School Lunchbox Ideas

School Lunchbox Ideas
Not sure where there’s already a piece of that apple missing…

Packing the school lunchbbox every morning does become a bit uninspiring, my son’s school lunchbox certainly don’t look like the ones on Pinterest.

So here are some School Lunchbox Ideas hat might help brighten them up, without too much fuss and expense.

Firstly some simple (and not overly expensive) gadgets might help make lunch box filling easier.

Nude Food lunch boxes are great for filling little compartments with different foods easily – without having to waste meters of cling wrap and sandwich bags.

Sandwich shape cutters are also a simple way to put a bit of life into a lunch box with minimal effort, like these Lunch Punch cutters

Also reusable squeezy pouches can be used for yogurt, smoothies, puree fruits etc.

Make it easier for yourself – freezing is your friend!

When I was working I even pre-prepared sandwiches and froze them also. I’d make up a whole loaf’s worth of sandwiches at the start of the week to save time in the mornings!

You can freeze cakes, cupcakes, scones, muffins, scrolls – even ones you didn’t make yourself *gasp*. If you see them on special at the supermarket or bakery you can stock up and freeze them for use in the following weeks!

Small tubs of yogurt also freeze and defrost okay, again for buying in bulk on special.

So, aside from a good old jam sandwich and a couple of pieces of fruit, what else could you put in a school or day care lunch box?


  • Air popped popcorn is best, but you can just make it on the stove with a little bit of oil as well.
  • Pikelets. I make a big batch for afternoon tea, and whatever we don’t stuff into our mouths straight off the fry pan I sandwich together with a bit of jam, wrap in baking paper and freeze in a tightly locking container for an quick, grab-able treat. (Double this recipe )
  • Homemade Muesli Bars
  • Basic Biscuits
  • Date and coconut balls
  • Banana Bread Muffins
  • Vegetable sticks. Try carrot, cucumber, celery etc.

Non-sandwich lunch options 

 Also below is some good information from BetterHealth.con lunch box safety. 

“Food safety in lunchboxes
In most cases, food is stored in lunch boxes for several hours, so the lunch box needs to stay cool. Food safety suggestions include:

  • Choose an insulated lunch box or one with a freezer pack, or include a wrapped frozen water bottle to keep the lunch box cool.
  • Follow hygienic food preparation methods. This is especially important when food will be stored in the lunch box for many hours before eating.
  • Prepare lunches the night before and store in the fridge or freezer.
  • Perishable foods such as dairy products, eggs and sliced meats should be kept cool and eaten within about four hours of preparation. Don’t pack these foods if just cooked. First cool in the refrigerator overnight.” source.


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