KidzAid CPR Challenge

Today we went along and participated in the KidzAid CPR Challenge, which was to set the world record for the most people learning pediatric CPR in the same place in an 8 hour period. I was keen to go along and get involved, it’s something that I’m passionate about myself - I think all parents and even grandparents or casual babysitters - should empower themselves to be able to handle an emergency and maybe save someone’s life.

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Parenting Articles

Calling Triple Zero

I don't drive. I’ve had my Learner's for over 5 years, I have anxiety around being in cars, even as a passenger, I am working on it, but at the moment I can’t drive. People have asked me, but what if there's an emergency? What if the kids need to go to hospital? Which has always struck me as being obvious - I call an ambulance. If it’s not an emergency I’ve called Health Direct, or I’ve taken them to a medical centre, but if it’s an emergency, I’ll triple zero.

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