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Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Blog Collection

It's Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week, and rather than just sharing my own experience with Postnatal Anxiety I wanted to give people the opportunity connect with a range of other voices, to show that if you are going through Perinatal Depression and Anxiety that you're not alone, and also that individual experiences with Depression and Anxiety can vary.

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Holes In Our Lives

A friend once said to me that she wished I had been her mother. Watching me parent made clear to her what she had been bereft of as a child. Honestly I think is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

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Mental Health Stories

Krystle’s PND Story

Krystle’s PND Story Before I begin the next part of my story, i want to clear up the misconception i had about PND. I thought mums who got PND hated motherhood, and hence became depressed. How wrong I was. I loved being a mum and I loved my son intensely. I just felt like I was the worst mother and I could not do it. Breastfeeding was hard. I had a very fast supply so my little boy would gag and choke and often only take the foremilk. He also had colic. He would squirm and call out in pain and would be extremely hard to settle. He also only slept for 90 minute periods, day and night. I got mastitis, i got gastroenteritis, and I was severely sleep deprived. Combine that with my recently developed hypochondroism, i became sure that there was something wrong with my baby and it was my…

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