Bugaboo Fox VS Joolz Geo3

geo3 vs bugaboo fox

The Bugaboo Fox and Joolz Geo3 are such incredibly different prams in their overall form, function, design, mechanisms – and yet these two prams will likely have the same customer. 

This was a requested comparison, so please do feel free to reach out if there’s any prams you’d want me to review or compare. Doing a Bugaboo Fox vs Joolz Geo3 comparison hadn’t actually crossed my mind until someone asked but as soon as I saw the question I could see the connection.

I feel like the link between the Bugaboo Fox and Joolz Geo3 is similar to the connection between the Bugaboo Fox and Uppababy Vista, which was one of the most asked for comparisons when I worked for a baby retailer. 

It’s not that the Joolz Geo3 or Uppababy Vista are very similar to the Bugaboo Fox – in fact they have more in common with each other than they have to the Bugaboo Fox – but it’s that the person who would be looking at one likely would be looking at the other than makes this comparison relevant. 

Bugaboo Fox vs Joolz Geo3 At A Glance

bugaboo fox vs joolz geo3

If you’re comparing these two prams I think the first thing to ask yourself is how important is the overall size and weight, and what are you willing to compromise on?

I think Bugaboo as a brand is responsible for this idea of a full sized everyday pram needing to weigh around (or even under) 10kgs. 

Whereas my impression of Joolz is they want to give you everything you asked for in a pram without compromise. 

So the first thing to decide between these two prams is do you want everything your heart desires or do you want your pram to weigh 10kgs? Because I’m sorry you can’t have both. 

Note: the below price, weight and dimensions are based on the Joolz Geo3 Mono. For full specs check out the Joolz Geo3 vs Uppababy Vista V2 where I compare in single and double modes. 

Bugaboo FoxJoolz Geo3
Sale Price$1,699*TBC
Weight with Seat10.4kgs13kgs
Weight with Cot12.2kgs14.1kgs
Folded (cms)**44H x 60W x 90L47H x 60W x 93L
Unfolded (cms)93H x 60W x 105LTBC
Handlebar Height 92 – 108cmsTBC
Seat Capacity22kgs22kgs
Seat Width39cmsTBC
Backrest Height58cmsTBC
Canopy HeightTBC*TBC
Basket Capacity10kgs / 39litres15kgs / 60litres
Seat 6+ months 6+ months 
BassinetCot fabric includedHard cot included
Capsule compatibilityYes – Click for detailsYes – Click for details
Front Wheels22cm/8.5in22cm/8.5in
Rear Wheels30cm/12in30cm/12in
Standard Warranty2 years2 years
Registered Warranty4 years (fixed to ower)10 Years (transferable)

*Price based on Bugaboo Fox 5 in Complete Black – prices vary based on fabrics and frame. 

** Folded dimensions based on one seat attached. 

What does the Joolz Geo3 and Bugaboo Fox have in common?

Joolz and Bugaboo are both luxury brands that are designed and originated in the Netherlands. Though this isn’t a big connection between them because a surprising number of big baby brands have dutch origins. 

Joolz and Bugaboo do compete head to head in the luxury, high end, “lifestyle brand” space (although they have approached this by producing uniquely different styles of prams and strollers to each other.)

But they do tick a lot of the boxes new parents are looking for in a pram, as well as features you’d expect in a high end pram. 

Key FeaturesBugaboo FoxJoolz Geo3
One Hand Seat ReclineYESYES
Parent & Forward FacingYESYES
Easy 5 piece buckleYESYES
Cot IncludedYES (fabric only)YES (hard base)
Bumper Bar IncludedYES YES
Folds With Seat AttachedYESYES
Big BasketYES (10kgs)YES (15kgs)
Big WheelsYESYES
All Wheel SuspensionYESYES
Car Capsule OptionalYESYES
“Memory” ButtonsYESYES
Optional Second SeatNOYES

How is the Bugaboo Fox and Joolz Geo3 Different?

The big feature that separates these two amazing prams is the Joolz Geo3 can convert to a double pram (combinations of two seats, two bassinets, two capsules or one of each).

And the Bugaboo Fox cannot take a second seat. 

However, I would say the vast majority of people who purchase the previous Joolz Geo models did not buy it with the intention of converting to a double pram, in fact many people chose the Joolz Geo without even knowing this was a feature. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind you can add a toddler board to the back of the Bugaboo Fox and the board does have a little seat on it. In my opinion it is one of the most functional toddler boards on the market. So if you’re open to that option, depending on the age gap between your children (at least 2-3 years to use a toddler board), the Bugaboo Fox still has some potential for two kids.

Why Choose A Bugaboo Fox?

joolz geo3 vs bugaboo fox

This is probably obvious by now, but the main reason to choose the Bugaboo Fox over the Joolz Geo3 is the weight. If you want a lighter weight full sized luxury pram the Bugaboo Fox is the one for you.

Another reason to choose the Bugaboo Fox is the ability to customise your stroller exactly the way you want it – you can pick the frame, hood, seat and cot fabric colours separately to build yourself exactly the style you want. 

A couple of smaller feature differences that give the Bugaboo Fox a bit of an advantage is the tap to engage/tap to release style of brake – which is ideal for all types of shoes because you don’t have to flick up on the brake with the top of your shoe (or directly onto your foot if you’re wearing open shoes) 

Also – look at the width on the seat adapter. Despite over a decade of experience handling all manner of prams I am one of the least coordinated people when it comes to putting seats back on prams frames (My videos are edited to hide this) But you can basically throw the Bugaboo seat in the general direction of the frame and it should go on. 

Why Choose A Joolz Geo3?

Joolz geo3 duo configurations

If an optional second seat is a must-have feature for you then the Joolz Geo3 wins that battle with the Bugaboo Fox by default – though check out my full Joolz Geo3 Duo review to make sure it’s the right choice for you, because it’s not everyone’s ideal double pram. 

The main feature that I see drawing people to the Joolz Geo3 is the absolutely HUGE basket. (Significantly bigger compared to the Joolz Geo2 as well) I’m going to say it’s one of – if not the – biggest pram basket on a single pram (although depending on how you’d define a single pram the Bugaboo Donkey might be bigger)

I feel like this is almost an overlooked feature, but the Joolz Geo3 offers one of the most well ventilated seats and cot on the market in the way that it allows for heaps of airflow while also providing nearly complete coverage with the huge extendable hood for sun protection as well.

Then of course in winter, or cold mornings, you can just zip up and close off all those mesh panels to keep your little one cosy and sheltered an almost entirely enclosed seat or cot. 

So the Joolz Geo3 isn’t just the ultimate pram for the Australian climate, I’d say it’s the perfect pram if you live in Melbourne. 

Final Thoughts

As always, there’s no wrong choice here, these are two of the best (as well as two of the most expensive) prams on the market. Joolz and Bugaboo are the Mercades and BMW of the pram world. 

One small final thought I’ll throw in there – try not to overthink the folded size and weight of these prams.

The Bugaboo Fox might be lighter to lift, but it is one of the most complicated prams to fold and open.

Most parents buy two prams. A full sized pram for walks to the park and strolling around the neighbourhood and a compact stroller that pops easily in and out of the car for running errands. 

So if you’re rarely folding and lifting the pram what does it matter? 

And to mix up the metaphors, Joolz and Bugaboo are also a bit like Apple / Android or Apple / Microsoft when it comes to accessories. So if you’re thinking you might also want a stroller it might be worth taking into consideration the two brands of compact strollers – Joolz Aer and Bugaboo Butterfly. Because if you have an apple computer it just makes sense to get the pram that fits into your ecosystem.

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