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Pinky McKay Is One of my Favourite People

It’s totally a fan letter. It’s weird because obviously she doesn’t know me, but I feel like she’s been there for me for years. She’s been my backup. My support team. My cheerleader. She’s been a source of wisdom to me.

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7 Attachment Parenting Myths

There is a lot of myths and misunderstandings about what Attachment Parenting is and how it works - usually from people who haven't really looked into what Attachment Parenting is or how it works.

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Why are Kids Getting into trouble for being kids?

The little boy at the playground could not have been more than 20 months old. Although I had seen him with his parents before, when he came wondering slowly over to the water play area, his parents were nowhere to be seen. My girls had asked for permission to get…

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Gentle Parenting

I was being a smart alec tonight, and just for fun, I started googling the following ‘mean parenting‘ phrases to see what would turn up.  Here are just a few that I looked for: How to get your kids to obey by smacking them Ways to punish a child so…

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