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Birth Trauma Matters

Exactly how you give birth might not matter; a csection, vaginal birth, home birth, or in hospital, whether it was hands off birth or you had lots of intervention. What happened doesn't matter nearly as much as how you felt during and after giving birth.

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Birth Stories

When Labour Started – At The Shops

In my group of friends, I was the first to become a mum at just 21 years old. As a 21 year old mother, I was just as clueless and scared as you probably are imagining. I learned a lot along the way and several years later,

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Birth Stories

Katelyn’s Birth Story

This story is the birth of our gorgeous daughter, over a year ago now, she was born 9th of March, 2012. Very long, hard, but still incredibly empowering VBAC. (vaginal birth after a cesarean)

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