Feeding a Fussy Eater

fussy eater

A long time ago, before I had children, someone told me they cooked their family multiple meals a night to cater to their family’s individual tastes. I thought that was ridiculous. I thought: one day, when I have a family, there is no way I’ll be making an alternate dinner for anyone.

Even later on when my son was a toddler a friend vented her frustration at the fuss of cooking two meals a night; a “kids” meal and an “adults” meal. I still thought heck no! That’s not happening in my home.

Thermomix Review

thermomix review

The thermomix is a German made kitchen appliance that has the ability to heat, chop, blend, beat, mill, emulsify, crush, mash, boil, melt, steam and knead. It can be used for meal prep work, to make your own basic ingredients, desserts, soups, entire meals, doughs, drinks and I’ve even seen recipes for homemade laundry powders and body products. As a mum, I also use it to make finger paint and play doh for the kids!