City Select Lux VS Uppababy Vista V2 – Perfectly Future Proofed

upper baby vista v2 vs baby jogger city select lux

The Uppababy Vista V2 and the Baby Jogger City Select Lux are two of the most popular, versatile, and well made prams in Australia. They both offer parents the flexibility of “future proofing” their pram, as they’re suitable to be used as either a single or double pram, with many options and configurations to adapt to your growing family.

While the Uppababy Vista V2 has been more popular in recent years, the Baby Jogger City Select has been loved by Australian parents for more than 10 years now, and the later version – the City Select Lux – is even better. 

Also the Baby Jogger City Select Lux has been my personal favourite pram for years, one that I love to recommend to parents, because it’s so practical and meets so many people’s needs (and wants) when buying a pram.

But I can also see why so many people absolutely adore the Uppababy Vista V2.

How Are They Similar? 

These two prams are so frequently compared side by side I could probably write this in my sleep with my hands tied behind my back.

When I was working in a baby store I would very often find myself talking to parents about these two prams and helping them weigh up the pros and cons for each (and they do both have their own strengths and considerations), but it frequently was a difficult choice because both the Uppababy Vista V2 and City Select Lux meet so many similar needs for parents.

So one thing I would say to parents all the time, and I’ll say it to you now – there is no wrong choice here. You are looking at two of the best and most popular prams on the market. So this decision comes down to your personal preference and which one you think works best for you.

They are both well made, well designed, high quality prams. They are both easy to use, include lots of feature that parents look for in a pram and as mentioned above, the offer parents lots of options to adapt with your growing family.

Both of these prams are great single prams, without ever converting to a double pram. When people are looking at this style of pram I always say to make sure you LOVE it as a single pram, as you never know what the future holds.

However it’s worth noting both have seats that are not suitable for newborns, so with both you will need to use a bassinet (or car capsule with adapters sold seperately) as the newborn seat. The both approach the bassinet solution quite differently – which I’ll go into more detail later on.

Features of Both the Vista V2 and Select Lux :

  • Easy to fold.
  • Reversible seats (offering world and parent facing)
  • One-handed recline on the seats.
  • Telescopic adjustable handlebar height. 
  • Both offer many different configurations of bassinet, toddler seat, car capsule or any combination of the two.
  • Large storage basket underneath.
  • All-terrain wheels and suspension.
  • Great quality pram that’s built to last.

How are they different?

While they both have a “cinema style” seating configuration with two, where if you have both children facing forward, the one at the back can see over the top of the front child’s head, they do have different proportions.

The Uppababy Vista V2 is taller from top to bottom, but a little shorter front to back. Which means in the double mode the City Select Lux is a bit of a longer inline tandem pram. Long VS tall – which is better really depends on your needs. Some very petite parents do struggle to see over the top of the UppababyVista V2. Also the added length in the City Select Lux allows for more leg room for configuring the seats. 

However, you might prefer the height of the Vista V2 because of the visibility it allows your baby and toddler (the word “vista” literally means “view”).

Why Choose the Uppababy Vista V2?

The Uppababy Vista V2 has more included in the box when you buy it. The Uppababy Vista V2 comes with a toddler seat and a bassinet, so you’re ready to go from birth through toddlerhood. It also includes a rain cover, two bug shields, and a belly bar for the seat. 

Whereas the Baby Jogger City Select comes just as the pram with the seat, and all other accessories are additional. (Though I will provide a full pricing breakdown below – also to show the costing for convertible each pram from single mode to double, and for twins.) 

uppababy vista v2 bassinet

Also, the Uppababy Vista V2 has my absolute favourite pram bassinet of all time. It’s roomy, well ventilated, has luxurious fabric and also very easy to release from the pram and feels well balanced when carrying by the handle. 

The frame is also very lightweight for what is essentially a frame for a double pram. The standing fold and overall design of the frame makes it easy to lift in and out of the boot of the car.

Overall the Uppababy Vista V2 is a little bit more of a luxury pram, with details like full grain leather handlebar and belly bar, and also convenient little features, like it has a step to engage/step to release brake so it’s both hands free and open-toed shoe friendly. It’s aesthetically beautiful and thoughtfully designed to be simple and easy to use. 

Why Choose The City Select Lux?

Where Uppababy Vista 2 is a luxury vehicle, I think of City Select Lux as something like a workhorse. The City Select Lux is tough, rugged and offers great value for money. 

