Bad Day

imageEver have one of those days where you want to run away from home, or hide in the bathroom with a never ending bar of chocolate?

I am having more and more days like that.

I tripped over my toddler last night while holding my dinner. A full bowl of my favorite soup, and it went all over my computer keyboard. Needless to say after a flurry of rushing back and forth, trying to keep my kids away while I cleaned it up, my keyboard no longer works.

With it being the first week of daylight savings and the clocks being rolled back an hour. Putting them to bed an hour later then usual has made mornings a nightmare. Yes, they are going to bed with out an issue now, but they are waking up at 4-5am. Not awesome.

Feeling like a zombie and making the kids hold off from having breakfast until a reasonable hour has been creating very upset and moody children. So, most mornings have been melt downs from either them or myself.

The weather has officially changed to autumn drizzly weather, So I can’t take the kids out to play, we’re stuck inside. Meaning my house is a giant mess, covered in food.

My 4yr old has regressed a little in his toileting holding on to the very last moment, in fear of missing out of something, resulting in near misses, and completely wet pants. Then leaving the door open afterwards, letting my toddler play in the toilet water. That happened twice today….

Putting the washing up, my toddler continued to throw the wet washing on the floor and dragging wet bed sheets around the house.

I made lunch for them and myself. My toddler ends up ninja’ing them while I go to the fridge to get the milk and effectively squishes and rips it apart in his hands and scatters it all over the lounge room floor.

After vacuuming I decided to watch some tv for a change. The moment my butt sits on the couch, I am instant child magnet. Kids climbing all over me. Feet in the face, side and back. Objects put millimeters from my face to ‘Look! Look!’ My toddler has also taken a sudden interest in my hair, by pulling on it just for kicks, and he is placed in such a way I can’t move round to grab him. Needless to say not much tv was watched and I was irritated.

It was time to make dinner, I turn the tv on ABC4Kids and I start peeling some potatoes. Suddenly I hear this big BANG. I wait a moment expecting a cry or something, and then come in to find my toddler standing next to the tv that was face down on the floor. The TV is now effectively broken. I am only grateful that the damn thing didn’t fall on him.

By this point I am pretty ready to call a quits, shove the kids in bed and cry.

image (1) It’s days like these I wish the Goblin King really did exist.

The older one is now trying to play with his Peppa Pig House, but is getting angry at his brother for touching George Pig.

The count down to bed time has officially begun. Can it be 7pm already?



Mimmi is a mother of 2 handsome boys, Keiran (2009) and Davin. (2012) She is a full time stay at home mum, taking care of my boys; her eldest with autism and both of them with developmental delays. She is a huge video game player, and loves to eat large amounts of curry.

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