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Bedtime For Older Kids

Bedtimes can be a real battleground between parents and their teens. Study, sleep and socialising all seem to compete with one another. I asked my Facebook community what their thoughts were on bedtimes for teenagers. The discussion covered what time parents send their kids to bed on school nights, weekends and holidays. Interested to…

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Teenage Drinking Isn’t Cool Anymore

The results of a study involving 41,000+ young people has shown that young Australians are smoking and drinking far less than they used to. A study done in 1999, the year that I finished high school, showed around 70% of surveyed teens had tried booze. By 2015, that had dropped to 45%.…

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Overdue for a Pap Test

t’s been a few days since my last Pap test, so I’m feeling very proud of myself (my doctor even gave me a Jelly Bean, so pats on the back for me!) The one prior – and only other papsmear I’ve ever had – was 5 years ago. Whoops. Better…

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