Fainting at Hospital

Fainting at Hospital

Today was a bit of an adventure, be patient while I fill in the background leading up to the scary bit…

My great grandmother, who is sick and a little nutty, lives with my Nan and Pop, in my home town, with most of my family.

My Grandparents have been wanting to go on a much needed holiday for a long time. As I’m no longer working I offered to come and stay with my great grandmother while they were away instead of sending her to my Aunty’s where she would fret and make herself sick and guilt my grandparents into coming home early. I used to live with them too so I know how intense she is, and how nasty she can be but I was prepared for her toddler tantrums and meltdowns. My Mum was also opening a Scrap booking and Paper Craft store so I was also helping her out for half days.

The first day was great, all ran smoothly, I was so tired after working and preparing meals for Nanna and getting her meds and listening to the endlessly repetitive and confused stories she’d jumbled together from various news stories that by the end of the day I collapsed in bed and slept solidly. (doesn’t happen often) so the Friday was over 30 degree’s and I generally don’t like the heat anyway but I didn’t notice it so much at the shop, I kept busy and in hindsight didn’t drink as much as I should have. At about 3pm, my in-laws picked me up to go and visit my husbands Nan in hospital. I got a little head achy in the car but just shrugged it off as being tired. The hospital room was quite hot, and I didn’t have any water in my bag. Soon after arriving I got a little light headed and moved to a chair out of the sun and it was a bit lower to the ground. Almost immediately my vision went blurry, my hearing went foggy and distant and apparently I was as white as a sheet and I start sweating like you wouldn’t believe (my shirt was saturated in seconds once my vision went). I managed to keep my wits about me and asked calmly for someone to get me a nurse. In the mean time I’m throwing up as well. About 10 minutes later after some water and cooling down the dizziness passes, I get my sight and hearing back and can walk around again. I am however exhausted and by the time I’m dropped off at home I am barely awake. Off course then my Nanna hold me up on the stairs for an hour (no I’m not exaggerating) talking about the same news stories she’s been on about since I got there. I don’t tell her whats happened because she’d panic and my “little” (20 years old) brother is there and I tell him so he can keep an ear out if I need help. I Managed a shower and a phone call to my Mum to let her know whats happened so she can stop in on her way home.

So after all the scary fun of the afternoon, which was over very quickly and I’m glad I was already in a hospital when it happened, apparently it’s to do with low blood pressure. Because I usually have low blood pressure anyway, in the heat, not enough water and preggers all combined to make me faint. Good times. At least now I know the signs and have had a few spells since that I managed to prevent because I knew what was gonna happen. So, Drink lots of water, don’t over do it, and stay cool!


Melissa is a married mum of 1 little man Elliot who arrived in our family in july 2013. She also have 2 cats, despite being a dog person. Before becoming Mummy, she worked in a 120 place long day care centre as a toddler room assistant, but being there 3 years i have worked with ages 3 months to 8 years. As well as that she's an arty farty do-it-yourself kind of Mum who loves creating new art experiences and making her own toys and crafts.


  1. Also, I’m curious – shouldnt someone have mentioned that low blood pressure could get worse during pregnancy and cause things like fainting. Was the near miss in the hospital the first Melissa knew of it?

    1. i did know it was a possibility from friends past experience. however up untill about ten minutes before it happened i felt great. just a little tired.

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