Leila’s Birth Story

Leila’s Birth Story

This is the birth story of our beautiful baby girl, Leila.

Born 6th March, at 4.36pm, 9lbs 7oz, 55cms long and 36cm head.

I should note that this is a positive elective c-section story, I have never broken a bone, had surgery, had a stitch, or even been stung by a bee..! So to be honest I was expecting it to be more of a big thing then what it turned out to be…!

Lead up…
We knew Leila was big.. She had always measured bigger on ultrasounds, so come 36 weeks I asked my ob to do a growth/sizing scan. He told us at 36 weeks she was 7lbs 7oz!!!!
I freaked out.. I had always had issues with vaginal birth.. I used to hyperventilate thinking about pushing out a huge baby… No real reason, just probably the fact I couldn’t control the situation.
Anyway, my ob said he would measure again in 2 weeks and we could go from there.
38 weeks come and we went in again for him to re-scan her…. 9lbs 7oz.
I was begging him to get this baby out of me. I was showing no signs of going into labor any time soon, Leila was not engaged, and my cervix not at all favorable. I was devastated.
My ob gave me the option of being induced or having an elective c-sect.
In the end after lengthy discussion, I opted for a c – sect and was booked in for 39+1, Tuesday the 6th March.

Tuesday rolled around and I was getting so excited. We packed up all the bags and left for the hospital. We were supposed to be there by 1pm, and surgery booked for 4pm, but we got there a little early as we were just so excited and not sure what to do with ourselves!

I got to the room (I was private so had our own room) and was told I needed to shower and use this special disinfectant soapy sponge.. It smelled! Haha… So I did that and hopped in my glamorous gown and waited. It felt like time went so quickly. My parents were there and were keeping us company… And before we knew it, I was wheeled off to the room and my other half was getting changed into his cute blue scrubs.

I was getting nervous, but still stayed so super excited. We got to theatre at 4pm exactly. The anesthetist was there waiting, he put in my iv line (ouch!!!) which I can honestly say was the most painful part of the whole birth – haha.

I remember I was shaking, I think more so from nerves then anything… And theatre was soooo cold!!!

I was then shuttled through the doors and my other half was not aloud in as I was having my spinal block done.

The anesthetist was amazing. I was covered in the really cold antiseptic stuff over my back, I leaned forward onto the lovely midwife, and he put the local in either sides of my spine. I really didn’t think this hurt much at all.. I think by this point I was full of adrenalin.

He then went for the spinal. I didn’t feel a single thing, just a “squirt” kind of feeling. Within 45 seconds my legs were numb, and my whole body was warm. They still covered me with heated blankets… It was a nice sensation! I then had the catheter put in and was just laying there all relaxed.

By now it was about 20 past 4, and my other half was bought into the room.. He looked a bit stunned.. We had the curtain up so he just sat up by my head and couldn’t see anything.. I don’t know if he really expected it to be how it was!

My ob was there waiting when we arrived, and he got to work as soon as I was ready, he asked me if I could feel anything, and I said no.. It was about 25 past 4. I kept looking at the clock because I was so impatient!!

Then I remember hearing a pop sound, and suctioning of what was probably my waters.
He didn’t talk me through what he was doing, I just heard him say.. “You will feel lots of pressure and pushing on your tummy now okay”…

Then the midwife and nurse were pushing down on my abdomen. I could feel the pressure but nothing else. It wasn’t bad, I felt a slight tugging, and not much more.

Within 10 minutes, I heard the ob say “oh come on baby”.. And some more pressure… Then, a cry!!!!!! Best sound ever!!!! 4.36pm…

They bought her over and showed me, covered in blood and vernix, oh my god, I didn’t cry, my other half didn’t cry, we were just smiling so big… I was so excited to finally have her here!!! They held her up and she was a big girl. They took her to the table to clean up, and my other half kind of flinched, he didn’t know if he should go to her or stay with me.. I told him to go to her!!!!

After a quick wipe down, and they weighed her, they brought her over to be for a quick hold.

10 minutes, maybe less, had passed and I was glued up, and cleaned off by the nurses… My ob thanked us all for coming (haha) and I remember seeing the ob and anesthetist sitting in the corner doing the suduko in the paper, while the nurses cleaned me off.. The then came back over and helped slide me onto the bed. It was about 4.50pm and I was in the next room in recovery.

I was in the bed there and the nurses were putting the compression machine stocking things on my legs.. They then measured her and checked her over again. She was right next to me at this point and I just couldn’t stop starring at her..!

My other half was sooo excited.. I was holding her, and having skin to skin, and he rushed outside to quickly call our families. He was so proud.

I was in recovery until about 5.20pm and then taken back to my room. I wasn’t light headed or anything, I was still running on adrenalin.

My parents were there waiting for us, and were over the moon!

I felt so great about my c-section. Everyone in surgery was supportive, it was relaxed, and exactly how I wanted her birth to be.

The next day I could move again!!! I was a little tender, but nothing as bad as I was expecting. I had friends tell me their c-sect was horrible and even needed their partners to shower them while they sat on the seat??!! The next day at 8am I was up (with the nurses supervision) and stood in the shower myself and washed myself. I then came back to bed and had breakfast, and then the visitors started.

To describe the pain, I was feeling like I had a brick on my tummy. It wasn’t painful, just like a slight pressure and tugging feeling?

The next day the nurses encouraged me to be up as much as I could.. I actually said no to visitors as baby Leila had a terrible night up screaming.. I couldn’t settle her and in the end the midwife took her so I could get some sleep. I didn’t get any sleep, I cried and cried because I missed her and wanted her back haha..

So it was the Thursday and I was walking around and we even got to bath her. We sat outside in the courtyard for a while and just generally moved as much as possible.
I was feeling good, not in “pain”… Just feeling tired and had to hold my tummy when getting up and down for some extra support.
Pain medication wise, I was only ever given panadol and buprofen (nurofen).

People can tell you how amazing having a baby is, but you will never fully understand how life changing it is until I happens to you.

I was aloud to leave the hospital on Friday, and was so much more comfortable at home.

On a scale of 1-10, my pain would have only ever gotten to a 4. The most painful thing was the iv drip needle, and the anti-clotting needle which they gave me the next day.

My incision truly never hurts.. I am amazed, especially after the stories I’ve heard.

I love that I had a c-section. I love that I had the choice, I love that my ob let me make that decision… I am just thrilled at how perfect it was for us!

We also had pics of the birth.. They are my most treasured possessions.

Here is one shot.. My face is SO puffy, but I love it. Our first family photo. Just amazed. Lauren Avis Story (Cupcake maker)


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