Best Pram for Camping and Outdoors

Best Pram For Camping

An interesting question that comes up from time to time is what is the best pram for camping? 

Most people aren’t looking for a pram that’s exclusively for camping, so a “great camping pram” also has to be useful in your everyday life as well. Which is a tricky request when camping presents a number of challenges. 

For example, unless you have an enormous trailer or caravan odds are you probably don’t want the biggest pram on the market. That said a neat little travel pram might not be best for the great outdoors either. Though it might be perfect depending on how you’re realistically going to be using a pram on your travels. If you’re bringing a pram mostly just for re-supplying in town OR your idea of camping includes paved footpaths and manicured grass then maybe a super compact travel pram might be perfect for you!

Alternatively if you are planning to really push a pram to it’s limits, maybe you do need to make some room for a beast of a pram. 

Or perhaps you’re looking for something in between.

So I’m going to recommend a handful of very different prams that address the unique needs of different types of campers, as well as being useful in other areas of your life. There really is no one-pram-suits-all solution for this scenario.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Baby JOgger City Tour 2 best camping pram

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is my favourite travel pram, and it’s so compact that it can fit in the overhead luggage compartment on a pram. Which means you can squeeze it into your overloaded car boot or tuck it into a corner in the tent or caravan.

It’s sweet and simple. The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has an easy one handed fold, but it also has a full flat recline for newborns, adjustable footrest and decent sized sun canopy with the option of purchasing a matching rain cover. It’s also one of the more robust travel prams on the market, so while it’s definitely not an all terrain pram, it still sturdy enough to handle a bit of grass and gravel. Which is why this could be the best pram for camping if space is the biggest factor to consider, and you’re camping somewhere with sealed footpaths in the campground.

The great thing is your Baby Jogger City Tour 2 can then come along on all your travels, whether it’s by car or by air. Or even be the perfect little pocket rocket for keeping in the car for cruising around the shopping centre at home. 

BOB Revolution Pro/Duallie

bob revolution pro best pram for camping

This is the beast I’m talking about. The BOB Revolution Pro (or Dualie for the double version) is a hardcore running pram, but would also take on the toughest terrain you’d consider attempting with your little one in tow. It has three huge air tyres, adjustable suspension, speed control hand brake, lockable front wheel for more stability and a sling back seat for bubs to help further absorb the impact of rocky terrain.

Keep in mind while air tyres give you better speed and handling, depending on where you’re pushing it there is the risk of a puncture – and there’s probably not going to be a baby store or bike shop handy to replace it. So plan ahead and bring a pump and a spare inner tube just in case.

It’s also not going to be the best every day pram as it does take up a lot of space, but could be your dual purpose camping and running pram for a super sporty family.

Baby Jogger City Elite 2

city elite 2 camping pram

The Baby Jogger City Elite 2 is a great moderate all terrain pram that’s then suitable for being an everyday suburban pram as well. The City Elite 2 is a recent upgrade from the original City Elite offering more suspension, nicer fabrics, a higher sun canopy and better access to the basket. So it’s a great compromise of all terrain functionality, while being an approachable size for everyday use as well. The City Elite 2 is suitable for newborns without any extra attachments. Though you can also get a bassinet or capsule adapters for it as well. The only downside with this lovely pram is not having the option of a parent facing seat once your baby outgrows the bassinet. 

The Baby Jogger City Elite 2 does fold down surprisingly compact for a all terrain pram, so it’s a great balance between not taking up too much space for gear, but it’ll go wherever you need it to.

ABC Design Salsa 3

ABC Design Salsa 3 2019 Stroller - Diamond Series Asphalt Dark Grey
ABC Design Salsa 3 2019 Stroller – Diamond Series Asphalt Dark Grey

Similarly to the City Elite, the ABC Design Salsa 3 functions very well as an everyday, full sized pram, but with it’s huge wheels, and all terrain suspension, also suits families who are into the great outdoors.

The big advantage of the ABC Design Salsa 3 is it one of the only three wheel prams that allow you to turn the seat to face you, even with a toddler sitting upright. Which is lovely for strolling around either shopping centres or the wilderness while being able to see and chat with your little one.

Also the carrycot for the ABC Design Salsa 3 has elevated pads on the bottom, ventilation through the base and mattress to allow plenty of airflow, so could in theory be used for overnight sleeping while camping out. 

Final Thoughts

My other thought with a choosing a pram for camping is consider the kind of terrain and dirt you’ll be dealing with. Sand, dirt or fine gritty gravel (that you find in a lot of camping grounds) don’t mix well with prams, so if you’re taking your pram camping, make sure you’re taking off the wheels and cleaning out all the mechanisms regularly. And depending on your pram it could be worth investing in some silicone lubricant spray just to keep everything running smoothly if you do get dust or grit up in the moving parts. 

If you have any more questions about these prams, or any other prams, please get in touch and we will do our best to answer you!

Also don’t forget to check out our Product Directory to find great deals on some of these prams and more. 

Rachel Stewart

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