Best Double Prams Australia 2020

best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

There are so many amazing double prams to choose from in the Australian market, it’s hard to choose which is the best double pram. Whether you’re looking for a side by side, in line double, a travel stroller, running pram, or something that can convert single to double, there is a double pram for you!

In Line Double Prams

The advantages of an inline double, or a front and back style double pram, is firstly the obvious fact that they’re not as wide as a side by side double pram. You can take an inline double pram more places, because you don’t have to worry about fitting through aisles, through narrow checkouts, or feeling like you’re taking up too much space on a footpath.

The other BIG advantage is the ability to add or remove a seat to this style of pram. Which makes them absolutely perfect for siblings. Whether you’re buying a pram for your first baby and wanting to future proof your pram purchase for your second baby OR you’re having a second baby now but you want to be able to convert the pram back to a single pram later on – this is hands down the most popular style of pram in Australia right now. 

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

baby jogger city select lux best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

The Baby Jogger City Select Lux has one of the most compact folds of a full sized double prams on the market. The reason for this is both seats fold in half, making them super compact. Because one of the main challenges with a full sized tandem double pram is testrising the frame, and two seats into your car boot. Whereas the City Select Lux folds very flat and the seats nest into the frame very neatly.

Although that’s not to say that the City Select Lux is a lightweight stroller – it is an absolute beast. Which I personally love in a pram. I love a heavy, robust, all terrain, full sized pram, especially if I need to push two children (and all their stuff). The City Select Lux has big wheels, all-wheel suspension, big basket, two good sized seats with a weight capacity of 20kgs each, and a tough frame. In fact Baby Jogger City Select Lux comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, because it is practically indestructible. 

However, all those features add weight to the pram. So as much as I personally adore this pram, the first thing I recommend people do if they’re looking at the City Select Lux, before they get too excited about the features, is fold it and pick it up. 

Because most of the weight is in the frame itself, rather than in the seats, even if you remove both seats the frame still weighs about 12kgs on its own. Which might be perfectly fine for you, but it might not be. 

On the plus side, in terms of configurations and life cycles, the Baby Jogger City Select Lux offers quite a few very practical options as a double pram. Although, like most in line double prams, you can’t have the bassinet close to you and the toddler facing forward. However you can make that configuration work using a car capsule instead – baby facing you, toddler facing forward – and then you have a few different options of how to progress once Baby outgrows their capsule. 

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 16.5kgs (with both seats)
  • Weight Capacity – 20kgs main seat and 20kgs second seat
  • Dimensions –H 87-111cm x W 60cm x L 97cm
  • Dimensions Folded – H 30cm x W 60cm x L 82cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with a bassinet or infant car capsule
  • Reversible seat – Yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes, main seat only
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Uppababy Vista V2

uppababy vista v2 best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

I would confidently say that the Uppababy Vista V2 is the most popular pram in Australia right now, and it is easy to see why.

It is aesthetically a beautiful pram, made from quality materials, and just one of the simplest and easiest prams to use. It has some small, but thoughtful features that makes it one of the most straight forward prams to use. For example the button to release the bassinet from the frame is on the handle at the top – which is exactly where it should be, and yet not a common feature.

The whole pram is like that; everything about it is just sleep-deprived-new-parent-friendly. It’s easy to fold, has a one handed recline in the seat, easy to adjust shoulder strap height, tap to engage/release foot brake, extendable sun canopy, huge storage basket – it’s all the things we love in a pram. 

When you purchase the Uppababy Vista V2 it comes with the bassinet and the toddler seat, so you’re ready to go from birth through to toddlerhood. Then if and when you have another baby all you need to do to turn your Vista into a double pram is purchase the upper and lower adapters and you can connect both seats to the frame. 

When your youngest baby outgrows the bassinet you will then need to purchase the “Rumble Seat”, which is a smaller second seat that attaches on to the front of the frame. 

The only drawback with the Uppababy Vista is it does have limited configurations. The bassinet can only go on the front of the frame in double mode, and then the rumble seat also must go on the front of the stroller. Which means your younger child will sit at the front and your older child must sit at the top. I do know that is a drawback for some parents. Though not an uncommon configuration constraint for this style of in line double pram. 

Uppababy Vista V2 Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 15.95 Kg (Frame + toddler seat + bassinet)
  • Weight Capacity – Toddler seat 23kg , Rumble Seat 15kgs and Bassinet 9kgs
  • Dimensions Folded – 44cms L x 65.3cms W x 84.5cms H
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet included.
  • Reversible seat – Yes, though limited configurations as a double
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes (Top seat only)
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Babybee Duo2

babybee duo 2 best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

Babybee Prams is an Australian owned brand, based in Melbourne and I have had the pleasure of meeting their team a few times – and they don’t just have great prams, like the Babybee Duo2 but they are absolutely lovely people as well. 