The City Select Lux also offers a bit more versatility and seating options/configurations. As a double pram both seats are the same, so there is no main seat and second second (known as a “Rumble Seat” for the Uppababy Vista V2). Making it more ideal for twins, and also offers a higher weight limit on the second seat.

baby jogger city select lux bench seat

You also have the option of the “Bench Seat” with the Baby Jogger City Select Lux, which I think is a great extra option if you have a little bit of a longer age gap between children and don’t need a complete second seat, but your older child does still need the option to sit down and have a rest on longer walks.

But one of the most impressive things about the Baby Jogger City Select Lux is it has a surprisingly compact fold, considering it is a fully sized pram. Also, because of the way the seats fold, it doesn’t really take up any extra space as a double pram, as the seats stack together neatly.

Bassinet VS Bassinet Kit

As I mentioned above the Uppababy Vista V2 has the most beautiful bassinet I’ve ever seen on a pram. It’s important to note that the City Select Lux has quite a different bassinet. They call it a “Bassinet Kit”, because it’s essentially just bassinet fabric that you use to turn the seat frame into a bassinet. (Watch this video to full understand how that works.) There are a few different brands with this style of bassinet, for example Bugaboo, Joolz and ICandy.

Uppababy Vista V2 Bassinet is large, very comfortable and well ventilated, easy to remove and carry. It’s also a complete bassinet on it’s own, separate to the seat.

Whereas the Baby Jogger City Select Lux Bassinet kit is more compact, easier to store when not in use and much more affordable because you already have the hardware for it (ie the seat frame, and canopy).

Some parents love the idea of the Uppababy Vista V2 bassinet because they are looking for that full, complete, structured bassinet, whereas some parents will prefer the simplicity and practicality of the City Selext Lux bassinet.

City Select Lux VS Uppababy Vista V2 Tech Specs

Uppababy Vista V2City Select Lux
Frame Weight9.1kg10.9kg
Seat Weight3.3kgs3kgs
Main Seat Capacity23kgs20.5kgs
Second Seat capacity17kgs20.5kgs
Bassinet Capacity9kgs9kgs
Basket Capacity10kgs5kgs
Folded Dimensions44 x 65.3 x 84.5 cms25.5 X 62 x 77.5 cms
Unfolded Dimensions 91.4 X 65.3 X 100.3 cms109 X 62 X 110cms
Seat Back Height50.8cms (main seat)TBC
Seat Canopy Height58.5cms (main seat)TBC

How to convert from single to double?

Even though the Uppababy Vista includes two seats, you’ll still need to buy a couple of extra things before you have a complete double pram.

Uppababy Vista V2Baby Jogger City Select Lux
Single Pram$2099$1295 ($1520 with Bassinet)
Newborn and Toddler$2208 $1919
Two Toddlers$2587.95$1694
Twins (newborn to toddlers)$3066.90$2174
Price Comparison At A Glance

Uppababy Vista 

upper baby vista v2 configurations
Uppababy Vista V2 Configurations

Bassinet and Toddler Seat

Uppababy Vista$2099
Upper Adapters$59.95
Lower Adapters$49.95
Total $2208

Two Toddler Seats

Uppababy Vista$2099
Upper Adapter$59.95
Rumble Seat $429
Total $2587.95

Twin Newborn to Toddlers

Uppababy Vista$2099
Additional Bassinet$429
Rumble Seat $429
Upper Adapters$59.95
Lower Adapters$49.95
Total $3066.90

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

baby jogger city select lux configurations
Baby Jogger City Select Lux Confiurations

Bassinet and Toddler Seat

City Select Lux$1295
Bassinet Kit$225
Second Seat$399

Two Toddler Seats

City Select Lux$1295
Second Seat$399

Twin Newborns to Toddlers

City Select Lux$1295
Second Seat Kit$399
2 x Bassinet Kit$225 (each)

In Conclusion

Just one last little observation to throw into this review – in my experience I rarely ever see the Uppababy Vista set up in double mode. And on those occasions I’ve seen it set up in double mode it’s almost only ever with the bassinet and seat, rather than with the “rumble seat”. Perhaps because setting it up in full double mode is prohibitively expensive for some people and for the price of a fully double conversion a parent could buy a cheap double stroller instead. Or maybe it’s because the vast majority of parents are buying it as a single pram and just don’t have the desire or opportunity to use it in double mode.

Whereas I have noticed the City Select/City Select Lux being used in a wider variety of configurations. Obviously in single mode more often, but I would say it’s one of the more common double prams I’ve seen out and about. (And I do look at people’s prams all the time. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m obsessed with prams and constantly pram watching.)

Take that observation however you like. As my advice still stands – if you’re buying one of these prams to use as a single pram, you want to LOVE it as a single pram, because you never know what the future holds. So this is neither a positive or negative comment, just something that I have personally noticed.

If you have any further questions about either of these prams, or if there are any other prams you’d like me to review or compare please let me know!

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