Nanit Pro Camera VS Owlet Duo Monitor – 2 Best Smart Monitors

If you’re looking for the best smart monitoring system for your baby then you’re probably trying to decide between these two market leaders: Nanit Pro Camera and Owlet Duo Monitor

Before we go through why you would choose one over the other let’s get started with what exactly are they and what are the benefits of a smart monitoring system.

Nanit Pro Camera VS Owlet Duo Monitor

What is a Smart Monitoring System?

Smart Baby monitors are exactly what they sound like. Unlike a traditional baby monitor that just provides audio and/or video from one piece of hardware to another (like a two-way radio) Smart Baby monitors connect to your home WiFi and are controlled through an app on your smart device. 

Smart baby monitors also go far beyond simply showing a live feed of your baby’s room. Depending on the model and subscription level they can monitor your infants movement and breathing, heart rate and oxygen level, provide insight into their sleep patterns, track the temperature and humidity of the room – from anywhere in the world. 

That’s right, you don’t actually have to be in the same country to keep an eye on your little one. 

Nanit Pro Camera VS Owlet Duo Monitor

Tech specs & FeaturesNanit Pro CameraOwlet Monitor Duo 
Camera1080HD with 130° Wide Angle1080HD with 130° Wide Angle
AudioTwo-way audio Two-way audio 
BreathingMonitored through movement 
Heart RateYes
Oxygen LevelYes
Sensor type100% cotton swaddles/PJsBluetooth sensor in sock
App NotificationsMovement and sound alertsMovement and sound alerts
Sleep InsightsYesYes
Video PlaybackYesYes
Video Save & ShareYesYes
Room TemperatureYesYes
Mounting Options3 Mount Options2 Mount Options
Machine Washable Yes
Split screen with two CamerasYes
Multiple User AccessYesYes
Customise User RestrictionsYes

As you can see from the chart above the Nanit Pro Camera and the Owlet Duo Monitor do offer very similar features – with some key differences. Choosing between the two really comes down to exactly what it is you want to get out of your smart monitoring system. 

Firstly it’s important to compare like for like products as both Nanit and Owlet offer a range of products at different price levels.

Let’s compare the latest Owlet Monitor Duo 3 with the Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System as they are the premium option for both brands. Starting with pricing and what’s included with each system. 

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring systemOwlet Monitor Duo 3
$599 – $699 $579 – $649
Wall MountWall Mount
Travel StandTravel Base
Small Breathing BandSmart Sock 
Large Breathing Band
Small Swaddle

Why Choose Owlet Monitor Duo 3 

Nanit Pro Camera VS Owlet Duo Monitor

If you are looking for a Smart Baby Monitor that is closer to a medical device, then the Owlet Monitor Duo 3 might be for you. The Owlet smart sock tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels through a pulse oximeter attached to a baby’s foot.

A Pulse oximeter is a very handy medical device and often used in hospitals for monitoring patients (If you’ve been admitted into hospital, particularly for breathing issues or surgery, the pulse oximeter is the little clamp with the red light they pop onto the end of your finger.)

The Owlet Smart Sock also works like a fitbit – tracking your baby’s movement to provide insights into their sleep patterns.

However the Owlet Smart Sock connects to the monitor through continuous bluetooth signal, which may be something that some parents are concerned about. 

You will need to be careful when taking the sock off your little one in the morning not to bundle it up with their sleepwear and accidentally throw it in the washing machine because the owlet sensor is not waterproof. Though you can purchase the sensor as a replacement part if this happens.

Why Choose Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System?

Nanit Pro Camera VS Owlet Duo Monitor

While the Nanit Pro Camera doesn’t offer the same level of health monitoring provided by the pulse oximeter, the camera technology in the Nanit Breathing Wear has eliminated the need to have any sensors directly attached to your baby.

Instead the Nanit Pro Camera picks up even the tiniest breathing movements of a newborn deeply asleep through the unique pattern on the Breathing Wear. The Breathing Wear itself is machine washable because there is no electronic device within the fabric. The material is 100% cotton and can be washed and worn just like a regular sleep swaddle. 

One incredible side benefit of this approach is because the camera needs to have a clear view of the breathing wear on the baby to actually work – that means no blankets over baby – Nanit are actually encouraging safe sleep practises. 

So the Nanit system isn’t just monitoring your baby, it also helps reduce risk.

Another great feature of the Nanit Pro Camera is the Flex Multi Stand (travel stand) can be used not just to monitor your baby or toddler outside the cot but also you can set zones to be alerted if your little one leaves that space. Like having a virtual baby gate. 

Which one is best for you?

As someone who has destroyed a couple of electronic devices from accidentally putting them through the washing machine, not having to worry about washing the device would be all the reason I would need to choose the Nanit Pro Camera. 

However, I think if you have specific concerns regarding tracking your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels – the Owlet may provide you with a bit more peace of mind given the type of technology in use. 

Although both monitors make it clear that they are not medical devices and aren’t proven to reduce incidents of SIDs. 

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