First Aid For Choking

As you may already be aware, children are very good at testing their physical limits only to get themselves caught in dangerous situations. Choking on food or any small and appealing item is a daily worry as a parent. You may only have two seconds to respond and provide first aid, not giving you enough time to phone or search the internet for advice. As a parent, you should find confidence in educating yourself on how to recognise choking and save a life.

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KidzAid CPR Challenge

Today we went along and participated in the KidzAid CPR Challenge, which was to set the world record for the most people learning pediatric CPR in the same place in an 8 hour period. I was keen to go along and get involved, it’s something that I’m passionate about myself - I think all parents and even grandparents or casual babysitters - should empower themselves to be able to handle an emergency and maybe save someone’s life.

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Toddler Articles

Childhood Asthma

As I sit here thinking of the things I still have to pack my eldest son's bag, for what may possibly be the millionth time to the hospital. I think about the first time I had to take him in for Asthma.

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