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Benevolent Neglect : The Beauty Of Boredom

“Mum, play with me.” My eight year old moaned. “You never play with me anymore.” (He means since I played UNO with him this morning.) I do play with my kids. I actually play with my kids a whole lot more than my parents ever played with me.

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Substituted Lemonade Scones – A Recipe For Disaster/Life

Substituted Lemonade Scones - a recipe for disaster life. Today I decided to make lemonade scones. I’d made them a few days ago and they surpassed all expectations. Having made scones the traditional way - rubbing butter into flour and so on - the concept of lemonade scones both intrigued…

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Biscuit “Gingerbread” House

I had a plan. It was a pretty good plan. We were going to do some pre-Christmas getting-into-the-spirit-of-things baking. It was going to be FUN. It was also going to look awesome. I was basically going to win parenting. Those plans always go well don’t they?

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A Bit of DIY

I love a bit of DIY. It my surprise people after confessing to being a pram enthusiast, but I really am a very thrifty person! (How else do you think I’m able to fund my prams, got to save every penny!) More honestly though I dislike spending money on myself,…

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Breastfeeding is not a Piece of Cake

Breastfeeding is not a piece of cake, but there are similarities. The year my daughter turned two it took me three days to construct her birthday cake. It was a beautiful white chocolate mud cake with a fondant farm yard, inspired by something I saw by Martha Stewart. It didn’t…

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