 2cm can be a lot.

So they’re going to be okay for younger toddlers, and petite children, but maybe be an issue if your little ones are a bit more robust.

Also one of the biggest complaints about the Mountain Buggy Duet is the air filled tyres needing to be refilled – or replaced – frequently. Air tyres do give you better performance across a variety of terrain. However, air tyres do come with the risk of deflating or puncture. So I’d recommend carrying a tyre pump and a spare inner tube, because the last thing anyone wants is to be stranded with two children and a flat tyre.

ICandy Orange

ICandy use the phrase “Absolutely futureproof” to describe the ICandy Orange and I have to admit I’ve been using the term “futureproof” to describe this whole single to double style of pram. Because that’s the whole idea, right? By getting a single pram that can convert to a double you’re trying to futureproof your pram. Which, as I’ve mentioned above, may or may not actually work.

However, I do love that with the ICandy Orange you don’t just get the bassinet and the toddler seat included, it also has a built in standing toddler board. So hypothetically you don’t have the short gap between children you may have planned, maybe your first baby is a preschooler or young child, so they don’t necessarily need a whole second seat, but they might appreciate somewhere to purchase from time to time – then the ICandy Orange still has you covered.

Also, you may have noticed I have a bit of a thing for big baskets. And The ICandy Orange has one of the biggest pram baskets ever.

I also love that, unlike the Uppababy Vista, you can position the bassinet either close to you, or at the front, depending on what works best for your family. I think having that option and flexibility is important.

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Final thoughts

I hope that helps you find the perfect single to double convertible double pram for your family. If you still haven’t found your perfect pram, be sure to check out the rest of our pram reviews. Alternatively feel free to get in touch – comment below – and I would love to help connect you with the best pram for your family.

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