Little Frog – Sunny Agat II Review

The Little Frog  is surprisingly supportive, I only have a Hoppediz “Light” to compare, but even as a bit of a beginner to wrapping – and my first size 3 – I found it pretty easy to handle. Also, I understand that it should still soften up as it’s broken in (read 10 way to break in a new wrap).  I’m happy to find that it is supportive enough with single layer wrapping to carry my 15 kg toddler comfortably, this was a concern I had with getting a size 3 and it definitely does the job.

Second time wrapping – was still having trouble getting it nice and snug!

It’s not as forgiving as my Hoppediz (though that should improve with practice and as it’s broken in), I do have to be a lot neater and firmer with my wrapping. Though what’s great about this colour (Sunny Agat II) is the top and bottom rails are distinctively different, so it does make it easier to adjust and tighten after a doing a sloppy job of it because I can clearly see which colour needs to be worked on.

The colour is what drew me to this wrap and it is as pretty in person as it is in pictures. I just love it.

This beautiful wrap is perfect for any experience level and because the Little Frog Agat range is a heavier fabric than other Little Frog wraps it makes them even more suitable to carry your baby right through to toddlerhood and beyond! Though be mindful because it is a heavier fabric, it will be perfect through winter and in a cooler climate, but it might feel a bit thick through summer – though there is also a linen  version of this wrap, that should be more suitable for a warmer weather.

Little Frog wraps are a Polish wrap made from 100% soft cotton and are produced in accordance with Eco-Tex Standard 100 and therefore, do not contain allergenic dyes, are free from carcinogenic dyes and dyes suspected of being carcinogenic, have been tested for the release of heavy metals, do not contain formaldehyde have a skin friendly pH.”

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Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central Australia. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner.She has a background in early childhood education, but right now is content to be a stay at home mum.She is passionate about birthing rights, breastfeeding and mental health. She enjoys crafting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.

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  1. The wraps are so versatile and awesome for bonding. Id really like to have one. My mother would have been amazed to see this if she was still around.

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