Awkward Responses to Unsolicited Parenting Advice

Witty, well thought out responses to unsolicited parenting advice are all well and good - if you have the alertness and sassy personality to pull it off. I do not.

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How To Survive Parenting Expos

Parenting expos are a great way to get a lot of information about what products, services and information is available to parents. You’ll get to see what’s new, innovative and interesting on the market.

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How to Give Advice

Can I give you some advice about how to give advice? There’s an art to giving advice. If you get it right even bad advice (or advice that just isn’t the best fit for the person or situation) can come off positively. Get it wrong and even good advice can…

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Still A Person

Okay, I'm just going to say to - I hate being pregnant. It has nothing to do with the tiny baby about to be brought into the world, that part I love. The journey to getting him here, that part sucks! Basically, everyone has an opinion and will voice it,…

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Shower Time

If we could keep the kids indoors and strapped to the couch, where they can’t get dirty you probably could get away with maybe a shower once a week. There is no fun in that. As parents we both let our kids play and get dirty and every night they…

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Stop Trying To Fix My Kids Sleep

Stop Trying To Fix My Kids Sleep Ugh, I apologise if this is a bit ranty and not terribly well written – I’ll explain why. Last night my 1 year old and 4 year old “tag teamed” me all night. ALL night. Baby has a blocked nose, it was pissing…

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Fainting at Hospital

Fainting at Hospital Today was a bit of an adventure, be patient while I fill in the background leading up to the scary bit… My great grandmother, who is sick and a little nutty, lives with my Nan and Pop, in my home town, with most of my family. My…

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1st Midwife Appointment

1st Midwife Appointment Today I had my first Midwife appointment and was very excited. It ran on time, the midwife was truly lovely and kind. She gave us a gift bag full of goodies and info about what to expect and what our options might be. The sad part came…

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13 Week Scan

13 Week Scan Today I had my 13 week scan to check the Nuchal translucency fold. And of course it was a bit emotional. So while everything went very well and so far so good, getting to that point was a bit hectic.

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Unsolicited Advice

It's an annoying phenomenon that comes with becoming a parent, from the moment you conceive (or even beforehand) you become bombarded with advice.

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