5 things to never say to your other half!

5 things to never say to your other half!

I feel I need to share this to any daddy followers out there, the top 5 things to never say to an exhausted, run down mamma.

I think I just need to add a disclaimer ** I love my other half, and anything said here is purely out of disbelief of his lack of compassion to the hormonal emotional mother of his baby! **

1. “The house looks like a bomb hit it!”

As Rachel, the lovely creator of this page told me, you should never ever say this line to a mother, unless it’s followed by something like: “here, sit down, have a cupcake, and I will tidy up”.
For obvious reasons, but let me break it down for you here. I do not sit down all day, drinking cups of tea and eating scones, playing tea parties and dress ups with Leila. I spend 99% of the day chasing after her, attempting to contain the debris from the “bomb” that is Leila. The other 1% of the time is spent trying to go to the toilet in peace, which just never actually happens.

2. “Just let me sit down for 10 minutes…!”

This line is often said upon return home from work in the evening, and I’m asking for help with something baby related.
Oh my, you’ve been at work all day? You poor thing! Here, let me get you a beer, here is the remote, can I get you a snack?
No, no, no. We’re not living in the 1950’s, I’m not wearing a beautifully ironed dress with high heels, my make up and hair is far from perfect.
I don’t get to sit down for 10 minutes and relax! Neither do you! Being a parent never stops, and for the record, I think I “work” harder then you, anyway!

3. “No I don’t want to join you, you can go to the store, take Leila with you.”

Really? I mean… Come on, REALLY???? I cherish the ground my child walks on. Honestly. I think she is the absolute bees knees and I would do anything for her. But I know absolutely every single mother on the planet can relate to me when I say we all need some kind of break from our kids. Even if we just pop to the shop all on our lonesome, to do what is essentially a chore, to get something that is no doubt baby related.
For heaven’s sake, just entertain her for all of 15 minutes, PLEASE!!!

4. “What’s for dinner?”
What’s for dinner you ask? Umm… Let me check the freezer… Oops, it’s empty! Guess we’re having baked beans again!
You will get what you’re given, OKAY!? Please don’t ask me. I know what you like, and what you hate, so chances are, I’m not going to spend what little time I have to prepare a meal, with a pesky toddler hanging from my ankles, making something you’re not going to eat.
No, seriously! If you’re a lucky enough man to get served up a nice nutritious meal, you should bow down and sing praises of how amazingly wonderful the meal is. Then you should offer to do the dishes and tidy up while I have a nightcap.

Possibly the worst line my fiancée has ever said to me, and to this day still hold him responsible for many, many tears:

“I don’t know why you complain, every other mum can do it all, why can’t you?”

<. Please pick your jaw up off the ground so I can continue .>

Now this is a very touchy subject for me.

No, dear. Not every other mother can do it all. Please, do go on and tell me what mothers you know of that can do it all? I know you can’t be talking about your own mother! (Yeh, bless my cotton socks, I went there!) So please, what mothers do you actually know can “do it all, all the time?”

I don’t think I can even go too much more into this line, because it fills me with rage. Just rest assured, you should NEVER EVER say this! Ever!
I suppose this article seems a little blunt and hate filled toward my other half, but I’m not going to lie. The nice things he says truly balance out the bad things, and maybe he is just oblivious to how hormonal and emotional a first time mum can get. I’ve given up work, and essentially my full time job is now being a mother, housewife, and personal assistant. It hurts to know that sometimes you think I’m not doing a great job.

If I were in the workforce, criticism would be, for me, constructive! But at home, where I strive to do everything I can, all the time, to have my one rock say something about how crap I’m doing, really digs a knife in.

So there you have it. Honey, if you’re reading this, sorry the house is a mess, we’re having lasagna for tea, and no. I didn’t go to Supercheap for you today, either. This is something you have to accept, because the baby is alive, fed, and happy! Praise me!

Until next time…… xoxoxo CupCakeMaker

Cup Cake Maker

Lauren is a stay at home mum to her beautiful daughter born in 2012, Leila. She am also the owner and creator styling little babes at my very own small sewing business, Ooh La Leila. She certainly leads a very busy life, but also enjoy some peaceful reflection whenever she can.

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