When you buy the Babybee Duo2 you can choose it as a single or a double, and one thing I love is when choosing the double option you can select whether you want two seats, or a seat and a bassinet. I think that’s great, because not everyone wants or needs a bassinet. Perhaps you’re buying a second pram and your babies are already over 6 months old – or you’re planning to use a capsule instead of a bassinet. 

The Babybee Duo2 offers a lot of very useful and usable configurations, whether you’re using seats, bassinets, capsules, or a combination of any two. 

It also comes with a lot of included accessories – belly bars, rain covers, UV covers, pram liners, and a parent organiser. So they’re great value for money. 

Babybee Duo2 Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 16kgs with both seats
  • Weight Capacity – 20 kgs each seat, 9 kgs bassinet
  • Dimensions Folded – 99cms x 60cms x 52cms
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with a bassinet
  • Reversible seat – Yes, both
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes, top seat only
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Joolz Geo 2

joolz geo 2 best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

I have to be honest it’s taken a while to warm to this pram. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an aesthetically beautiful pram, very well made, high quality, luxury pram. The fold is very cool, it has big wheels, good suspension, good sized basket, and while it’s a heavy pram I personally like how solid and substantial a heavy pram feels to actually push. It’s a very functional, full sized, single pram. 

However, as a double pram you have to completely remove the basket to attach the second seat. Gone. No basket. That’s a pretty big drawback for me. I love baskets. I love loading up a pram with tonnes of stuff. ESPECIALLY for two children. I feel like you need the basket space more when you have two kids.

The payoff to that particularly tight configuration though is it’s essentially no bigger when you add the second seat, and it’s not really much heavier either. It’s 13.5kgs as a single and 15kgs as a double. I suppose that’s one small advantage to stripping off the basket. Also it can be folded with both seats attached very easily and neatly.

Overall my thoughts are the Geo 2 is primarily a single pram. So if you love the Joolz Geo 2 as a single pram, get it as a single pram. Then wait and see what happens as your family grows. If you have a capsule you can always just skip buying the second seat and buy the lower capsule adapters instead. 

Joolz Geo 2 Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 15kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 40kgs total (Approximately 20kgs per seat)
  • Dimensions Folded – 97cm x 50cm x 55cms
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet fabric included
  • Reversible seat – Top seat yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes (with both)
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Babyhood Doppio XX

babyhood doppio xx best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

I think the first thing that really catches my attention about the Babyhood Doppio XX pram is the fact that the seats convert into bassinets with an easy click of a button and pull of a strap. Which is an awesome feature, not just because you obviously don’t have to worry about purchasing a bassinet, but also it’s ideal during that awkward phase where Baby starts to want to sit up and look around a bit when they’re awake, but they’re also too little to sleep in a regular 6month+ seat.

The other great thing about the convertible bassinet to seat feature is both seats are the same, so it’s great for twins, or siblings, from birth through to toddlerhood. 

Another small, but clever, feature that excites me about the Babyhood Doppio XX is that the basket has a front and back section, with accessibility from both sides. I know for myself when I had a similar style of double pram where one child is sitting down near the basket, that putting groceries – specifically bread – down there can be pretty risky. I learned the hard way to hang bread off the handlebar! Whereas with the Doppio XX you can sort out your basket space either to keep your items safe from little feet, or to organise the two basket sections based on what you need easier access to. 

The Babyhood Doppio XX is also able to be converted to a single pram, however for me the Babyhood Doppio XX falls into the category of an AMAZING double pram, that can be made into a single IF needed. Whereas as I said with the Joolz Geo 2 above it is primarily a single pram, in contrast in my mind the Babyhood Doppio XX in my mind is more designed as a double pram. 

Babyhood Doppio XX Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 15kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 18kgs per seat
  • Pram Dimensions folded –W61.5 x L84 x H38cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat – Yes
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height – Yes
  • Fold with seat attached – No
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Best Side by Side Double Prams

There are some advantages to a side by side double pram. They can be easier to maneuver as the weight sits over the rear wheels allowing for a lighter feeling when turning, and without the length of an inline tandem pram have a tighter turning circle. 

Other advantages can include a bigger basket, better accessibility to both children (one child isn’t behind the other) and often they are at a lower price point to the in line tandem, convertible, prams once you add in both seats and get them newborn ready. 

Bugaboo Donkey 3

bugaboo donkey 3 best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

I still remember the excitement when the Bugaboo Donkey was first announced. Which is both an indication of the incredible innovation of this pram, and also the very effective marketing of the brand. But the Bugaboo Donkey is impressive in the way the frame actually expands to accommodate two children side by side. That said, even in “mono” mode (single mode) it’s still a very wide pram. Though the little shopping basket on the is a nice way to add value to the extra width.

The Bugaboo Donkey can also be purchased as a twin pram – two seat frames, with bassinet fabric and upright seat fabric for both frames. One thing I absolutely love about the Bugaboo Donkey is it’s one of the very few side by side double prams that allows your babies to face you, or face away (or one facing you and the other facing away. Whatever!)

