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How To Throw A Great Children’s Party

party food

Avoid food that requires more preparation than “Open packet. Dump on tray.” If you absolutely must serve something you felt like you actually put effort into, slap together a fruit platter... then you can feel like you've offered a healthy alternative to put next to the sea of chips, lollies, and chocolate biscuits.

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Easy LCHF Baked Cheesecake

lchf cheesecake

Thank Goodness for an Easy LCHF Baked CheesecakeAs I've mentioned I'm currently on a LCHF diet, and it's going REALLY well for me. In less than 2 months I went from my size 12 jeans getting a bit too tight - to fitting into size 8 - which even on diets where I've been starving myself I've never been this small.

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How to make a Pocoyo Fondant Cake Topper

pocoyo cake topper

My littlest asked for a Pocoyo cake for her birthday - and after an extensive internet search I could not find any tutorials on how to make it. SO, not only did I have to wing it, but I also documented my process so I could create a tutorial for future Pocoyo cake topper making.

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The Great Cake Debate

birthday cake

This post is going to be a “Here’s one I prepared Earlier” because I know if I read it I’d want to see a picture of the cake in question - and the cake will not be presented until Sunday, so basically I’m speaking to you from the past. Weird.

Anyhow, my partner and I have been having a bit of a friendly debate. It’s as friendly as a debate can be - because it’s a debate about cake.

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Why I’m About to Breastfeed a 3 Year Old… Again.

breastfeeding 3 year old

Tomorrow my daughter turns 3. Holy moly. I don’t even know how that happened. I swear she was only born 5 minutes ago. Her language development in the last month has been incredible, she’s catching up in leaps and bounds, talking constantly and proving herself to be a very clever.

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Lego Sort and Store Head Review

lego sort and store

This seems like an unusual product to review, but I bought one of these for my son for Christmas ("from Santa") and prior to the purchase I did read several mix reviews on it, so I thought now we've had one for a couple of weeks I thought I should write my own.Firstly, when asked what was his favourite Christmas present this year my son's answer without hesitation was his "lego head" - so I have regretted giving the big man in red credit for this gift!

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A little bit of Madness

Do you remember....................... Being able to go on the monkey bars, WAAAY HIGH off the ground, do flips, Be able to go on a few a time with friends?

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RSVP – It’s not that hard, is it!!?

Yesterday I ordered my youngest son’s invitations for his 1st birthday party. When thinking of putting together a birthday party, your thoughts are always, who and how many are coming.

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