Benevolent Neglect : The Beauty Of Boredom

“Mum, play with me.” My eight year old moaned. “You never play with me anymore.” (He means since I played UNO with him this morning.) I do play with my kids. I actually play with my kids a whole lot more than my parents ever played with me.

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Where Were The Parents!? They Ask

Firstly, the picture goes viral because the vast majority of parents are sitting behind their computer screen going “ahahaha, yeah, been there, done that” OR at the very least can go “Oh, I totally can see how that went down”

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CleverDIY Projects for Kids Review

CleverPatch recently sent me a CleverDIY Project For Kids craft kit to test out - and before we'd even opened it up it my kids thought it was the most exciting thing that had come in the mail all year. CRAFT IN THE MAIL! Yup. Blew their minds.

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Autumn Leaves & Wax Paper

This is a simple activity that can actually be done at any time of year, (using any small, flat objects, e.g. pressed flowers, herbs, petals) but I love autumn leaves, so this is an autumn activity for me!

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Dear Me. You Are Not A Craft Mum. LET IT GO.

There are a few things in parenthood that I hate doing. Because I'm no good at them. I just go along with what's expected of me, dreading the whole thing. And of course, whatever it is turns out badly. Because of my bad attitude. So, I'm ready to call it…

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