Impressively it can also fold with both seats attached, however it is a big pram even when folded and weighs 15.3kgs as a double. So you’ll need strong arms and a big car to be able to leave the Donkey in one piece to transport it.

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Specifications

  • Pram Weight –15.3kg
  • Weight Capacity – 17kgs per seat
  • Dimensions Folded – 52H x 60W x 93L cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with carrycots included.
  • Reversible seat – Yes (Both seats)
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0

baby monsters easy twin 3.0 best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

The Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0 has so many great updates from the previous model. Better fabrics, vastly improved expandable hood, it offers an adjustable footrest for both seats and also comes with a double belly bar included.

The reason that the Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0 is one of my all time favourite side by side double prams is it offers two seats that are both suitable newborns as well as the option of any combination of seats, carry cots or capsules, making it the ultimate pram for siblings or twins. It also has reasonable suspension and good sized wheels. 

The surprising thing about this full featured side by side double pram is that it is only 65cm wide. Making it one of the most compact double prams on the market. It even fits in the boot of many small cars. And it’s a great budget friendly option as well.

Baby Monsters Easy Twin Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 13.9 Kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 17kgs per seat
  • Dimensions – W65cm x H89-108cm x L87cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat –No
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Optional Single mode – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double

baby jogger city mini gt2 best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

Last year Baby Jogger had a major update of their core range of prams and brought out the “2” version, or the second generation, of these already incredibly popular prams. 

The City Mini GT 2 Double is an easy to use, easy to fold, surprisingly compact, double pram that is suitable for twins or siblings. Both seats lie back flat to be suitable for newborns, while also boasting some of the largest seats for a double pram on the market. 

The upgrates with this newer version of the City Mini GT2 Double include an adjustable foot rest, all wheel suspension, better accessibility to the basket, upgraded fabrics and cushioning in the seat, and overall a more modern aesthetic. One of the subtle changes of the shape of the canopy, which allowed more space for your taller child. 

Overall the City Mini GT2 Double is perfect for active parents as it’ll handle a lot of walking and is a great moderately all terrain pram – it’ll definitely handle all the usual suburban terrain such as grass, playground mulch, dirt tracks etc with ease. 

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 14kg
  • Weight Capacity – 22.5kgs per seat
  • Folded Dimensions – 83cm x 75cm x 30cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat –No
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Optional Single mode – No
  • Travel system compatible – No

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double

baby jogger city tour 2 double best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

Another new and exciting addition to the Baby Jogger family is the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 double. It is the lightest weight, most compact, double pram that has two seats that are suitable from newborns. 

Because the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is such an incredibly lightweight pram I would suggest it’s probably better for twins than it would be for siblings with a significant age and weight difference, because it does feel off balance and more difficult to steer with more weight on one side than the other. I’d probably suggest looking at the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double – though it is a significantly larger and heavier pram. 

The main features of the City Tour 2 Double are both seats are suitable for newborns it has a quick and easy to fold with a simple “Pull to fold ” on two straps located at the seat and the pram will fold in half. It’s super lightweight for a double pram – only 9.9kgs and is only 66cm wide, which is only slightly wider than some single prams – so it’ll easily fit through doors, or narrow shopping aisles. In fact it’s not much wider than a large single pram. 

On the other hand, the seats themselves are quite narrow, as you would expect. Obviously a super light, compact and narrow side by side double pram is going to have some compromises on the width of the seats, size of the wheels and baskets. 

Even though this is a great “travel” pram, you likely will still need to check it into oversized luggage when flying, though check this with your airline, you may be able to take it to the gate.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 9.9 Kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 15kgs per seat
  • Dimensions Folded – 61cm x 66.5cm x 25cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat –No
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Optional Single mode – No
  • Travel system compatible – No

Bob Revolution Duallie Pro

bob revolution pro duallie best double pram 2020 best double pram Australia 2020

Firstly, the Bob Revolution Duallie Pro is a running pram. That is it’s job, it’s what it has been designed to do – and it does it well. It’s an absolute beast with HUGE air tyres, incredibly high impact suspension, sling back seats for reducing impact to your babies and also a total weight capacity of 40kgs (approximately 20kgs per seat).

It is also unavoidably large pram, it weighs 16.6kgs – which is the total weight you will need to be able to lift into the boot of your car. And it isn’t at all compact by any definition of the word.

However it is a great option for active parents who really do plan to run with their children. It also is a very capable all terrain pram – which is why I’ve mentioned it previously in my best prams for camping list. And it is one of the very few prams on the market that you genuinely can run with two children.

Bob Revolution Duallie Pro Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 16.6 Kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 40kgs total (20kgs per seat)
  • Dimensions Folded – 79cms x 100cms x 41cms
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with a capsule (Though not suitable to run from birth)
  • Reversible seat –No
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Optional Single mode – No
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Feel free to comment or get in touch and we’ll happily help match you with the best double pram for your family. Or check out all our previous “Best double prams” here.

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