Nobody Can Make You Feel Guilty

I read this article - Why I Refuse to Feel Guilty About Mum Guilt by Emily Hawker and I relate to every. Single. Word. of it. I knew I would from the title alone. As sick of feeling irrationally guilty about motherhood, I’m sick of being told I need to…

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Destination Parenthood

Parenthood. The name has so many meanings – and means something different for each and every one of us. It is a difficult, rewarding and an amazing experience, often all at the same time. Life however is not unfulfilling if you do not have kids.

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Formula Feeding – No Guilt Required

Deciding to formula feed your baby, can be an easy decision for some, but for others they may have that decision made for them, when for some untold reason they can not breastfeed their baby; and some feel real guilt over this.

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5 Things Mums Should Never Feel Guilty about. EVER.

As mums, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to guilt. We can feel guilty about how we feed our children, how we get them to to sleep, how much TV they watch and how much quality time we spend with them. I don't think guilt is always such…

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